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  1. No I didn’t think you were being a snot or talking to me, but truth is truth and it applied to me too. Thanks.
  2. Fair enough, I’m done in this thread. Sorry for any confusion or anything else I caused.
  3. I’ve experienced relief treating neuro-inflammation, so I’ll have to disagree. Of course there’s no silver bullet, but it’s one thing to say “people cause their own mental illness through bad habits,” and it’s another to say “brain inflammation will cause depressive symptoms even with all the best habits in the world in place.” The medical studies are pointing out the latter (forget the first link I posted, I’ve been looking into this for years, that’s just the first one I googled since I’m not at my computer, like I said, there is a worldwide body of evidence surrounding MDD and neuro-inflammation’s effect on dopamine release/neurogenesis).
  4. Is this more practical for you?
  5. I do use a phone for this site, well called. Copying and pasting is rather burdensome. So to sum up for you, parents of an abuse victim were counseled by a bishop to “let the church handle it,” and the abuser said despite confessing to cops he wasn’t prosecuted and assumed it was because the parents didn’t press charges. The abuser’s stake president told the abuser to confess to cops. So there’s that at least. I know of other anecdata not in the news that fueled my opinions on this issue but I know better than to bring that up, for heaven’s sake, we can’t even agree on plain English news articles! So why I’d be banned from a community I’ve belonged to since 2006 is beyond me, what, for not copying and pasting when someone demanded me to? And that article on neuro-inflammation is one of three resources I posted, do you seriously think that’s all the evidence there is? That’s why I said, “for starters,” as in, any intellectually curious person can go look through a rather large field of study for themselves. As someone who’s struggled with brain illness and MDD and had SPECT brain scans verifying the inflammation and found relief treating inflammation, I posted the info in the hopes it would help someone else. Thanks for mocking my attempt at helpfulness and ignoring critical jargon in the article. Geez. @pam do you think I’m an anti-mormon?
  6. @Vort no offense brother but it’s devilish hard to meaningfully interact with you for some reason so I’m going to opt out for awhile. Try not to take it personally, my time is too precious to me. Be well.
  7. Just what it says. I figured you’d read it.
  8. Now you know of it: ”Change Your Brain, Change Your Life” (book) Those are for starters…
  9. Or I’m uninterested in playing the “you-make-a-demand-and-I-copy-and-paste-for-you” game. Sorry you can’t see it in the article.
  10. Reread the article, it’s right there @Vort. Also I’m uninterested in proving you wrong. You can either read and comprehend the article or not, no skin off my nose. Be well.
  11. I think “mental illness” is a misnomer. Much is actually “brain illness” and related to neuro-inflammation and disregulated or dysfunctional neural circuits/regions (left dorso-lateral prefrontal cortex, etc). The mental symptoms are just that: symptoms, not causes.
  12. “Preach falsely”? Geez, escalate much? Try re-reading the KUTV article, if you can’t do 2 + X = 4 with the article, sorry. 😁
  13. I was born in ‘81 for the record, hahahaha. Thanks for the history lesson, makes me wonder if anyone read their scriptures or not back then: Paul describes the attributes of Christ-like love/charity, and 1 John 4:8 says they who love not know not God, for God is Love. Glad we’ve come a long way, I hope we keep progressing towards a brighter world for everyone.
  14. The Michael Ballam version was my favorite, wish it was back in rotation. 😎