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    Hook, line and sinker

    Lol. "Heliogen". I knew all about this story since 2010, when Fallout New Vegas came out. I went to the Helios base, killed all the zombies, fixed it up to provide power to the dozens of little settlements scattered around New Vegas. Pity someone didn't con CNN into posting a picture from the game.
  2. NeuroTypical

    Anne Sacoolas

    I'll say one thing about snarky irreverent internet culture, sometimes you actually can find the truth peeking through.
  3. NeuroTypical

    Hook, line and sinker

    Why not both? In other fake news, Colorado AM radio is all up in arms. Here's the play-by-play: - Craig Silverman shows up to his normal AM radio job, and talks about how he has been given an opportunity to move to another radio station. This is one of the unpardonable sins in radio - trying to pilfer one station's viewership to move with you to your new gig. - The radio people stop his broadcast and tell him he's done. - Silverman then gives a few vague interviews alluding to the notion that he was fired for wanting to delve into the Trump impeachment. - Nationwide, even worldwide news run with it: Denver radio host says he was fired for Trump criticism - The Canceled for criticizing Trump on the radio? - CNN Business KNUS radio host Craig Silverman Removed the air midshow for criticizing Trump - [etc etc]
  4. You wife agreed to have the blessing? That's great news! Overall, you work this out with your bishop/branch president. Can I choose what is said in the blessing, even though I can't do it? - You can absolutely talk with whoever is giving the blessing about what you'd like to be said. But the spirit has veto power. You can't like write out a transcript or something. Also, can I hold the baby during the blessing? - I think you can probably work that out. If not hold the baby, at least be holding the microphone, while the priesthood brethren form the circle. Can my wife be there even though she isn't a member? Can I select who I want to give my daughter the blessing? - Yes, absolutely. They might want to do the blessing in sacrament meeting. Yes, you can ask someone to give the blessing. A family member, the bishop, a close priesthood holder. What is the overall significance of it? It's a "naming and blessing". It gives the child the name it'll be known by, on the rolls of the church. It gives a specific blessing as the spirit directs. That's it.
  5. New church video tells us the replacement for BSOA/Personal Progress/Duty to God/Faith in God are being tested worldwide in some areas. When they roll it out, I'm sure it'll get a catchier name than "Global Initiative for Children and Youth".
  6. NeuroTypical

    This was ironic

    You mean like this? How the heck do you turn that into hot chocolate?
  7. NeuroTypical

    Activity Days - Out of Control

    The only thing I've seen work, is to love them. Deeply and honestly and transparently and genuinely. We had one of these wild children living in our home for about a year once. Broken home, another home breaking around her, other issues. Wild child did all that stuff you mention - didn't fit in, ran around, yelling and screaming. We did our absolute level best to love her whenever we could. Mom had her head screwed on straight, and also did much good. Fast forward 10 years, and girl is attending the UofU, seems happy as a clam, takes the worlds cutest college chick selfie. But dang - I never had a 7 yr old try her hardest to pinch flesh off of me or beat me bloody. Poor girl. When it comes to dealing with someone else's child, I think it's appropriate to work out clear enforceable boundaries with bishop and parents. "This child is welcome here unless she x/y/z. If she won't stop x/y/z, then she must leave the activity." Draw the x/y/z lines carefully. Like "hurt other children" or "yell over people trying to talk" or "breaking things". Find ways for wild child to be appropriately wild, and encourage and compliment that form of wildness. And love em. "control" as a focus will drive you insane, and you'll end up using that duct tape, things will get worse, someone will call the cops, etc.
  8. NeuroTypical

    This was ironic

    I've ditched my hot chocolate, in favor of Ghirardelli cacao powder mixed with stevia. Finger-warmingly good.
  9. NeuroTypical

    Impeachment witch hunt.

    Whelp, got to listen to around 20 minutes of uninterrupted testimony on my drive into work. It seemed to be slowly building up to something interesting, but it never got there while I was listening. I wonder if any of what I heard will turn into "damning soundbytes" we'll hear in the news...
  10. NeuroTypical

    Slow Coup against the Constitution

    Just don't say that 3 times in a row.
  11. NeuroTypical

    Impeachment witch hunt.

    Memeworthy. Here you go.
  12. NeuroTypical

    Christmas Party

    Learn from some troubles I've seen! - If you're dispensing drinks from big water coolers on tables in the cultural hall, put a dang towel on the floor under it. Not a bunch of paper towelettes from the bathroom, not a washcloth, but at least a dishtowel-sized towel - larger is better. Otherwise, old people will be breaking hips and little kids will fall on their noses. Lemonade and basketball court floors don't mix. - If you let them, the kids will go through the line first and take all the good stuff. A good solution seems to be to call folks to the food line by table. Or have someone manning the tables to tell the kids "Go through the line with your family". - Buffet-style is probably the best option. Make it so people can go down both sides of the food tables. Stacking the tables against the walls means the line moves half as fast. If someone wants to get fancy and make plates and serve them, you'd better have at least 10 people manning the kitchen and 30 servers, or it will take an hour just to get everyone their food. - Have someone assigned to empty garbage cans during the event. Don't let the ward building look like Colorado Marijuana Day at the park.
  13. NeuroTypical

    I feel very bad about feeling upset over a baby

    I get a little of the stress. I watched my mom wither away and die horribly of multiple sclerosis. Learning that there's a hereditary component to it, that it occasionally skips a generation, filled me with anxiety when thinking about having kids. God bless and hugs.
  14. NeuroTypical

    Impeachment witch hunt.

