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  1. How I see it: The apostle Paul boasted too. He died for the gospel. So did Joseph Smith. Wow, maybe they were human!
  2. I don't like going to church either (sorry, guys). I have Asperger's Syndrome. Social situations stress me out something awful. That makes going to church difficult. Sacrament meeting is when I renew my covenants with Heavenly Father quietly. The only person I have to socialize with is Him in that particular meeting. But as someone else stated it, I never regret having better, and always return home feeling lighter and freer.
  3. Vort! You just made me snarf water on my computer keyboard! LOL!!!!!
  4. I have a question about dinosaurs. Sorry, I read through this thread and it looks like the church has no official position on dinosaurs, probably because it's not likely they still exist. However, my question is about the Tyrannosaurus Rex - why were his arms so short? He can't reach anything, especially in animated movies when his prey is literally cornered. If I were T-Rex I'd cease to exist simply as a result of the fact that my arms were so incomprehensively short. What a mess.
  5. I've had friends tell me the Book of Mormon is false because the "Spirit" told them so. My response is, which "Spirit" told you so, have you actually READ it? They always answer no. Kind of reveals which "spirit" is speaking to them, since the Book of Mormon actually speaks very well for itself. Did for me, and I'm as hard-headed as they get, though my intentions are good.
  6. Sometimes LDS folks are amazingly imperfect. Don't let it bother you so much, please - they're people just like us and sometimes show their faults a little more frequently than others.
  7. Gem I can SO relate to your comment. I'm not a mother. I take care of my home, but my husband is not a member and is (at times) antagonistic to my faith. Outlets with other single women in my ward? None. RS is it, and leaves me feeling left out week after week. I joined the church 3 years ago and nothing has changed on this particular front. Don't assume I'm complaining. It is what it is. I still love my church, and my ward.
  8. I gots one... LOL.... here: She Knew It Was True
  9. Thanks Dahlia - I'll take a look at that. Mostly I just want better jogs for my memory, LOL!!! We're studying D&C in class on Sundays and it's all over the place. I can't seem to get a grip on chronology for scriptures and frankly I have a feeling that I'm running out of time to figure it out.
  10. I was released from a calling after asking to be released. No reason to get hung up over it, in my case it was an issue of being honest enough to go to the Bishop and explain my circumstances. After some consideration he agreed. It wasn't that I wasn't willing to do what I was asked to do, it was that I was physically unable to do what I was asked to do. I've since been called to something else and being taught what the calling requires of me. Someone told me once never to turn down a calling. In this case I had to learn to be humble enough to approach someone and say, "I can't do this." It was okay.
  11. Hi All! I'm trying to find out if there is a "novel" or series form of the Book of Mormon scriptures. I know this sounds like a goofy request but the problem (for me) is that the scriptures aren't in chronological format and I need something that will help me remember what happened in that order. When I was growing up we had Bible story books that helped me learn the Bible in some sort of sensible order so now that I'm older I still know what prophet came before what other prophet, where major events occurred in history, etc. I have the bookmarks (with the chron order on them) and they aren't helpful. If I could find the stories in the scriptures, simplified, in the order they occurred, it would be a HUGE help. My brain cell suffers enough as it is. Now I'm just getting lost. Have already tried audio format on some of this - still could not retain the info. Need it in written format. Any suggestions? Thanks! -Lynn P.S. I apologize if this might be in the wrong forum - didn't know which to post it in!
  12. Not a day goes by that I don't wish I could just stop eating, LOL!!! "Whoa!" is me! LOL!!!
  13. I totally understand where you're coming from, I wanted to be baptized but kept feeling a bit intimidated I guess you could say. Turns out most of that was just me imagining different scenarios like how awkward the baptism might be or how uncomfortable I'd be going to church etc. (not necessarily in that order, LOL!). I'm extremely nervous in social situations so dealing with that was pretty major for me. Nothing bad ever happened, it was all my mind trying to discourage me. How about just trying one thing? Maybe go to church a few times, see how you feel? Put the rest in God's hands and do everything one step at a time?
  14. Yes I do - I read scripture for roughly an hour a day and I use the institute manuals for study, honestly I sort of pray as needed because sometimes I just don't know what to pray about. Then there's study for Relief Society and I need reading done there. Where I am we also do "prayer suppers" twice a month which are sort of non-denominational, casual dinners where we can meet with people of different faiths and share our beliefs. So I do some prep for those too so I have something to share. I wish I had more opportunities to share the gospel but am in a fairly rural area with no transport and a non-member spouse. Makes things a little difficult, and I'm looking for ways to branch out. :)
  15. Hi Meagan! I do a lot of reading, gardening, designing web sites, sleeping. Prepping for Sunday's classes keeps me busy a few hours, and I do songwriting also. Doesn't sound like much but works for me. :)