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Found 5 results

  1. Are people forgiven considered healed?
  2. In January I submitted an article to Meridian Magazine at titled Divorce and the Eternal Perspective in the LDS Church. Recently I looked through the comments and noticed most agreed it was very uplifting, and one...not so much. I didn't take offense at all. I know very well people have different perspectives and appreciate a certain voice when it comes to advice and comfort. My voice can only reach so far, but I'm hoping it reaches a bit further by posting it here.
  3. How do you forgive the unrepentant? Or even the repentant? How do we love the unlovable, reach the unreachable, or seemingly do the impossible of forgiveness? These are questions we each struggle with. On some level we feel that if we forgive a person, then the judge and the jury all go home with all charges dropped. We feel that obligated to plant our feet on the witness stand and point our angry fingers—and that if we don’t, the guilty unrepentant perpetrator will just “get away with it”. But that’s not how forgiveness and repentance work at all. It is impossible for us humans to absolve sin. We cannot choose to drop the charges and let the perpetrator go free. No, only Christ can absolve sins. Whether or not a perpetrator goes free has nothing to do with whether or not we stand up and point the angry finger. Our witness statement of their crimes has already been given, because Christ knows everything about us and feels every blow wrecked upon us. Christ is the one who plants His feet at the witness stand for us, and with perfect knowledge bears testimony of the pain—the pain both you and He feels. We are not obligated to angrily do what Christ is already doing for us. Christ offers us so much. He takes the burden of the witness stand from us. He gives of the assurance the guilty will have a perfect trial, and that we don’t have to judge a person’s heart ourselves. We don’t have to: He’s got us covered. What He offers us is Healing: the taking away of our pain, mending our broken bones by replacing ours with His. Christ allows us to become stronger through His strength. But He will not force us in any way: we must choose to accept His gifts, including the Gift of Healing. That’s why Christ commands us to forgive: to let go of our angry broken bones so that we may receive His whole ones in exchange. That’s why we forgive: to become whole again through Christ’s power. We don’t forgive to decide whether or not a person has to pay a price for their actions—that’s Christ’s job. We don’t forgive because a person because of the status of their repentance—again, that’s Christ’s job to judge, not ours. We forgive because Christ asked us to accept His Wholeness for our brokenness.
  4. With the dangers that come with Pharmaceuticals, it's good to know that God has created all the help we need with Herbals and Alternative therapies. This Thread is dedicated to those things, but like pharmaceuticals, we need to remember that somethings are good and ordained of God, while others carries risks.
  5. I've been struggling with pornography, as well as masturbation, for the last couple years. I counsel with my Bishop about it, but would like for someone to talk with over IM on a fairly regularly basis. My church friends try to offer comfort and advice, but I think they are more bewildered than anything. Usually, I am the one they come to for advice. Therefore, I believe it would be beneficial to have someone online help me stay accountable and be there when I need someone to talk with. I'd prefer the help of an older LDS male. (I'm 23) I will eventually overcome this sin, of that I am certain, because I trust that my Lord Jesus will heal me. However, I know that requires my continuing valiance. If you feel willing to help me in this please feel free to PM me or post here.