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Found 8 results

  1. I’m not endowed but when I am endowed I plan to take off my garments while I exercise out of respect for the garment. What I’m wondering is this: Is it appropriate to wear short shorts and a tank top while exercising? I live in Arizona and getting my heart rate up makes me feel too hot to bear. Typical workout clothing is not breathable enough fabric to me. I know this is a bit of a personal decision but I need some advice and doctrine about this topic. When we swim we wear swimsuits that show off a lot of skin but that’s appropriate? Is wearing short shorts and a tank top while exercising still inappropriate? Should I err on the side of caution? Let me know your thoughts.
  2. So, I've been wondering, can I wear a bikini if it is modest and no revealing? This may seem silly, but I am looking for a new swimsuit and have really bad chest acne. The only thing I can find that is high enough to cover it are some high chested bikinis. I have a plan to just wear the top and wear board shorts but I need some other opinions.
  3. I have been a bit baffled by the morality of traditional Japanese public bathing. In Japanese culture it is by no means an unchaste or promiscuous and expressive act, but rather a ritualistic cleansing of no sexual connotation. My research states, (from “For the Strength of Youth”), “ Never lower your standards of dress. Do not use a special occasion as an excuse to be immodest.” Is this that “special occasion” mentioned? Is this immodesty? It further mentions, “ Ask yourself, “Would I feel comfortable with my appearance if I were in the Lord’s presence?””. It also talks about not wearing immodest clothing, (or in this case the lack of any), to draw in others attention, but public bathing is not meant to do that. Ive heard that the Fukuoka (or some other Japanese mission’s) mission rules allowed for public bathing at some point, but my source was dodgy. Does anyone have any solid doctorinal/policy stance on this, (not looking for opinions sorry!). I will be heading out to Japan in a year or so and want to know if I should avoid an onsen (public bathhouse), or if it would be a fine experience. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, i'm new here and am hoping you can help me with a question! I am a mid-20's woman who has been endowed for just over three years now. I try my hardest to only wear clothes that are modest and respect the garment, even if they are hard to find at times. I also care quite a bit about looking nice in my clothes and being fashionable. I have lived in dry dry Utah for my entire life, and just recently moved the very humid southern US in the past few months. As the spring goes on and starts to become summer, it's getting much more hot and humid, and so I wanted to find some new things that would work well in the summer without any layering besides garments+ bra. One of the shirts I picked up is made of very lightweight fabric, and I was worried it might be a bit see through without a cap sleeve, which would defeat the point of me owning it right now, as I don't want to layer. It's dark blue, and in the mirror I could faintly see that there is a white t-shirt thing (my garments) underneath. I asked my husband for his opinion, and went outside in bright sunshine and did the "bend forwards like tying my shoe" to stretch the back of the shirt to see if he could see through it, and also asked if he could tell that my bra was on top of the garments through the shirt (a style that I try to rock, but still feel would look really weird if people could see it, because lets be real, who wears their bra on top of the undershirt outside of the the LDS church right?) My husband reported that he could see through the shirt and also that all the lines of the garment+ bra combo helped emphasize it. We tried several combos (with the bra, without the bra) and he reported that without the bra he could still see exactly where the garments were but that it just sort of looked like a strangely shaped undershirt. After getting all sad that I might have to return the shirt, I made the discovery that this was the case with pretty much EVERY shirt that I own, just me nor him had ever paid much attention. Even standard, thickish t-shirts from target- you can tell that there is another shirt underneath, and when bending over the lines of the bra give away that the bra is on top. The new shirt isn't even the worst offender, I had other shirts I've worn for years that are the same amount or even a little more. Let me clarify that you can't see the symbols at all, just the outlines of where the garment is. I have always maintained that I do not think it looks good when people with garments wear sheer or lacey clothes and you can see the garments through them. Any clothes in this category I would just layer a capsleeve shirt and then the regular shirt. But now I'm realizing that this is literally every shirt, and that even with a white bra (to blend with the garments) you can still see it if you look for it. I'm now wondering how I never noticed this before. My question is, does being able to even faintly see garments underneath your clothes look tacky? How do other ladies take care of the "too many lines gives away the bra" problem? Do you think these things just look like undershirts to the untrained eye? Even to the trained eye, is that a fashion faux pas? I don't know if there is even such as thing as a completely non-see through shirt when you are wearing white underneath, but now this is really bugging me and making me wonder if people are doing double takes wondering what is going on under there. How do people who live in hot climates dress themselves to stay cool and not run into this happening? Trying to figure out if people don't pay attention like I didn't till now, or if it's just a fact that happens when wearing garments and you hope other people don't look too close.
  5. I saw this: And thought, "Who's right--the Muslims or the Secularists?" The answer, of course, is YES!
  6. My daughter came home from her singles ward combine Sunday School meeting this last Sunday and was very discouraged with the topic of the lesson. The bishops wife gave the lesson, she along with many of the men in the class emphasized how it is the responsibility of the women to dress modestly to prevent men from having inappropriate thoughts and actions. This is not the first time I have heard this concept taught. This is neither doctrine or appropriate. In fact it communicates a very unhealthy message and ignores our personal agency and responsibility over our own thoughts and actions. Have you heard this message taught and how how you responded? I really enjoyed this article it communicated, in my opinion, the correct concept. "If you want your daughter (and hopefully son) to dress modestly because you want them to value their intrinsic self over their outer self? Fabulous. If you want your daughter (and hopefully son) to dress modestly to create healthy attitudes toward sexuality? Great. If you want your daughter (and hopefully son) to dress modestly to glorify the Creator of all things? Boo-ya. If you want your daughter (and hopefully son) to dress modestly because it is a long standing tradition of your church/synagogue/people/culture/or group? Awesome possum. But don’t you dare say it is to protect my son. Because I am teaching my son that he is responsible for each of his thoughts and actions. I am teaching my son that he needs to treat females and males respectfully, no matter what they wear. I am teaching my son that the media uses sex to sell things and that he’s strong enough to not be manipulated by a woman’s body. I’m teaching my son to use his mind over his groin and I’m teaching him that women are more than just their body parts."
  7. We were told that we can wear tankinis now. I just recently bought one and it has a removable strap. Would it still be fine if i wore it without the strap?
  8. So, it is that time of year again. Anyone else noticing how much skin is showing on little girl costumes these days? I googled "lady bug costume" 'cause my 3-YO wants to be a lady bug. I think we'll be making our own costume (fortunately it is an easy costume to make...probably do it just to save da monies). I was just shocked at some of the pictures that popped up. Some were cute, and some were IMO not meant for a young child to wear. Others were not cute AND not modest. Lady Bug Child Girl’s Costume Ladybug Dress with Wings & Headband Child Costume And, sorry, this one made me laugh; warm legs, cold thighs...Why not just make spotted pants? Kids Ladybug Costume- Girls Ladybug Halloween Costumes It's not like there aren't modest ones out there. I was able to find some, not perfect but something modest anyway. It's amazing; but maybe I'm just ultrasensitive as to how much is proper for a kid to wear. Living in chilly areas does that to a person you know. Speaking of which, what do they expect kids to do in chilly parts of America? Wearing spaghetti straps in 45 degree weather is NOT COOL! It's cold. Anyway. Was curious what everyone's planning for Halloween, making costumes, skipping it altogether, or buying a costume and making alterations. Or heck, have you found a warm and modest outfit for the kids and want to share...