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  1. A friend of mine has kind of lost her initial interest in investigating the Church but she said she was asked in a university class to write a paper on something that is socially out-of-the-norm but would actually benefit society. I suggeested polygamy and she went for it. At least now she's talking about church stuff again with me. I had a visitor in my sunday school class who really loved the show because it introduces people to many LDS prinicples and terms and at the same time de-mystifies polygamy and makes it more normal (therefore making the Gospel in total easier to accept). Remember, God works in mysterious ways.:)
  2. Then he must be a icon in the state of Utah -- at least according to all my friends who have joked to me about the on-line subscription thing!
  3. And that's the danger -- some teen takes a pic of him/herself or friends at the beach (assuming they might be nude or topless in a hypothetical case) and sends the pic to a friend then they are: A) Just showing a friend the fun time they had at the beach, or B) Guilty of the creation and distribution of child pornography. In my opinion, unless said teen is asking for money for the pictures, or is engaging in a pose that suggests, or actually shows, a sexual context then there should be no legal actions allowed against the person.
  4. Maybe people should get into this sort of thing to keep in shape as well as save on electrical costs -- a bike hooked to a power generator!
  5. People claim that about Brigham Young -- the ones who don't know what he taught all that well. 2008 general election:D Kinda sounds Old Testament haha His insights into human behavior were remarkable and it doesn't matter what his religious views were (he was quite hostile to his father and his father was a devout Jew). One has to sift through what seems plausable and what isn't.
  6. The famous statue of David needs to be included then. Since David was under the age of 18 when he slew Golaith then it depicts a naked teenager (under 18 at that). If we throw out intent then let's go all the way with it then.
  7. I don't want anyone here to bad talk the Russians or Putin ever again. Now that we have taken the course of a banana republic maybe we'll need unbiased observers from Russia to monitor our elections for the next decade or so.
  8. One can wonder why that is. Perhaps if a woman ovulates at the same time anotehr wife does then that makes childrearing easier as they can switch off feeding the children, etc. Hard to say. Besides, if they did have grouchy-style PMS then maybe that's the time the husband can have some time for himself and go fishing with his buddies. Not sure if this is in the Bible or just part of Talmudic Judaism but there were time periods in the month where men were not to be around women (depending on her biological sycle). Could that be associated with his health rather than his wife or wives?
  9. So would that be the case? I am not sure of this but then again multiple households could decrease this. After they left, is there any evidence polygamy did not exist -- either Adam marrying some of his daughters or his sons marrying more than one of their sisters? Actually, Jews recognize that women were not condemned for coveting another woman's husband because it was assumed from the 10 Commandments that polygamy was allowed. In the Mosaic Law there are instances it is commanded. Polygamy is not adultery. And some people actually feel Paul advocated a position that celibasy was superior to marriage and family which could not be further from the truth. The way it was abused, yes...just like one can abuse any practice or blessing. Now did he exactly say that? So here you admit polygamy can be pure and in the Bible it wasn't? Who is advocating it in opposition to the current church policy of discontinuation until further notice? The purpose of the thread is to show how odd it is that this form of family arrangement is okay nowadays but something that IS in accordance with the scriptures (polygamy) isn't. And why shouldn't grown adults be able to choose their family arrangements? There are many types of people in this world and so if there are women willing to share a husband and if there are men willing to have more than one family then what of it?
  10. Wow, I haven't heard it put that way since my days at the University of Oregon.
  11. Maybe there will be...but it will be played in the Telestial Kingdom for the entertainment of those in the Celestial Kingdom. Broadcaste live.
  12. Opps, my mistake.:) I wonder why polygamist males don't just claim that all the women in their marriage are really lesbians and they are just the full time donor? Then society today would be all supportive.
  13. Strange...the other day I was channel surfing and I came across a Chinese movie showing a bunch of naked boys in the PE changing rooms all focused on each other's...well, you know. Now this was not a porn movie in any respect but if one of these teens had a copy of this film would they be charged with possession of child porn? If you had two teens whose families both belonged to the same nudist resort, and one of the teens had been sick and couldn't attend his friend's sister's wedding there, so he sent some pics to the other teen, would that constitute spreading child pornography if the group picture had pre-18 year olds featured? Just questions for thought. As for the sexting thing, come on...if someone sends a nude photo to someone else can't we at least have a legal system that can tell the difference between intent and not as well as examine the context of the photo? There's a huge difference between some teens sending a pic to each other of a local skinny dipping excursion at a local hot spring and showing pics intended for sexual arrousal.
