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  1. Compassionate

    Issue with Baptisms for the Dead..

    How do we know if someone in this life actually has been given the oppoutunity to reject or accept the gospel. That person slamming the door on the missionaries? Could be a child was just about to get hot water spilled on them, thus the door was slammed. Pres. Kimball once told us at a mission meeting we could not judge when a person had really had a chance and was ready to accept. Remember baptisim is just the start or entrance to the Kingdom, by the way aren't they all His Kingdoms?
  2. Compassionate

    Advice please

    Many years ago had a similar problem, finally went to the place of her employment and said in a loud a distinct voice, no I will not sleep with you, and then left. Never heard from her again. Solution #2 Call his wife and explain to her the situation and ask for her permission. :)
  3. Compassionate

    Thought v. Action

    uh...No it only counts if you have repented.
  4. Compassionate

    Fasting and the Sacrament

    I think your fast ends the same way you started it, with prayer. So what occurs in between is your responsibility. So is fasting an ordinance or is the sacrament? I think sacrament trumps fast, yet fast is still valid until you end it. The sacrament does not end it, the cheerios mom brought for the baby does!
  5. Compassionate

    Celestial Kingdom

    If our goal in eternity is to become a soul, then after our spirit and flesh are reunited at the resurrection to become a soul. In my thinking logic would be, we have now progressed to a higher state the soul never to broken again into spirit and flesh but to remain as a soul. So there ceases to be a spirit and a higher being a glorified soul is created. What Spirit does the Father use to influence others and testify? He gives that task to the Holy Ghost which remains a spirit to testify. He does not separate from His flesh to deliver messages, this would be impossible. When the Father and the Son have something to say they do it in person such as with Joseph. Even all the other messengers were resurrected beings. Even when the brother of Jared saw the Lords finger, the Lord told him it was what was to come that he was seeing. Anyway this is my opinion.
  6. Compassionate

    Celestial Kingdom

    All we know for sure is besides the three Kingdoms, Jesus said in My Father's house are many mansions. Outside of that ,I would venture is speculation.
  7. Compassionate

    Thought v. Action

    How about the sexual urge is ingrained into us for multiplying and replenishing the earth and creating emotional bonds with our spouse within the boundaries God has established. We may be partners with him in creation and need to learn as one of the greatest tests here on earth to control our thoughts, passions and desires. To control those thoughts is not a disorder, just a part of progression to return to him. Look don't touch seems like a workable policy of the destroyer, he knows once the cows get out of the pasture how hard they are to get back in the pasture.
  8. Compassionate

    Your thoughts on Desiring multiple wives

    If you look real close at history, polygamy has always existed as an eternal law. It is through mans disobediance that it became suspended. Once it is conducted outside of the laws of God, it has lost it's eternal goal. So when people state that the manifesto was given and the revelation because of the threat of the government, they do not understand the law of God. If we really understand what was explained to Joseph when he inquired about the multiple wives of former prophets, he was told that with the explaination ,would come responsibility. He would be required to live the law, as would others inquiring about it. It was not designed for everyone, only those willing to live it within the bounderies the Lord established. If we look at the history of the church it got a little out of control. There were marriages being conducted without sanction and priesthood holders not living the eternal law as explained. So the Lord used the government as a manner in which to suspend the practice. It was done, because we couldn't live it. Like the Israelites and moses they could'nt do it so they recieved a lessor law. The saints in Missouri were not doing what was commanded, so they lost everything they had, the Lord caused it to happen. We also lost the United Order through selfishness and disobediance. I think it has alot to do with unrighteous dominion as explained in the 121 section of the D&C. So this is my opinion.
  9. Compassionate

    Lack in Judgement

    I'm sorry you are going through this. We are always so sure it will never happen to us, then we let our guard down and soon we have sin as a companion. I agree with another poster that there is something more than, it just happened. Somewhere along the line your moral defense curtain or should we say your armor was missing. Let me explain, there are certain behaviors we have before we enter into a marriage such as flirting,and other behaviors designed to attract attention of the opposite sex. When we enter into marriage these behaviors need to cease with everyone except our spouse. This means we need to build a defense system. One the Lord has offered us is what we refer to as the Armor of God we teach our YM,YW this always. Yet in todays world we need to understand how we strengthen this armor. Here are some ways; 1. Never place yourself in compromising situations. 2. Never be alone with the opposite sex. 3. Control what we read, some romances are adultry waiting to happen. 4. Watch what we watch! 5. Our spouse should be a positive part of our conversations with others. 6. Never speak ill of your spouse in casual conversations. 7. Never make jokes about your spouse's faults. 8. Never disscuss intimate details of your relationship with anyone. Some people will say these are not realistic, I say how interested are you in your marriage. Marriage requires work and 100% fidelity, without it the destroyer will have a feast. I have heard the statements made often, If you don't look once you are not human, I say if you look once it is the begining. Better yet what made you look is the begining. So go to your husband, it will be difficult and tearful, painful with emotions flowing as they have never flowed before, it will break his heart, there is healing. Start with a prayer, after you and he can talk about it, then go to your Bishop together hand in hand and he will guide you with love through the repentance process. Remember the atonement of our Savior was to help us return to him and it is pure love in it's highest form.
  10. If I may offer a few words, being married for as long as I have, I can tell you all marriages are a work in progress, that is why with a priesthood sealing we are given an eternity to be with our loved one. The key is in both words, work and progress. If we are always working on it progress will be seen and we will attain new levels of love for our spouse. Friendship is the first level, willingness to give your life may be the last level. Depression is always a problem in a marriage, I feel that we must guard ourselves from outside influences that may lead to depression. We see what others may have in a relationship and instead of working on obtaining it we begin to compare and depression sets in. When we have losses, jobs, income, health we go through a grieving process for a time. If it continues it can become depression, we need to realize that when we go into a woe is me time that is longer than normal grief, deprssion can slip in without realizing it. Remember there is a force in the world, I won't mention his name since I do not want to give him any honor, that will do everything in his power to discourage us and ultimately destroy us. He uses tools like depression, hate, envy,coveting to get inside the door. So if your spouse is aware of how you really feel and you are willing to put in the required effort, your marriage can be successful. Have you attended Temple preparation classes? It would be good if you would. Have either of you been through the Temple for yourselves? If not ask your Bishop for the classes from someone with alot of Temple attendance.
  11. Compassionate

    Switching wards

    General policy from the Church is that we need to stay in the boundries of our ward in which we live. A few exceptions are, military going to english speaking wards in foriegn countries, temporary assignments for work. Even if there are two ward buildings on the same block or several wards in the city we need to support the one we are assigned to. Can you imagine everyone wanting to be in Pres. Monsen's ward or any of the first presidency or the 12. There is wisdom insupporting the place you are living. The best advice I have always depended on is "Become part of the solution not part of the problem". Hope this helps.