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  1. It depends on the story. Which ones have you read?
  2. mirkwood

    How many of you...

    I think they have a great deal of influence and control over many events, but do not have a complete stranglehold yet. If we do not do something about our political choices, we will live to see and regret thier control. J. Reuben Clark, Jr., Conference Report, April 1944, p.116. “Brethren, let us think about that, because I say unto you with all the soberness I can, that we stand in danger of losing our liberties, and that once lost, only blood will bring them back; and once lost, we of this Church will, in order to keep the Church going forward, have more sacrifices to make and more persecutions to endure than we have yet known, heavy as our sacrifices and grievous as our persecutions of the past have been.”
  3. mirkwood

    How many of you...

    I think it is pretty clear there is a global organized secret combination. Ezra Taft Benson, Conference Report, October 1961, p. 70. “Today the devil as a wolf in a supposedly new suit of sheep's clothing is enticing some men, both in and out of the Church, to parrot his line by advocating planned government guaranteed security programs at the expense of our liberties. Latter-day Saints should be reminded how and why they voted as they did in heaven. If some have decided to change their vote they should repent—throw their support on the side of freedom—and cease promoting this subversion. . . . He (Moroni) foresaw the rise of a great world-wide secret combination. . .He warned each gentile nation of the last days to purge itself of this gigantic criminal conspiracy which would seek to rule the world. . . .The Prophet Moroni described how the secret combination would take over a country and then fight the work of God, persecute the righteous, and murder those who resisted. Moroni therefore proceeded to describe the workings of the ancient ‘secret combinations’ so that modern man could recognize this great political conspiracy in the last days. . . . The Prophet Moroni seemed greatly exercised lest in our day we might not be able to recognize the startling fact that the same secret societies which destroyed the Jaredites and decimated numerous kingdoms of both Nephites and Lamanites would be precisely the same form of criminal conspiracy which would rise up among the gentile nations in this day.”
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    Keeping kids out of the mess

    You indicated you are thinking about giving him another chance. You also said in the OP this: He isn't done cheating. There is no reason for him to have a password that you don't have access to. My wife has access to a word document on the computer that has every variation of passwords that I use on any accounts I have. I only have two usernames I ever use, so she can check on anything at any time, including my email. The exception is my work laptop which is passworded for security purposes, including BCI access. I will log onto the laptop anytime she wants if she feels the need to poke around. She just doesn't have access to secure programs I use at work. How you tell your kids what is going on partially depends on how old they are. I would make one suggestion, no matter what their age is. Do not use them as a weapon/tool against your husband (ex-husband?). You will harm your kids far more then you could ever harm him.
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    The national debt

    They just raised the debt ceiling. Brilliant. Let's spend more money so we can get out of debt.
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    5 items only, the economies shut-down

    Yes that is accurate. The person who will take your food, would have a high liklihood of moving on to physical action against their victim. A burglary while you are gone is not the same as a home invasion robbery while you are there. Not unrelated to rape and murder.
  7. mirkwood

    #10 cans vs. pales?

    You can buy it from the cannery both ways. I have purchased their wheat in #10 cans and also in the 50 lb. bags and put it in buckets myself. I think the most important thing to remember about cannery wheat is that it has only been cleaned one time. Most other brands of wheat you buy has been cleaned 2 or 3 times. The reason this is important is putting cannery wheat in some of the higher end electric grinders will void the warranty. For example, we purchased a Bosch a couple years ago and they told us any use of the cannery wheat voids the factory warranty. I also have purchased some other brands of wheat which is what we grind in the Bosch. If we ever have to use the cannery wheat I have a hand grinder that we will use.
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    LMM: any idea why my cylon kitten eye is stationary? I used the same .gif from GLO.
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    I joined the board a few months ago and just now have gotten around to looking around. I'm LDS, I grew up in a part member family, RM (Pennsylvania Philadelphia), married 21 years, two sons, love soccer (Manchester United), music (Rush and BOC my faves), reading books, shooting guns & I teach emergency preparedness in my stake. That is me in a nutshell. LoudMouthMormon knows me from a couple of other boards.
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    1 Year Food Storage &Personal Products Questions

    When I started looking to store non-food products I tracked what my family used in a month. Then I multiplied by 12 and had my figure to work towards. Some things I guesstimated. Items like OTC painkillers etc.
  11. mirkwood

    #10 cans vs. pales?

    I use both. If I am doing the "canning" I use pails. Most of what I purchase is in #10 cans.
  12. mirkwood

    5 items only, the economies shut-down

    Would your perspective change if it went from defending your food from the desperate person, to: now they have your food and intend to rape/harm/murder your family? 1- More water. 2- More batteries. 3- More ammo. 4- More canned fruit. 5- More candy.
  13. This may not help in any way at all, but I just had this experience last week at work. A little background to help this make sense, I am a police officer and I work graveyards. We all have areas we like to roam while working. We also have our favorite "hiding spots" for when we are not driving around, writing reports, eating etc. I went on a call earlier with another officer where we were dealing with a real nutjob that does not like cops. He had not broken any laws, but was hanging out in the area where I have most of my "hiding spots." I decided to avoid them tonight in case he was roaming the area still. I did not want him sneaking up on me in the dark. Much later in the shift I went to another spot I use that was further from where we had dealt with him, but within walking distance of where we last saw him. I was talking to another officer on the phone while I was sitting there. I had a sudden strong urge to drive away from this parking lot. I dropped it into gear and drove off with the strong feeling I was being watched and this was a bad thing. Bad as in it was not safe for me to be there. I drove several miles away as I continued my conversation with my partner on the phone. When I was done I decided to drive back up there and take a look around. The same feeling returned as I headed back there and it got stronger the closer I got. I do not scare easily and when I do, I have learned to control my fear and do what I need to do. I did not go back to this area. I have no idea why or if it is related to the earlier crazy guy, I just knew I needed to stay away from there the rest of my shift. I don't know why I was prompted to drive away. I went through the area the next night as usual and everything was as normal.