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  1. @Vort Thank you. I will have to say ‘No’ . Driving while impaired is unwise to say the least. I am going to change my door to one with a key pad. My sisters are entirlely capable of trashing my home and stealing. These people have no morals. I am still hoping to get better. My union has told me that I can negotiate a longer reduced hour deal. We will see. But the stress of dealing with my family is not helpful. On the other hand, I would be so happy for a solid reason not to spend time with these people at Christmas. If they do trash my house, this might be worth it just to have a reason to say goodbye to these people. I could legitimately report the damage to the police and that would be the end of Christmas with these people.
  2. Dear Netters, I have a serious illness. I am currently working. I belong to a union so I negotiated a limited time reduction in hours. I have research responsibilities that must be kept. I am ill much of the time. My condition is exacerbated by stress. My mother lives in town. She has also been ill. She has a numbe of appointments coming up. I have a sister a nurse who also lives in town. I have arranged with two friends to take my mother to doctor’s appointments for a modest fee. My brother who is in charge of the finances has agreed to this. Both of my sisters have declared that my mother can only be taken to doctors appointments by myself. Nothing else is acceptable. They give no reasons for this decision. Furthermore although my mother lives in the most expensive and elaborate residence in the city. My sisters feel that I must take my mother to more activities across town. Furthermore I must attend education workshops. un the past as I was a member if the church, I did my best to accommodate my family’s requests. I walked dogs, drove children to activities, and helped out generally. In return, my sister who lives in town has treated me with barely disguised contempt. She asked that I walk her dog one summer. I did so. My sister did not like walking her dog. I drove to her house almost daily and did so. A few times my sister was in and did not answer the door. I asked my niece who was in the house at the time and my niece replied that my mother told her not to bother answering the door. ‘It’s just her’ i help pay for my older sisters flights to my town at Xmas. My mother who is wealthy has refused to help. My sister who lives in town and can afford to help refuses to help. I am not sure about my brothers cash flow so I have not asked. i qpcan barely manage my own life at the moment but my condition is aggravated by stress so I do not wish to get into an arguments. So ...what to do. I have been sent a list of doctors appointments but I can barely keep up with my own appointments, let alone the therapy hours, work and my illness. My family is generally cruel and uncaring towards me. My sister once gave my work phone number to a man who was stalking me. i am not sure what to do.
  3. 🤣
  4. I remember this one! I think that the motto for Dr Who was ‘keep the adults in their seats and the kids hiding behind the couch’. Nice to see engaging PG entertainment!
  5. @MormonGator There is a lot to be said for just being pleasant to people you do not agree with. I have been having relatives to stay on rotating shifts. They feel the need to let me know that they disapprove of my lifestyle and values. So what? I do not agree with your values. But I am wise enough to recognize that adults do not always agree.
  6. Someone told me this tip! Feeling lonely? Watch a horror movie late at night ..go to bed without locking the door. You will no longer feel alone! 🤓 My attempt to come up with an ironic tip! Here goes! Does no one listen to you? Offer to give a talk at church! Immediate audience! Feel unneeded? Time on your hands? How about offering to be RS president! Have no motivation to change or better yourself? Invite MIL over for lunch! Any suggestions?
  7. Not a chance! My guess is that you are: an underemployed writer looking for some entertainment or that you are writing a young adult novel. If you are not currently doing some writing, you should be. In 15 years of marking essays and responding to student emails, I have rarely encountered anyone who writes as well as you do.
  8. @zil. I knew it! Madame High Verbal IQ spotted it before I did!
  9. I spend my life responding to emails from people in their twenties. The sentence structure and syntax displayed in Junior’s messages is remarkably mature. I strongly believe that this person is not a young adult.
  10. Oh dear Your Total: 1 Between 12 and 15 is average. Celebrities often score closer to 18. Narcissists score over 20. I am not sure this result is very good! Must be something wrong with me! Sigh. Friday! Lol. Just looked at the calendar! Wednesday! I need a vacation!
  11. If you are interested in psychology, toxic personality types this is a great video.
  12. If you just want to complete your family linage, why not do your adopted parents? Or your husband’s? Or my family? I have lots!
  13. I am sometimes grateful for the young children wandering through sacrament. Sometimes speakers talk for 1/2 an hour on their memories of childhood Christmas traditions or why they love our country. I think that they mean to be heartwarming. I guess that listening to such talks is an exercise in patience but sometimes I am just dying for relief. Having small children wandering around is a blessing at such times. I remember one long talk which seemed to the speaker’s response to a private discussion between two ward members about their differing opinions with respect to a talk given at a funeral in the early days of the church. The speaker had his own views about the interpretation of this funeral speech and while the ward member had another. My guess is that this disagreement was years old and this was an opportunity to recruit followers to his side of the argument. I have no idea what the actual bone of contention was nor any idea what general gospel principle was involved. The speaker was enjoying himself a great deal to the extent that he actually changed colour in his face throughout the talk. To obtain some relief, my friend and I tried to capture a few children as they wandered by. No luck. There was a Mom in front of us who was struggling with 3 toddlers. We asked if we could help. Sadly Mom was too embarrasssed by her situation to share and even apologized for the behaviour of her children. Honestly if it were not for small children weaving their way through the congregation I think I would lose my mind at times.
  14. Little doggy with heathy appetite! That sweet dog looks like she has human intelligence. I bet she could figure out how to order pizza!
  15. So cute! That dog looks like a plotter! How to get dinner off the table in 5 steps. I can readily see how that dog could be a very best friend ever!
  16. @Starwatcher Hello! So pleased that you are here!
  17. I was whining and complaining about the weather to a Scottish friend, she began to describe ‘freezing fog’. Like black ice, a very thin film of ice in the road that you can barely see, paired with fog. Ok that’s worse. i just got off the phone to Manitoba from whining about -20 C in my town. My sister interrupted to describe -40 C working with low income people who can barely afford a coat. Certainly not the high tech gear that I own. I could outfit a small boutique with my collection of space-age coats, masks, mitts long underwear etc. Yeah. It’s cold but I really have no idea what the rest of the world is going through. Anyhoo everything is melting today! 😃🌞
  18. 😫😩😖😢😡🤬🤯🥶😱
  19. What you miss out on when you don’t live in a snow drift
  20. Could you sit by some single sisters? Especially older sisters? Passing fussy toddlers and babies around is a sport in my ward. The sisters who no longer have kids at home are grateful.