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  1. No, this isn't about which hand to use when partaking of the sacrament. Other than official church discipline, why would one choose to not take the sacrament? I know the story of Pres. Kimball who didn't take it because his mind wandered during the hymn, but I never felt that the Lord held us to such exactness. The more I think about it, I honestly don't know why we should not partake unless our bishop/stake president told us we can't. Our promise in the sacrament is to 1) willing to take His name on us; 2) always remember Him; and 3) keep His commandments. I know that there are nuances in these promises, but the Lord knows we are mortal and will make mistakes; thus, the Atonement. But, how does NOT taking the sacrament help us (again, I'm not talking about formal actions)?
  2. My now husband knew I didn't want him to buy the ring. My brother is a jeweler and I wanted him to design and make it. So, honey proposed with a ring pop. We still have it--placed in an air tight container in the freezer. My husband didn't care what kind of ring I got--he wasn't wearing it. He doesn't like diamonds but I do. So, we compromised. The larger stone in the middle is a sapphire and the diamonds are smaller and on the sides. I absolutely love my ring. It's custom designed with my input (I know what style I wanted). Seriously, I think the decision to propose with a ring or without is based on the individuals involved.
  3. This is faith--hope for things not seen. I've always felt that tithing was not about money, but about faith. I've said that I have no idea what my blessings are from paying tithing, but I'm not willing to find out by ceasing to pay. This thread has been really good for me to re-evaluate my own testimony and faith of tithing as well as the parts of the Gospel and Church that are difficult for me. Something that I think we all need to remember is that living the Gospel principles is a learning process. My payment of tithing has changed over the years--pay on gross, pay on net, pay on some other equation, go back to paying on gross, etc. As I've studied, prayed and tested His word, I've made mistakes, found success, and refined my behavior. I think your introspection is exactly what you should be doing. You've gotten some good advice here. I hope you find the acceptance and peace you seek.
  4. beefche

    Favorite N. Utah temples?

    Google is so much better than Mapquest. My husband, a sworn Google lover, likes how Google even tells you which lane to get into. I will say, though, that Google is a little confused by the grid system in Utah. Not awfully confused, but sometimes it says things that don't make sense. But, if you look at it's maps, it's on point.
  5. beefche

    Favorite N. Utah temples?

    Yeah, I would choose the new Provo City Center one. The Payson temple was beautiful, but that's pretty far south (well, south of Provo--still not a bad drive).
  6. beefche

    Should I wait?

    I gained a testimony of the LDS when I was 9 years old. My dad was against my being baptized, so I lived what I knew to be true until I turned 18 and was baptized at that time. You are becoming an adult and an adult thing is to have tough conversations and do hard things. I agree to talk to your parents now, listen and consider what they have to say, and then if you decide to be baptized when you are legally able to, to let them know your decision and deal with them with patience and love. Good luck.
  7. beefche

    Mirk--We got zombies!

    The Indiana State Fair began today. Here's something that may be right up mirk's alley.....
  8. beefche

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Saw the new Bourne movie. Very good. I'm sad about one thing in the movie (I won't give spoilers), but other than that, it's a great action movie.
  9. beefche

    Whack a mole

    Yes, like a head shot from a Glock....
  10. beefche

    Whack a mole

    Hahaha! But, instead of a bat, you'll use your Glock, right?
  11. I've never understood this. So what if this man doesn't allow caffeine in his home? So what if someone chooses to not see a PG13 or R movie? Why do their private choices mean they are being self righteous or even that their private choices make them wrong/unworthy/etc.? I really don't get it. I choose to not eat anything that I know has added alcohol in it. Does that mean I never consume things with alcohol? No, there are times when it is either unavoidable or I don't know they've added it. But, how does my choice make other people think I'm being self righteous or even unworthy? I'm not telling you to not choose beer battered shrimp....I'm just not ordering it. What you choose to do is your business and between you and the Lord. I may think you are wrong, but it's not my place to tell you that or judge you for that.
  12. beefche

    Forum down time

    Wow, I read that as changling. And thought how awful to call someone that.
  13. I'm still hippy but I blame that on Nutella.
  14. beefche

    CAMPING! Camping with kids!

    My husband loves camping. He grew up in Alaska and the whole family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grands, etc.) camped all the time. I grew up in urban area in the Midwest. No way, no how, and under no circumstances will I ever camp in the summer in Indiana. When it's 90 degrees and 60-70% humidity during the day, it lowers to 80 degrees with 60-70% humidity at night. Can't breathe, can't sleep, and bugs galore. Not my idea of tolerable. I've camped a couple of times when I lived in Utah. Totally do-able. I agreed to camp if we are in the West or during Spring/Fall in Indiana. Otherwise, our "camping" will be in our front room on an air mattress.
  15. beefche

    Temple dress with two pockets

    I believe the ones on all have 2 pockets. Do you not like any of those? Also, if you sew, you can make your own temple dress (or have someone else make it). My best friend finds that patterns for nightgowns are the best at meeting the temple requirements.
  16. BTW, I took the OP as highly sarcastic. I think Carb's true feelings are the opposite of what he posted initially.
  17. BTW, I took the OP as highly sarcastic. I think Carb's true feelings are the opposite of what he posted initially.
  18. beefche

    Writing in the temple?

    Maureen, we have been asked to not bring such things into the Celestial room. We have been instructed to not even bring our own patriarchal blessings into the room. For that reason, I agree with the others that you CAN bring it, but would be asked to put it away once the worker saw you with it.
  19. How do I know why someone is in my home uninvited? If I'm at home and there is a stranger who broke into my house, I'm not going to interview him to find out if he is merely there to steal something or rape me or look at my home decor. No, you break into my house, I'm going to assume the worst. I don't relish the thought of hurting anyone, let alone killing someone. But, again, if I feel that my life is in danger (and not knowing someone's motive means danger to me), then I would feel justified in shooting and even killing someone. I may need therapy afterward, but I'll do what I can to save my life or the life of loved ones.
  20. beefche

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Yes! I laughed so hard at that! And it clued me in on the little joke about the character name for Dwayne Johnson. LOL!
  21. beefche

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Just saw Central Intelligence with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart. OH MY WORD! That was laugh out loud funny! Surprising not as much language as I would anticipate. There is some and there is brief nudity (man's backside). But, this movie made the whole audience laugh out loud--like belly laugh. I love the little references in it (poking fun of The Rock, mainly) and loved that it wasn't full of sexual stuff. Seriously funny movie. Hoping there will be a sequel.
  22. beefche

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Anatess! Where is your review of X-men? We saw it tonight. My honey liked it, I thought it was meh. I don't get the whole "different universe" or "reboot" thing. I have a hard time forgetting the first movies as I watch things happen that couldn't considering the first movies. Plus, this movie continues the Hollywood hatred of religion.
  23. beefche

    Men who don't get sports

    My husband doesn't like sports. I love them. I make him watch the Superbowl (I bribe him with snacks) and the NCAA basketball championship. Otherwise, I let him live in his boring-without-sports world.
  24. beefche

    Tips that work

    Wha??? Don't you get the Brady Bunch bubble situation when you do that? How much detergent and how much boiling water? I am so going to try this. I have a slow draining sink and I've tried Liquid Plumr to no avail.
  25. beefche

    Tips that work

    What kind of detergent? Laundry? Liquid or powder?