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  1. Strongly pro but then I have universal health care.
  2. The Dinner Party! Well attended! The Balloon Party! 🎈 On the rise!
  3. Welcome @sethjahnsen ! Hope that your class is going well!
  4. Sigh. The experience of being the low performing ward in the low performing stake has some sad moments. We, for years, had a troupe of stake people coming to ball us out in stake conferences. Once very memorably the stake president let loose on us because so few of us turned up for the Sat evening session of stake conference. I did feel like pointing out that the recipients of the blast, us in the pews, HAD shown up for stake conference. I think however that it might have been more than my life was worth!
  5. Somewhere in the 40's
  6. if you are sallying forth into a family business...I am fine with that. What i dread is that email that comes 2 years after graduation which says, I still do not have a managerial position. Even I am still working as a server. At that point, it is tough to know what to say. We have companies that come looking for managerial talent but they look at grades! And they ask for references.
  7. So true! They come to talk and immediately assume that we are wild pagans! They are so sniffy, we should issue white gloves!
  8. I love this so much I quote it twice! I feel just the same. You should see me teaching myself stats from Youtube!
  9. I should suggest blocking off the parking lot to the Saints in Cardston, Alberta! I was talking to a member from Cardston and he was grumbling about ‘all those new people at church’. I was intriqued picturing hippies who were swarming the pews (if so, how could we perform that magic trick in our chapel!). No, he was not complaining about converts but about generations old members moving to his tiny town. Such an unusual attitude to newcomers! Although, I have to admit that Ottawa was not always a welcoming place for walkins. Still next time, I see the former Cardston saint, I will suggest blocking off part of the parking lot! I have to smile because most of Canadian literature involves a budding writer who feels rejected by their small town before the in vitro-writer moves off to the bright lights of Montreal or Toronto. I was pleased to have met one of these famously unfriendly small town people, as every small town person that I have met has been a gem sparkling with kindness and warmth!
  10. Modest Godess. Ideas for modest clothing
  11. @Carborendum Thank you Carb! That is a deeply moving story! It helps to demonstrate the importance of safety!
  12. @zil What fascinating and valuable work you do! Good for you!
  13. Hmmm. The US seems to have many of those old coots in office!
  14. We need to vote! In my country, we are careful not to inconvenience seniors, because seniors vote!
  15. Me too! Tasteless varmint!
  16. Yes. Spot on! Gravity is exactly the thing. I know what you mean about Boyd K Packer. He is the man!
  17. @zil I wish that I could write as well as you! Their loss!
  18. If you could possibly arrange for this to happen by this weekend, I would be very grateful!
  19. You must be joking! If I went to a professor friend to ask such a question they would fall down in a dead faint, be so insulted that I had dared to waste their time with such a inquiry that they would never recover! Firstly, the complexities of teaching are never discussed among senior profs. You just get on with it. Profs exist to publish. The reason that I contemplate this issue is my faith. I cast out a few hints that I have some ideas about careers, very dangerous, and sometimes a student comes to see me. Then, I can take the risk of filling them in a little.
  20. We are great! We rule! Those Mormon Dialogue people are scary. Do they all belong to the same motorcycle gang?
  21. I hate to tell you this but, no university in North America, that I have ever heard of, provides this type of guidance for senior faculty. Maybe for very junior ranks. For senior faculty, the only evaluation are Student Ratings. That fact should scare us. I wonder what goes on in medical schools?