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I was raised with many superstitions.  I used to believe them (sometimes a little, sometimes a lot).  I no longer believe any of them, but some habits remain:


Money must always be face up.  Paper bills must be face up and right side up.  (I did actually have a boss who good-naturedly trained his employees in a neat cash register, making sure "all bills must face the temple".)


I'll sign my name with red ink, but only after overcoming the uneasiness instilled in me that it's somehow wrong or evil or something.

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...If your left hand itches it means you will get unexpected money BUT if you scratch your hand NO money!


If your right hand itches it means you will get a bill or owe money out. Scratching it means nothing....


I've heard these before. It's strange that they don't have equal outcomes when scratching is involved. :)



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I consider myself a logical person but I still have superstitions. For example when it comes to sports entertainment, I'm very careful not to voice who I am cheering for publicly for fear of jinxing their outcome. If I say something out loud, i usually "knock on wood" to counteract the possibility of jinxing. But I'm going to be brave and logical today and say in public (this thread) that I am cheering for Jordan Spieth to win The Masters. The 4th round is starting right now.


Do you have superstitions? If so, what are they.



murphology is my second religion.

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How about... Find a penny, pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck.


I changed that around to:


Find a penny, pick it up... now say a prayer for a Missionary or someone you knows needs a special prayer.


No.. it doesn't rhyme, but it a great way to keep those Missionaries and others in prayer.


I find lots of pennies. :)

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I have a recent personal story relating to astrology...


Some background first...


so,again, my Russian wife - a lot of Russians believe in astrology to a certain extent. i think part of it is that the environment toward it in Russia is different than here. In the US, astrology is associated a lot with expensive over-the-phone readings, scams, or just sort of dirty, shady places that also just want your money. However, in Russia, it seems like everyone knows a local and trusted senior citizen in the area who has either psychic ability or who knows a thing or two about the stars, and so the environment is a lot more personal, friendly and trustworthy for them.


The idea is not that celestial bodies are controlling people or that they necessarily predict your future - but that somehow they are likely to have an influence on people, whether it be personality traits or influencing peoples' actions. That doesn't mean those things are set in stone or cannot be overcome,  but it does mean that doing so is a bit like swimming against the current. Where that influence comes from or what exactly it is, I don't know how to explain.


I myself am sort of in between on the issue. I don't wholly reject astrology, because I think it makes sense that there could be some sort of ordering power or influence in the universe like that, and because I know that for me and most people whose astrological signs I know, they match. Also, looking through Church history, it's apparent (to me) that there the early prophets of the Church probably did know things about astrology and the stars and that those things very likely fit into the larger sort of esoteric picture of Mormonism, things that are not part of the main meat and potatoes of the every day religion we all follow, but that are present and true and valuable to undrstand nevertheless, for those so prepared and able to understand with the Spirit. 


I also know that a lot of people bash astrology who really know nothing about it. They think it's just horoscopes and mumbo jumbo, but that stuff is junk. So to be fair, real astrology isn't fairly represented by that stuff. My dad is one of those people who totally rejects such things (at least vocally...) In fact he's so against the idea of someone telling him about things influencing him outside of his control, he never got his patriarchal blessing....but I digress...


Anyway, here's the story:


My wife met another Russian lady online, and she has an astrology program and offered to read some astrological charts for us. One of the ones my wife asked for was for her brother. It turns out that her brother had a very strong influence of Pluto on his chart, which is associated with things relating to death and the underworld. His Pluto was so strong that she asked my wife he has ever seen dead people, if they have ever come to him and spoken to him from beyond the grave. She said no, not that she knows of, but she would ask. The lady said that according to his chart, he should.


So my wife asked him. And as it turns out, he's been keeping a secret since childhood. Dead people do indeed come to him, in his dreams, and have told him things. It usually happens when one of them dies, and he attends the funeral or something. He said that for that reason, he doesn't like going to funerals anymore. He shared a few stories with us.....anyway, it was all pretty uncanny.


She read a few other charts for us and they were also all right on on the personality traits and things.

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