  14. Kinda interesting considering the spin doctors in the White House: Obama Officials Sought To Keep AIG Bonuses: Dodd - Financials * US * News * Story - and... The Associated Press: Obama envoy Holbrooke served on AIG's board Change!
  15. See! Some couples in modern society are able to cooperate fully in decisions concerning reproduction: - Iron Chef Cat Cora and Her Lesbian Partner Both Pregnant - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment and... Lesbian IVF couple who shared eggs and sperm BOTH give birth to twins | Mail Online Then again, some couples really need to take a breather and try to come to a mutual decision on family issues: Lesbian arrested for allegedly attempting to forcibly inseminate wife with turkey baster | Weird True Freaky | You know, it's a good thing polygamy is not something that has become mainstreamed yet. That kind of relationship would just be too different! Oh, and yes I know the Mail Online article is dealing with a British couple but I am sure there's plenty of American couples who could relate to the story as well.
  16. The American Legion Strongly Opposed to President's Plan to Charge Wounded Heroes for Treatment This is just pathetic -- has any president ever proposed betraying the sacrifices of US military people with something like this? I agree with the American Legion leaders fully on this one.
  17. Is this program based on Junian psychology? I checked the term "Innergold" and found books sold with this title dealing with taking charge of one's life and understanding projection. Is this related or totally seperate?
  18. One wonders how Hank's experiences in the LDS Church when he was a child affects the way he sees LDS culture today.
  19. I don't want to get all psychological and all but there are reasons males are attracted to women who are more physically fit -- that is due to the God-given desire to reproduce and one does want a woman who is healthy enough to carry your children as well as pass positive characteristics to them. Humans generally don't recognize this and just think they are attracted to certain physical traits just because they are "hot" but it really all gets down to physiology and psychology. Feamels are attracted to males who are healthy as well as have the ability to be able to provide for her offspring. So on dating sites one should know that a woman scans for a man's occupation (or potential) as much as a man scans for physical beauty. That too is rooted in biology since the woman is hindered from providing for herself when she is pregnant and having a strong provider when she has children is an advantage for their survival. Of course some women (generally the ones with a high degree of intelligence) also desire males with a sence of deepness or even novelty but that too is a sign that the male has traits of strength and cleverness that enable him to survive in a competitive world. Yes, personality and love do fit in but those are things that must show themselves after the initial attraction has taken place.
  20. I agree. However, Catholics have been the favorite to attack for years now -- fundamentalists come in a close second. Jews tend to avoid this both due to people not wanting to be seen as anti-Semite as well as the tremendous numbers of people in the entertainment industry of at least Jewish heritage.
  21. I am not going to refresh the debate over the American obesity epidemic (being obese does take more years off your life than smoking two packs a day though). In fact, I have seen more elderly people who smoke than elderly people who are obese -- wonder why that is? Back to the original topic of this thread. This thread deals with people's preferences. Deep down I suspect women desire a man who has the physical shape (and even looks) of a Pierce Broslin or Daniel Craig. However, if you want a man who keeps in shape then you have to be willing to adopt a similar lifestyle -- otherwise you get the couple where she or he wants to spend two days hiking the Pacific Trail and the spouse can't even manage to hike long on the local bike path. And who should change in that case? Now if you want to avoid this problem then if person is athletic then they should aim their dating at athletic people. If one prefers to relax in front of the TV then there's plenty of chubby people out there. No negative judgements are necessary -- it's just good coupling.
  22. I have to agree with Draven. There are a lot of couples out there where a person is married to someone who can't, or won't, share their interests. For example, there are both men and women who are in excellent condition, like athletic stuff or things in the outdoors but their spouse is just not into it or has let their bodies go so they cannot enjoy things like long hiking trips in the woods. Sure, in the ideal world the one who is not in shape would just see that something is missing but often they just don't want to make the effort or they just content themselves with doing their own thing. So many a couple cannot share somethng together due to the different views on fitness. That doesn't mean they don't love each other but it is sad when people can't share things that are important in their lives. So if someone is in shape and outdoor things are vital to their life then why not do one's best to find someone with the same mental outlook?