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My daughter has turned 13 now and the dresses she has are getting a bit small.


We decided to go to several stores and found dresses that are either too inappropate to wear or too expensive($300).


She is about 5'6" and have a size 12 girls waist and but the dress are way too short(mid thigh).  The correct size for her would be a girls 18 or women 0 but the dresses is too baggy or not modest.


I am requesting any simple patterns that are church modest and something your daughter would wear.  I know enough of sewing to do my church shirts, but I have not done any dresses before.


Also can you recommend a good dress material that is good for the winter?






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I would recommend going into a fabric store and looking through the pattern books.  But don't buy the patterns there.  Most of them these days run between $15-20 a piece.  Yikes.


What I do is write down the pattern number and search amazon for that pattern.  I can usually get new patterns for about $3 and add another $3 for shipping is a heck of a lot cheaper than purchasing them at full price.


I'm sure my boss at Hobby Lobby (work there part time in the fabric dept) wouldn't like that I'm passing this on.  :)

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