    Good analysis, but there is the issue of timing. One side wants the peak of impeachment harm to occur in Sept/Oct/Nov of 2020. The other side either wants it either a) over and done with before the election, or b) pushed until after the election.
  15. Not sure this clarifying question helps, but here goes: Are they going to Bolivia to be Baptist missionaries and spread the word as they understand it, or are they going to Bolivia to teach Bolivians about the "evils of Mormonism" or some such? Because the first isn't really spreading a contrary gospel...
  16. NeuroTypical

    Me Again...

    1. Log out of Thirdhour. 2. 3. 4. (Enter the email address of the account you want to access, not the email address of the account you don't.) 5. Go to your email, follow the directions in the email. Glad to have you back!
  17. NeuroTypical

    Learned something today

    Sounds like Elder Gong is a good guy.
  18. D&D can be one of those if you do it right.
  19. Yay! These are coming back, and in more locations than last year, when they raised more than $2 million.
  20. What kind of tears do gators cry? Surely not crocodile tears...
  21. My feelings in this regard are my same feelings in regards to Ouija boards. Ouija boards are squares of cardboard mass produced by the Hasbro company, who brought us occult classics like Monopoly and My Little Pony. From where I'm standing, the only thing that legitimately works about an Ouija board, is that people can create their own emotional states by bringing their own conformation bias to the table. They're about as much a "tool of lies" as professional wrestling, a politician's campaign promise, or a scary movie about demons. For that matter, they're about as much a "tool of lies" as dowsing and divination rods that Joseph Smith used to dink around with early on in his life. My own experience with the Ouija board amounts to mainly on trying to bring my adolescent arm into as much physical contact as possible with my friend's older sister as we worked the little plastic message dealie. Her name was Renee. She had on a white turtleneck. 14 was a fun age. (I did "Light as a feather, stiff as a board, rise body rise" too - and it worked! Still doesn't have anything to do with the supernatural.) Yes, evil exists. But its presence and danger is about exactly as present in D&D/Ouija Boards, as they are in random rocks, or a can of paint, or a hammer, or a box of kleenex.
  22. NeuroTypical

    I am an LDS Card Counter.

    Fun things about me: My dad was a serious gambler. He and his brothers were born in the waning years of the great depression, and a major purpose of their lives was to get enough money together so they could gamble and "hit it big". One brother learned computers because he "knew" they were the key to figuring out the right horse racing scheme. My dad shot craps. As I grew up, an average family vacation included getting into the station wagon and driving to Wendover (the closest place to gamble from Salt Lake). I was given a roll of quarters and sent off to the arcade for 3 hours. When I tired of that, I'd hike around Wendover, or pull up a bar stool and sit at the entrance to the casino and watch my parents gamble. I got good at looking sad so the cocktail waitresses would take pity on me and bring me cokes. Dad and brothers lived their lives and died of old age, of course never having never hit it big, despite pursuing the dream for well over 4 decades each. I figure they spent about as much on gambling as any middle class family wage earner would spend on their favorite passionate hobby that consumed all their discretionary income. This sort of lifestyle used to be a lot more commonplace 50-150 years ago. I can see why Brigham Young and the early Saints spent so much time preaching against it, whereas nowdays we don't hear much about it, except for threads like this where someone has been suckered into the lifestyle and wonders what's wrong with it.
  23. NeuroTypical

    Flowers for Co-Worker

    How old are you mndisciple? I ask, because answers may be different depending on your age and level of maturity.
  24. NeuroTypical

    Emotional affair and children

    Some things to keep in mind as you sort through all the differing advice you're getting here: - Emotional affairs are no small sins. You have betrayed your husband and your marriage vows. The spiritual impact of your actions won't go away on their own. - Counseling can help sort through why you did it, help you grow past it, help you heal. But it can't make things right with God. - mrmarklin is unable to predict what your bishop will tell you to do. He might be speaking from some collection of anecdotes, but he cannot truthfully tell you the bishop will likely urge you to destroy your marriage. It is possible that dealing with the spiritual aspects of this will involve only you, the bishop, and the Lord. Bishops are not in the habit of destroying families. - Confession is a critical element of the repentance process. Without it, you can't complete repentance.