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I have an issue concerning a job interview I have coming up this week at a health care facility. I will (hopefully) be receiving my mission call next Wednesday, and I am hoping to depart in November or December. I am worried that I won't get hired once they find out that I will be leaving because it will most likely be short term, and considering that I don't know when I will be leaving, I am unsure of what to tell them. Do I tell them that I will be going on a mission soon and risk not getting hired? Or do I not mention it? I am in desperate need of the hours and it has been my dream job. I would appreciate the advice.

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Be honest with your fellow man. If they ask, tell them. If they don't, I'm not sure you're obligated to bring it up. But if you feel you're being dishonest by not telling them, be honest. In the end of it all, that will matter. The rest won't.

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Do what you feel is right.


I would feel a bit awkward leaving soon after being hired if I didn't tell them, especially if I would like to be rehired after a mission.


Seems courteous to the business. It will greatly diminish the likelihood of being hired...experience speaking...

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Hey, I had similar situation a month ago. 

I am not a male but I want to go on mission too. When I just got graduated I didn't plan my future well, so I was looking for a full time job. I wasn't determined after I had the second time of interview with the company that I work now. During the interview, I told them that I want to go on a mission but I wasn't sure when I wanted to go. They asked me questions like what if I got a good offer a while later, would I still choose mission? I was 100% honestly telling them that YES! My strategy was honesty though. I thought it was a kind of respect too. I didn't want to lie about it.

Then, I decided to go on mission first after interview because I had feeling that I wouldn't get this job. So I wasn't expecting that I would get accepted. Surprisingly, I got accepted but I turned them down because I did not want to bring them inconvenience. I told them that I would go on mission in a short time which is like how you plan about when to leave. More surprisingly, they accepted my plan. The company told me that they'd still like me to join the team first and they respect my decision of going on a mission. Shortly, it meant that they accept I would leave in couple months. 

I don't know how this happened, but I know when we put God's work first, and He'll provide a way for us to go through what we have to challenge. He knows your needs. 

Hopefully things will turn out the best way for you.

Good luck!

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Write down the priorities in your life in order of importance, then make your decision.


I promise you that if you put God first in your life and in every decision that you make, everything will work out like it's supposed to.  That is a 100% guarantee.  Be confident.  Have courage.


You may really want this job but if you don't get it because of the timing of your mission, God will take care of you.  You will get something that is way better.   Sacrifice brings fourth the blessings of heaven.


It really does.  :-)

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I would tell them.


It takes some cash and time to get a new employee going. Although not obligated to tell them, it does seem unfair to start the job if they think you are going to be around a while then jump ship a few months later. If the position usually only lasts a few months anyway sure go for it. Otherwise I don't think it is very considerate.


I would place yourself in their situation. You hire someone thinking that the position is filled and you can start meeting your goals. Then they knowingly up and leave. Have you thought of looking for temp work?

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