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    What to do - mental illness???

    I think that making an effort to help those with mental illness a higher priority than it is would go a long way to supporting those who need support. It is sad to hear that the only way a person can get help is if they can pay for the help, which help usually amounts to more money than the person makes per month, or if the person commits a crime. And then if a crime is committed there is no guarantee that the court will order they get mental health care, they may just say throw the person in jail and hope they reform by the time their sentence is over. There need to be programs that can actually help someone in need of help before a crime is committed.
  2. You're welcome. A couple days ago I was considering taking an alternate route to avoid almost all the beltway but when I heard on the radio yesterday that it wasn't really starting until 9AM. I decided to make a decision this morning and since I drive up I-95 N that gives me about 30 minutes to listen to what is going on around the belt way before getting on it. What I heard made me decide I would be fine on the belt way this morning.
  3. I drove to work this morning on the inner loop of the belt way where, from what I remember reading and hearing, these truckers are planning to drive. I didn't see any that I thought were part of this movement/demonstration. I was on the inner loop from 9AM to about 9:45AM. On the station I listen to for news and traffic reports(WTOP) I heard that small groups of trucks were on the beltway already and that the numbers are expected to grow throughout the day. On my way home today I will be on the outer loop but will be watching to see if I see anything on the inner loop on my way home.
  4. ZionsRodeVos

    Judge tells man he's still legally dead.

    I don't know if the judge could have done more or not since I don't know a lot about the laws involved. But if you have a declaration that someone is legally dead in front of you and you also have verified that you have that person alive, standing in front of you, well it's pretty obvious the declaration that he is legally dead is wrong. The judge doesn't need to seek out help for this man and the man didn't ask for the judge to seek help for him. The man asked that the same court that declared him legally dead reverse it's decision based on the fact that he happens to be alive. So it was the guy that was trying to correct the erroneous declaration (made possible through his own fault) that he was dead. So the court that created the situation can't undo it? It seems logical that it could. And just where else would/could someone turn to get them selves declared legally alive after a court has declared them legally dead? Just read the last post by anatess. The problem probably will have to be handled by the state legislators as it already shows people a way to get out of paying child support. I guess I am just too simple minded, but too me if the court can declare him legally dead, it should be able to declare him legally alive. I guess if there hadn't of been a time limit stipulated of 3 years then the judge could have.
  5. ZionsRodeVos

    Judge tells man he's still legally dead.

    But the thing is he is alive and I would think (I guess erroneously) that a judge would be able to declare him alive and at the same time find a legal way to ensure the ex wife and children do not suffer financial difficulties because of it. If it means he has to pay back everything because he allowed everyone to believe he was dead then so be it. That would be part of the price of doing what he did and then showing up to ask that he be declared alive. Just because he has done all these horrible things doesn't mean he can't and/or hasn't changed. I am not trying to sound like I am defending him but if he can't find a way to live even though he is legally dead then the situation needs to be corrected and in my minds eye it is not going to be as simple as showing up at social security and asking for a new social security number. Any document he shows them will point them to his old social security number and they would also have record of him being declared dead.
  6. ZionsRodeVos

    Judge tells man he's still legally dead.

    Incredible a judge would actually rule that way. It was interesting reading a lot of the comments on that article. I hope this man can find a way to live with this fact (no pun intended) or appeal the decision and get things fixed.
  7. ZionsRodeVos

    Older single less-active

    I've been divorced for a little over 4 years now and have not felt left out in the wards I've been in. I live in Virginia and don't know enough to know if that makes a difference. I keep getting callings that have me working with the youth. I wish there were a midsingles ward in my stake, but I have found the closest one and started going to their activities. I turned 46 a few weeks ago and was worried there would be no singles ward for me, but on the website for the midsingles ward near me it says the serve people of ages 31 to 55. We recently had a lesson in elders quorum focused on marriage. They asked many how long they had been married. Had they asked me I would have said I was divorced. But they didn't and I am fine with that. I didn't say much during that lesson. But for lessons of other subjects I try to participate.
  8. ZionsRodeVos

    Roundabout or Four Way Stop. What's your preference?

    I do not like roundabouts. In the areas I grew up in on the West Coast I didn't encounter them and then I moved to the East Coast and traveled to various East Coast states for work. They confuse me and so I try to avoid them. Its probably just my lack of experience with them that makes me not like them. So I feel that 4-way stops are safer and prefer them.
  9. ZionsRodeVos

    Things needed for 1st House...

    Some of it depends on what is not there. I bought a house about a year ago. Major things missing that I had to buy that have not been mentioned yet were: Shower curtains and rods to hang them on. Curtain rods and curtains for all the windows. Drill, drill bits, and level to put the curtain rods up.
  10. ZionsRodeVos

    What would you say to a young man who said...

    I don't think it is anything to worry about. I was a lot like that. I never dated until I was 21 or 22. And until I got interested I thought I would never get married as I seldom communicated with girls other than my sisters. I would probably just tell the guy to not worry about it and go on a mission and things will work out sometime after he gets back from his mission.
  11. ZionsRodeVos

    Will we be with our beloved pets in heaven?

    I hope that I will get to meet my pets and that if they still have a role as pets that they will want to be with me. Of course if they all are with me after this life I would have 300+ pets (mostly fish). But I'm most attached to the pet cats I've had throughout my life.
  12. ZionsRodeVos

    Understanding men

    I don't think I have an ego and so can't talk much about that. I was married for about 13 years and have been divorced now for about 4 years. Doing acts of service or kindness shows love but it is not an adequate replacement for sex. It was baffling to me that the longer I was married the less sex I got. I thought there would be a growing together in all things including intimacy. A wife folding shirts, making dinner, and comforting me when I've had a bad day and caring for me when I am sick are all good things and I never rejected them nor dismissed them but they couldn't compensate for the frustrations I felt as sex between her and me became less and less. When we were first married she often initiated sex but as the years went on it was only me and often she refused. I noticed the difference and that difference affected other aspects of our relationship. Hopefully some of this helps you.
  13. ZionsRodeVos

    New temple video

    I didn't know there was a new movie. How do I know if it is showing at the temple nearest me? That would be the Washington DC temple.
  14. ZionsRodeVos

    1/2 sacrament partaking

    I remember being taught this too and so if for some reason I miss getting the bread then I won't take the water even though I don't think it matters.
  15. ZionsRodeVos

    Quad or Triple Combination?

    I like the sound of the genuine leather and will probably buy a triple and the Bible with genuine leather soon. I want the new edition even though our leaders say I don't have to buy them. The scriptures I used during my mission may have gotten the most use than any of my scriptures since I was opening them and reading from them many many times every day. I don't think the cover on my triple broke until sometime after my mission.