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Dr T

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Hey CaptainT,

Nice to meet you fair sir. Good post. I actually laughed! Look forward to shpending some internet time with you.

Dr. T

Where is Winnie G anyway? She has been suspiciously quite about this :hmmm: hmmm.

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Hi lisajo,

How can I be so sure about your appeal to :itwasntme: "innocence"?! Are you tipping your hand?

AHHHH I work 6 days a weeks 9 hours a day, i have been to the store 3 times in three months, And well

i am not even sure if it is june or it is July LOL, But if i wasnt so busy i just might do it LOL

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I have reviewed my notes to this point and here is what I have:

-Missing gnomes :angry2:

-Strawberry F. wondering about Outshined as a suspect

-Winnie having a penchant for gnome theft

-Strawberry F. concurring with the accusation that Winnie does have a diabolical inclination of depriving gnome owners of their God given right to live peacefully with gnomes

-Captain T’s making fun of my pain <_<

-Outshined denying any involvement (NOTE: without producing an alibi)

-miztrniceguy although his may be misleading, a ploy to through us off the track, presents as dumbfounded (interesting, interesting, interesting…) However, later we see that miztrniceguy actually has an aversion to seeing a group of gnomes. (note to self: perhaps he has been traumatized from previous gnome napping sorties :disgust:)

-then unexpectedly! out comes an important clue!!! Lisajo unwittingly reveals her sinister history of taking joy (actual quote from a top secret blog, “It was fun! LOL…”) in depriving cow owners their only pleasure in this world. She admits to walking off with Molly Moo. Drat, I sure wish that "LOL" was more specific. It might have been more of a “boo whoo haaa haaa haaa haa!!!!” type of laugh. (note to self: do some more investigation of that laugh. Gather eye witnesses, and character witnesses, talk to the first grade teacher if possible, etc.) Also note the “shady eye” under her name. She never looks me straight in the eye. What might it be looking out for…or trying to avoid? Finally, her signature quote says something about “Shock me shock me shock me with that deviant behavior." Theft is deviant…hmmmm. :hmmm:

-then again, Strawberry F reports, “So many gnome nappers come from out of the forrest...” (I initially took it as though she was really trying to help me. But lets review the facts, this was her 3rd accusation. She might just be trying to send me off on a wild goose chase. This is her :.bullhorn: "look over there, look over here!" I must keep an eye on this one)

-Then we find out that Lisajo is "soooo busy that she hardly has time to go to the store." (Perhaps she wants everyone to experience the same “cruel world” that has been tying her down…) But WAIT! Stop the press. She said, and I quote, “…If I wasn’t so busy I just might do it LOL.” (note to self, find out where she works and then contact her boss to find out if she really has been that busy, find out if she takes an extended lunch hour or frequent breaks and if she has been seen coverting with people of ill repute, then find out if they manufacture black clothing at her work. :ph34r:

-then, in one of the hardest blows yet (to this point not including the gnomes freedom being stripped from them), I read Lindy telling Lisajo to keep things stealth! Oh, the added pain from that clandestine alliance! A tear almost came to my eye. :(

-Lisajo then feigns as if she doesn't remember the topic of discussion. Doesn’t she know that the old “Olly North tactic” will not work with me… (I do not believe that she doesn’t remember what we were talking about!) But then again, what if she had a sharp hit on the head and she has lost some memory function? What if she was being used as the scapegoat for the gnome robbery? (get a full neuropsychological evaluation to measure her memory faculties.) What if she is "only a pawn" in an underground crime gnome syndicate :devil: and I am only one of the poor victims in this... perhaps she is too?

-the hunt continues and I might need some help.

-I’m hungry

Detective Dr. T

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