Really Questioning the Garment


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To this point... how many girls wear uncomfortable (sexy) underwear* in the name of fashion, but then might complain about wearing uncomfortable (non-sexy) underwear in the name of the Lord?


Edit: * replace this perhaps with "clothes". Shoes, tights, bras, etc., My wife wears uncomfortable things all the time.


I'm going to be frank here. As long as I've been more thoughtful about my underwear choices, my underwear has served two large purposes: comfort and appearance (or lack thereof) under clothing.


Before I went through the temple, the majority of my adult underwear was... the thong. Yes, that. I actually found it comfortable and there were no panty lines.


I find garments quite comfortable and, by wearing the right pieces under the right clothes, I also have no panty lines.


Same goals met.


Now, that is the purely practical and non-religion aim of Backroads' underwear secrets, but I will say I have never worn daily underwear for purely sexy purposes.


I see your point despite my rambling off-topic bit. I just guess my point here is that underwear should be at least practical. Why are you wearing it if it's not practical and then complaining about different underwear?

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As far as I can tell, the purpose of garments are twofold: First, to remind us of our temple covenants, and second, to keep us from breaking the law of chastity.  But is it really that necessary?  I never had chastity problems before I was endowed, and there are other things we could wear to remind us of our covenants.  Garments seem kind of like a drastic way to achieve these ends.  Just the bottoms would suffice.

There is a third thing that the garment of the Holy Priesthood does for us: it is the part of the Temple that we bring out of the sacred building with us to have in our worldly lives.

It has the tokens of the Temple in it. It has the signs of the covenants we have made. It makes us part of the Temple, in a way.

I served in the USArmy a long time ago. I, too, had the garment, and it was difficult to keep it sacred in the den of iniquity that was 3d PLT, C (Basic Training) Company, 45th Battalion. No, not "difficult", impossible. Drill Sergeants found out I was a Mormon and made life unpleasant, not least because of the garment. I went to Officers' Candidate School in Ft. Benning, Georgia, back in the 1970s. One of the men in the class ahead of me was a close LDS friend. He suggested I put it aside for the first eight weeks of the program. I followed his advice. I am sorry I did. It turned out that I was "recycled" on the last day of the course. I went through the entire program a second time. This time, I wore the garment, and, as in Basic Training, keeping it sacred was a full-time job. I did it, and I am grateful for the experience.

I've lived in California's Sacramento Valley. It frequently gets into the 110s for weeks at a time, not dropping below 80 at night. It was inconvenient to wear the Garment of the Holy Priesthood on those days. We, my Jacquie and I, did it. Not because it was convenient, not because it was healthy, not because it was chic. We did it because we had made a covenant to wear it night and day throughout our lives.

We've all heard people complain about the garment. It is a sacrifice, they say. And I say, yea, verily, it is a sacrifice. And sacrifices are what make us saints, what make us God's holy people, what make us His.

"Putting on the garment," our Temple President used to say, "is what helps me remember my covenants every day." And obeying those covenants is what will, eventually, allow me to stand before Christ's pleasing bar and know I am His, and that, for me, He will turn to His Father and say, "Father, here is my son. Wilt Thou let him enter into thy kingdom?"


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For me, it never comes off except a very few reasons - shower, swimming, sauna or intimacy, nothing else.


"Finding" excuses to remove it perhaps reflects more on other internal issues rather than the physical garment itself. 

Having things right internally/spiritually, leads you to find every reason to keep it on. 

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