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  1. Wow!!!!! You have just answered one of the major question that I do have about the L.D.S. church....... Like you.... I also believe that the Holy Spirit is leading people from many faiths...... and from many denominations of Christianity....... for years and even decades before they come to full fledged conversion. I know that I could not become a member of another church if I was expected to believe that they were the only church in which there were people who have and are led by the Holy Spirit!
  2. Hi Pam...... I actually attended L.D.S. temple two weeks ago for rather unusual reasons...... I was listening to Mr. Mark Taylor.... .who asserted that the 2012 election had been stolen from Mr. Mitt Romney through widespread voter fraud, people voting with fake I.D's, and double and triple voting by his opponents. As soon as I heard this... I was reminded of the White Horse President Prophecy..... and I take this prediction more seriously than many would because I have campaigned for public office myself four times and I feel pressured by the Holy Spirit to go in the direction of government. Is it OK to discuss the White Horse President Prophecy on this forum somewhere? If so... where would it fit best? Is it OK to give the link to the Mark Taylor interview where he states that the 2012 election was stolen from Mr. Romney....... which means that Mr. Romney was actually President of the USA in the sight of G-d! I personally think that this could actually be very, very, very significant for the next several years. I would love to join the Facebook group, here is my profile:
  3. On the negative side of things an article by Luther in 1543 left the nation of Germany wide open for the Holocaust of the Nazi era.
  4. Mark Taylor is asserting that some explosive information will soon be made available that will indicate that the 2012 election was actually stolen from Mr .Mitt Romney! This is worth praying about.......... is it OK to give links to Mark Taylor's statements on this.... and some related articles indicating wide spread voter fraud back in 2012?
  5. What I mean by all this... is that there seems to be evidence that in a previous time line...... the Mark of the Beast of Revelations..... already occurred well before the year 2018........... so... .maybe G-d resurrected all of us....... . made duplicates of all of us....... each of whom has genuine individuality and will live on after death..... but in our time line the Mark of the Beast as shown to near death experiencer Dannion Brinkley may have been delayed and delayed and delayed.... .for more than a decade already.
  6. Here is a section from the near death experience account of Dannion Brinkley that most Christians would use to accuse Dannion of being a false prophet........ but I am thinking that this could also be anecdotal evidence for a variation on applied Multiverse Theory by G-d...... that would fit with both Ezekiel 37 and the White Throne Judgment of Revelations.
  7. I am not sure if this theory is accurate...... and I am probably one of the only Christians / Messianic Gentiles thinking about this...... but here is how an online Theoretical Physicist friend of mine who calls himself an Agnostic....... summarized this idea and I was immediately reminded of Ezekiel 37.
  8. No...... a Theoretical Physicist in another forum introduced me to that idea several years ago....... I gave it a lot of thought and began to wonder if it could perhaps fit with Ezekiel chapter 37 and the White Throne Judgment of Revelation???? I have decided to begin a topic on this basic idea:
  9. Here is that article..... feel free to delete this if it is inappropriate for your forum.... but you may wish to copy and paste it to an e-mail and send it to one or more of your leading prophets because although this article is written in a politically incorrect manner..... it sure does seem to have considerable insight. I got the impression that the author had had a near death experience during a bout of malaria......... which could help to explain why he knows what most other Christians haven't noticed yet. I first shared this from one Facebook group to another one in September of 2010... so it was written some time before that.
  10. My apologies if I am in error...... and I admit that I could be.... but I have been wondering for over a decade now if one of the next major movements within Christianity...... is basic support for the idea of the Orthodox Jewish community to rebuild their Jerusalem Third Temple........ without which...... perhaps Zechariah chapter 14 cannot come to pass?????? That article that was given in post #1` was written by somebody who was Jewish...... and their analysis of Latter Day Saints was surprisingly positive.......... but if a segment of Latter Day Saints begin to come into agreement with an idea that I have been putting out there for a few years now........ you might just become the most trusted denomination within Christianity by Israeli Jews. A man from Uganda named Eporu Ronald Alfred has written an article on a Christian Political Cyrus..... that I personally cannot refute. Perhaps you can..... .but I can't. I will quote him in a separate post just in case his article is inappropriate for your forum.
  11. Another interesting question would be....... if Multiverse Theory is basically correct and fits with multiple Ezekiel 37 style resurrections....... in which duplicates of all of us are made....... could there have been several examples of applied Multiverse Theory....... non-linear time.... in which Adam and Eve DID NOT fall....... and instead took of the Tree of Life.... rather than of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil????
