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  1. Facebook is too intrusive. I have deleted my account a while back and plan to keep it this way. One can never be too careful with social media and online privacy these days ..
  2. snow_white

    Missing Words

    'The day before yesterday', basically the equivalent of the Spanish 'anteayer'
  3. snow_white

    How to start trusting a colleague/coach again

    I would suggest a little patience. Try to play the detached observer for awhile. After all, you don't know all the details and dynamics of this new environment. And it sometimes happens that the first impression is the wrong one. If, however, after a time of passive observation, you conclude that it's wise to talk, then by all means do so. But I would first wait some time and just try to read people, without getting caught in any office politics or taking any sides.
  4. snow_white

    Hurricane Florence. Is any of you in the Carolinas?

    I'm watching it live on youtube. I hope everybody is ok!
  5. snow_white

    Lady fitness/accountability thread

    Well nobody cares, but I did it! 😂 I'll keep posting here only if other ladies join, no reason to keep talking to myself lol 😆
  6. Any ladies out there fighting procrastination? I was thinking maybe we can use this thread to push each other into exercising. We could post here after we exercised. Anyway, tomorrow I aim at at least 45 min cardio. 🤠 It has to be done.😤
  7. They have always been one of my favorite bands. Saw them in concert twice as well, fantastic performances! Thank you for sharing this!🤩
  8. snow_white

    Picking up people at the side of the road

    Picking up is best if say you are with somebody else in the car and the stranger is alone. Basically he needs to be outnumbered.
  9. snow_white

    The Paleo Diet

    I am also about 90% paleo. I think it's important psychologically to always have a little room for "bad foods", because otherwise one feels too restricted and tense. It's awkward also in social gatherings. I can't say to friends "no, I won't even taste your chocolate cookies because they don't fit my diet". But it's also wrong to take more than a byte/snack because otherwise you break the plan and might begin to binge eat sweets or whatever. If I find myself craving a little cookie once a week - great. If I find myself craving cookies the next day after I just had one then I refrain myself. Little pleasures are good, but discipline is very important.
  10. snow_white


    This post reminded me that I need to start exercising again. I've been procrastinating for so long! 😔
  11. snow_white

    Pineapples on Pizza?

    Pineapple on pizza is torture! 🤢
  12. snow_white

    I miss my book collection

    That's great! I didn't know about the feature, I would be good to "have them back" so to speak. Even if I don't reread them, it would be nice to have them on my kindle. I'll investigate that feature and see what I can get for free.
  13. snow_white


    I swim too. I think it's very important to have an instructor first, it doesn't to be for too long (I had mine for about 2 months) because there are many tips and tricks that are hard to get by learning alone. I almost felt like I had unlearn first whatever clumsy moves I had used up until that point. The instructor corrected my mistakes and I found that very useful.
  14. snow_white

    Daughter wants her belly button pierced

    Lol I wanted my lower lip pierced when I was a teenager, good thing I got over that quickly! 😬 You can tell her that you need to think about it or something to delay it. This way you 1.don't make her sad/angry and 2. you give her time to lose interest ; because this is the kind of thing that teenagers forget quickly 😁