Of Mice And Men


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I remember reading this book in Junion High School, and I loved it. I don't remember the language in it so I can't speak towards it.

The language may be tame compared to "real life", but it can still be offensive or uncomfortable. I remember as a youth, I swore like a sailor, but 30+ years later, swearing is like a slap in the face when I hear it.

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“Of Mice and Men” is a work of genius, and there is a reason your teachers are having you read it. It is not because they want you to read swear words. It is because they are trying to expose you to the world of exquisite literature.

I’m sure a few of you know what narrative is. For those who don’t, narrative is where the author describes the environment in which the novel’s characters exist. So, when Steinbeck writes of the insidious poverty, filth, hopelessness, anguish, unbearable loneliness, relentless failure, and the ever present dread, it is obvious people in these circumstances are going to swear.

In fact, if Steinbeck had written “Of Mice or Men,” without the language of the place and time, it would have been a lesser book, and in the literary world, it would have been a joke. Worse, the loss of the classic it has become would have been a tragedy.

For those who don’t want to read a book without swearing in it, as some have said, you have every right to tell your teacher and he/she should give you an alternate book. In my opinion, you will be limiting yourself to some of the greatest literature ever written. But I do support your right to do so.

I do NOT support, however, a librarian whiting out words in a book. That is blasphemy to me. I cannot imagine a LIBRARIAN doing this. This stuns me.

Anyway, in the future, do not think authors should write books without swear words just to accommodate your sensibilities. You will have a harder time finding literature that rises to the level of classic, and in my opinion, you will be depriving yourself of a magical experience reading them.

But though nothing comes to mind, I'm sure there is excellent literature you could read as well, and I support you that it should be your decision. It just makes me sad that you will be limiting yourself to fabulous classics because of the swearing.

Perhaps Shakespeare might be more to your liking, as when he is swearing, you don’t know it, as it is not a word you would recognize. And if you don’t recognize the words as a swear word, then it couldn’t possibly phase you, could it?


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Of Mice and men is one of my all time favourites!!! I loved it when we studied it at at achool. Id like to read it again actually it some years since we studied it. I too dont remember any swearing. But if there is-its in context to the book. Im shocked people give up a marvellous piece of literature because of a few swear words. You can choose to be offended or not. I choose not and am very widely read. If I chose to be offended I would not have read much atall, frankly.

As for burning a book because of one swear word??? The word cultish comes to mind-also of nazi's burning bibles...a very bad thing to do in my opinion. Why dont you just give it away????????

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My eldest daughter had it as part of her English GCSE course at school and my younger daughter will have it in hers from next year. I don't believe there are any options to choose another book. My eldest daughter didn't like the swearing in it but loved the book. I don't actually think that it has done her any harm because she hears swearing all around her in daily life. Even those in class with her at school. It's impossible to avoid.

I have objected sometimes to things which have been done at the school one instance was when she was 13 and studying Macbeth the teacher brought a video of the play for them to watch and it was rated 15. It contained full frontal male nudity which I don't see as being necessary in Macbeth but also the film was rated for an older age group so showing it to a class of 12 and 13 year olds was actually illegal I believe.

I don';t agree that it is impossible to write a classic without swearing. Charles Dickens, Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Jane Austen all managed it.

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I was in high school when I read it. The amount of swearing bothered me. When I read it, it really sticks in my head.

I was not a fan of Steinbeck until I read The Moon is Down. Please read this book. It has all the brilliance of Steinbeck, is rather short (not sure if that's a positive or negative), and has a fascinating background. It was used as propaganda for the allies in WWII. It was smuggled and translated, some people lost their lives for it, but it is indeed inspirational. Most copies I've seen have a somewhat in depth explaination of why he wrote it and the HUGE impact that it had in occupied countries.

Something funny I heard last week. THey should put razor blades in the last page of a Steinbeck novel, so you can slit yourself (sorry, so morbid) when you're done because he's so depressing. The Moon is Down wasn't though, it was awesome.

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I read it at school and loved it. It was one of those books I read that stuck in my mind early and has helped my love of literature. I agree that you hear worse in the real world. I think people should get over it. If you choose to be offended, then you will be. Choose not to be. Its true, that it would not have been the same if they were all like, Oh gosh darn it! lol

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This is a short and powerful book imo. George and Lennie are 2 farmhand friends trying to earn enough money to realize their dreams. George dreams of having his own farm and being his own boss and Lennie dreamed of having his own rabbits. “I’ll love them, and hug them and pet them” sort of thing. Simple. George is the brains and the Lennie is the size. They arrived at a new place after an incident at their last position. George tries his best to keep Lennie out of trouble, but Lennie is slow and doesn't realize his own strength, which leads to him harming the very things he loves. At their new farm a flirtatious wife is there and her husband bullies the weaker workers. George is smart enough not to get too involved as he is tried to keep him and Lennie out of trouble until they earned enough to leave. Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy. So, anyway, this is a short book I don’t remember how long but maybe about 100 pages or so. It teaches about challenges and set-backs to life dreams, little or big. Also deals with cognitive disabilities. Like I said, this is short book, one that can stay with you. I think it’s worth a read.
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