Wanted to give you an update

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I have continued with the missionaries.

Unfortunately, there was an incident at the ward with my son and my son was injured by another child...actually, he was assaulted. Unprovoked completely. My son required medical attention.

Everyone has apologized and taken responsibility. The church is handling it very well. They are taking care of the medical bills that insurance has not covered.

But my son feels very uncomfortable returning. I can't say I blame him. I'm uncomfortable with this child also. I don't want to return and cause a rift in the church. On the oher hand, I don't want my kids near a violent child either. :confused:

I really don't want to post more on a public forum. If you'd like to PM me, that is fine.

I did want to update you because so many of you were very nice to me and took time out of your day to answer my questions.

I'm still thinking things over...

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I'm so sorry that happened! Unfortunately, we can't control other people's kids (as much as I would like to sometimes). Of course, you must put your child's safety as priority. If that means that your child attends all classes with you or you attend with him, I personally feel that is fine.

Thank you for the update.

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I am so sorry this has happened - right now we are unable to attend church because of an adult mistreating my daughter and right now noone is taking responsibility. My gut says its unsafe to take her

Your son has to come first for you, have you had a blessing? ask the missionaries when you next see them.

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Hi Guys!

Sorry I was gone for so long. This forum takes a LONG time to load on my computer for some reason and I often give up.

Well, whatever...

We have still not been back to the ward. I have asked the missionaries to come back to our home. I have two new missionaries and they are both wondeful young people.

I'm still not sure but we are praying and thinking it over...time will tell.

As for the child who attacked my son (actually, he punched my oldest son and then ran through the hallways, punched another child and then punched my other son), the Bishop has been at his house once a week since hit happened. Of course, they are not going to share private information but I gathered from the tone of the Bishop's voice that he was loosing patience with the family. They deny he has special needs but I have the feeling the Bishop thinks otherwise and would like his to be further looked at etc by a professional.

The Bishop has been very nice and has stopped by a few times and written a few notes.

It's a terrible thing to have happened because I'm still uncomfortable with the whole thing. I'm just waiting it out and letting things blow over/cool down a bit.


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lilac, it's sooo good to see you again :)

and i'm terribly sorry about the incident with your son and the other young boy. it's especially shocking and horrible to me since i'm a primary teacher and i'm always watching for that kind of thing and making sure the kids are safe.

please let us know if there's anything we can do for you :)

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