  12. This is interesting....... Resolving the Mormon Issue Daniel J. Elazar
  13. And lots of Jews rejected Messiah Yeshua - Jesus but the White Horse Prophecy could well be very relevant for our time period if in fact the 2012 election was stolen through fraud. If Mark Taylor is correct....... this will be revealed pretty soon.... so we may as well be ready for some surprises.... and yes... George is still alive and pretty active. You can find out more about what he is doing by googling this title: "George Soros: The United States Must Stop Resisting The Orderly Decline Of The Dollar, The Coming Global Currency And The New World Order"
  14. Does your statement mean that like me....... you personally take the White Horse Prophecy rather seriously?
  15. Whether or not it is spurious..... I don't know but...... if voter fraud was the main reason for Mr. Mitt Romney being defeated in 2012.... then in the sight of G-d... .who knows all things... he would have been inaugurated President in January of 2013 and those four years were stolen from him. This possibility..... has at minimum Artistic Value... that can theoretically be transformed into having Economic Value as well.... because George Soros and others have been quite public about their plans to devalue the USA petro- dollar. It can be argued that the USA constitution and economy.... are somewhat hanging by a thread .... right now!
  16. Here is an article on the topic:
  17. Wow! Do you happen to know if Mr. Joseph Smith really.... gave the White Horse President prophecy? If so then:
  18. A dream was given to Shane Warren that he shared on the Sid Roth program on July 6, 2012. He saw a Hurricane of one dollar USA notes..... and was shown a room with President Putin, George Soros and several other world leaders...... basically it seemed that they wanted to devalue the USA petro-dollar to knock the USA out of the position of the world's number #1 military superpower....... by knocking the USA out economically. One of the best responses that I have been able to think of so far is a Utah State Dollar....... I have wondered if President Trump could divert those 4.3 trillion USA petro dollars over to the State of Utah...... in order to set in motion something kind of huge. Google these two titles and you will see my suggestions on how this could be handled: Could a Utah State Dollar save the USA Dollar? P. M. Netanyahu, President Trump has a 4.3 trillion dollar problem.... I have heard a rather convincing case that the 2012 election may have been stolen due to voter fraud.... .which would make a certain L.D.S. President..... .at least in the sight of G-d!
  19. Fascinating! Thank you immensely for this clarification!
  20. Can anybody tell me if the following insight is kosher... .to Latter Day Saints? It sure looks to be accurate to me! Richard Eby,
  21. Interesting....... by this do you mean that Baal was actually one of the fallen Watchers, sons of G-d.... .who fell because of the daughters of men in the time of the Patriarch Enoch? Yes..... I know very little about the difference between old wine, new wine and vinegar...... but I know that when Messiah Yeshua - Jesus made the statement that he would not drink wine again until the time that he would drink it in his Kingdom..... could mean that Messiah Yeshua - Jesus began the Nazarite vow near the time of his death???????? But I could be in error on that..... but at least we know that he also refused to drink even wine vinegar.... which could indicate having taken the Nazarite vow. Mat 27:34 They gave him vinegar to drink mingled with gall: and when he had tasted thereof, he would not drink.
  22. I personally am going through a time of really questioning what Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong taught about the millennium....... I believe in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that leads to the building of the Ezekiel chapter 40 - 48 temple....... I think that Zechariah chapter 14 cannot happen until after this event....... Near death experiencer and former Atheist Howard Storm Ph. D. was shown details about the Era of Moshiach that sure sound "millennial" to me..... this seems to help to make the prophecies of the major and minor prophets much more clear. G-d wants the world to look much like this by the year 2185: Howard Storm, My Descent Into Death:
  23. For one thing...... John the Baptist had parents who were relatives of Messiah Yeshua - Jesus' parents..... So if John the Baptist can fulfill the role of the Elijah for that time period..... without coming down out of heaven in a chariot.... the I assume that it is possible that an ordinary human with human parents.... who grows to maturity in our time period could well be given the mantle of Elijah and play out the role of a modern John the Baptist......... I wonder if the modern John will be explaining a modern Yom Kippur type of event..... which could be significantly different than the life, death, burial and resurrection of Messiah the Passover Lamb. One question on my mind is will... a major fallen angel / Watcher..... repent and turn to the G-d of Abraham..... divide the kingdom of Satan and cause it to fall??? but the goat on which the lot fell for Aza'zel shall be presented alive before the LORD to make atonement over it, that it may be sent away into the wilderness to Aza'zel.(Leviticus 16:10 RSV) And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?(Matthew 12)
  24. I term myself Messianic Gentile but obviously I have a lot in common with Latter Day Saints because I had to read about twenty chapters of your Gospel Principles book before I found anything that I was even close to disagreeing with....... but I like how it was worded it and felt the way that it was worded was probably necessary. (Chapters 9 and 13 specifically). I pray...... in order to thank my Creator and My Messiah... .and the Holy Spirit for my life..... because i believe that eternity stretches ahead of me and what I am being taught right now has eternal implications........ that I need to be thankful for. I also pray to essentially...... alter the space time continuum and bring in a new future......... that has never previously existed...... I believe that I can change the mind of G-d on various specific crisis happening on the earth... through fervent prayer. I lean heavily toward Multiverse Theory fitting perfectly with Ezekiel 37...... which I believe has already happened many times.... so through prayer I can bring down more and more and more of the Holy Spirit into the earth..... into the lives of those who I pray for..... and their future can be altered.
  25. I just read two of his blogs...... and already quoted him over into another forum.