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  1. They are investigating the bishop who also happens to be the family doctor. Apparently he was replaced by another Bishop who was not the DR. He reported it to the church but was advised not to contact LE. Seems as if possibly not required to contact LE even if it is an ongoing abuse situation. If so, that law needs to change. Imagine having a ward member confess to you he is molesting his kids and then send him home that night knowing they will be re-victimized. But...since it is the church policy and it is the law apparently it absolutely is the right thing to do. I'm sure you will agree,
  2. It looks like Needleina's intentions are abundantly clear. Needleina feels it neccessary to follow me around on this forum and nitpick, judge and all but call me an anti Mormon. Since you (Needleina) have become the self- appointed content police of this forum I have to tell you this should probably be made formal by appealing to whoever runs this place to make you a moderator or whatever it is you are trying to be. In the meantime you are likely running afoul of the rules by harassing me with posts which are not really a reponse to content, but more of a personal attack. Go report me to a mod if your goal is ultimately to get me thrown off the forum and allow them to make a decision. If that isnt your goal either discuss with me or knock it off.
  3. I saw that a few weeks ago. She def wont win that one. I don't see any way possible to incur civil liability for reporting a crime unless you completely made it up and it has been proven you did. That said, a lawyer can play games with laws and destroy a person.
  4. Here is a recent case in AZ, but it is child molest. Failure to report. it looks as if LE is pursuing charges aganst at least one if not two Bishops.
  5. Update from the church news on the subject
  6. Yea my relatives are all locked down for two weeks as well.
  7. Did anyone here have a family member return from their mission early because of this besides Antaness? Just curious if they were tested for corona before the sent them home. We had five in our family (all from central/south America) who have now made it home-two more still out. None of them received a test so they have no idea if they were exposed or carrying the virus. Was curious if any of the other missionaries anyone knows of were tested.
  8. I never asserted the church broke the law. I was expressing shock they would not report a child porn trafficker knowing there are victims out there that's all. I suppose if the church is not mandated by law to report someone who traffics child porn then it looks as if they did the right thing.
  9. Well thanks for the accolades on my skills and however i have been blessed. You do not know me but ill take it so thanks. Perhaps instead of making me the bad guy here, why not explain how this discipline thing works for child porn production and trafficking? Did the church reach out to the individual families whos little kids' naked pictures have and continue to be sold round the world and let them know what was going on? How do you think you would feel as a parent knowing someone in authority knew your child was photographed naked for pornagraphic purposes and instead of informing you, the rehab of the suspect was a more pressing priority than your child? I just dont get it. I feel a victim has a right to know and the parents should have a right to decide whether or not the law is involved. I imagine someday down the road facial recognition will be so good the underground child pornographers will be able to actually id their victims and try to go after their kids next so they can have an updated photo album. Dont think for a minute these freaks wont try some trick like that. The more likely scenario is just sending the pics to the now middle aged victims and taunting them. What a surprise it would be to have something pop up on a text message with a pic of a victim and suspect they know together and have to find out someone who could have reported it didnt and now you have a new friend on the internet texting you your own personal porn from a burner phone. So it sounds like from one of the other posts utah is not a mandatory reporting state. I guess its a legal reason and i suppose since it is legal it is then a good reason. I dont think it is a good reason for the reasons listed above, but not my show to run so theres that. Im all for rehabilitation but at some point a victim should have a say in things. Maybe its just me though.
  10. Yea good thing they didnt report him. When he was sent home, he was released back into his home where the parents were still running a day care. So letting him back into a home with other peoples children is a good thing knowing this kid did this stuff? They did shut it down a week or two later but even the parents kept the biz up and running knowing he was being sent home for child porn. Im sure you would be just fine with him around your kids right? Just so long as he is working on things.
  11. What were pams intentions? I was just responding with another news story.
  12. And we have this other one. Why didnt leaders report it? That's crazy they would let this go unreported.
  13. Agreed but I can only talk sense into a minority of people.