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Found 7 results

  1. The liberal idea of an anti-utopia is well-presented in The Handmaid's Tale. Abortions and lesbianism are horrific crimes. Less competent men exercise total control over much smarter women. Religious hypocrisy literally runs the country. Old, barren spinsters take out their repressed spirituality on young, vibrant women. If you want to see such a world you need only tune in to Hulu. The conservative anti-utopia would be one in which abortions were available on demand--perhaps even funded by the state. Children could go to government or school representatives to obtain said abortions, or simply to seek confidential counseling without parental approval. Gay marriage would be a basic human right, and opponents would be ostracized, if not prosecuted. Young, telegenic, less-competent religious leaders would garner large crowds, much to the chagrin of the more seasoned, devout elders. If you want to see such a world you need only open your eyes.
  2. I found this article surprising and encouraging. For conservative groups like mine, that have roots in Methodism, we grew up with warnings about not veering into liberalism "like the Methodists." Now we are hearing that Methodists are becoming more Evangelical (read: conservative) because of influence from non-U.S. churches and the young. Wow, and praise God!
  3. Abortion debates are difficult, because they go to the heart of our morality, ethics, compassion, and humanity. Sadly, both sides too often despise each other. Pro-choicers are called Nazis and we pro-lifers are religious terrorists. For most, the reality is that pro-lifers care deeply about teen moms, and desire that all babies and single parents would experience safety and provision. Most pro-choicers would be fine with a world in which abortions are rare, so long as desperate mothers have access. If we continue to condemn hurting people and gin up the angry rhetoric, I suspect the extremists will capture both sides, and most people will just withdraw from the discussions.
  4. An issue more important than LGBT marriage, Abortion. I thought this deserves some awareness. the original source says that the Top Doctor that PP Ceo refers to (and praises) uses partial birth methods and sells body parts from the abortions. Source: however this page seems to be down, and the site was experiencing problems earlier. Alternate: Source footage: If my post seems unemotional at the moment it's because i'm mostly at a loss for words. I'm still trying to find out how genuine this is... but it seems legit so far. PS no idea how much PP CEO knew about this. but I imagine that after this got out the ceo will be putting distance between the doctor and company.
  5. Supporters of Obamacare inadvertently admitted that the ACA funded abortion. How? When Republicans defunded insurance coverage elective abortions Democrats complained that this would be a tax hike for small businesses, who would now have to pay more for separate insurance coverage. Reminds of the old joke--How do you know a politician is lying--his/her lips are moving. :::sigh:::
  6. I have two questions about abortion. Are the folks who say "It's my body, it's my choice" aware that they are violently taking that choice away from another human life (the baby)? If your body is your choice, why would you just go and kill the baby and take that choice away from him or her? Does the LDS church have an official position on abortion?
  7. For some background, I was raised in the church and went to BYU. I became inactive at 22 and am currently 27. I started dating a non-member a little over a year has always been nothing serious in my eyes and I do NOT want to marry him. He is not religious, and not anti-LDS, but he is very opinionated about religion in general. (He thinks it's dumb). Over the past month I have had a burning desire to break up with this guy and come back to church and live my life right. I want to get married in the temple. I want that peace back in my life. This is all great....except I just found out that I am pregnant (he does not know yet). I know my options. Abortion makes me sick, even though I read many church talks regarding it and am aware that I could be forgiven. It also makes me sick to think about a broken family in which the child's father would talk very negatively about the LDS church and possibly forbid baptism. He would never allow me to give the child up for adoption. In my state the father has rights the second the baby is born. I thought about going to a bishop for advice...(I don't really have one, as I haven't been to church in 5 yrs). I need some advice...or just someone who can tell me that everything will be ok. I'm still in denial & shock