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  1. After a loooong absence I am finally back on the forum. I've been active in the church, just not here. :-)
  2. Thanks for all the great answers! I'm waiting now till Black Friday, in hopes that I can get one cheaper than the current rate. I called my bishop today and his son is an internet techy so if I can't put the scriptures on a Kindle my bishop said his son can, so that seals my fate! It does surprise me how many people have e-scriptures in my ward, but then again... when I've talked to them about the e-readers and tablets they say how much lighter they are for the older folk, and how easy they are to just slip into the purse or back pocket. I know I've had the problem of trying to hurry sometimes and gather my books quickly and then the dreaded avalanche occurs and I need to squat down and pick up two or three books. And needless to say the scriptures always fall face down and open so as to potentially destroy the binding. I'm convinced that an e-reader, and probably now more likely the tablet is the way to go. Thanks again to everyone for your help! Now keeping my fingers crossed that I can get my Kindle on Black Friday.
  3. I'm kinda partial to Patriot's Day myself. No, not the 9/11 one, but the original Patriot's Day April 19th. Dress up in old clothes from the American Revolution.
  4. Hi Guys! Don't know if 'this is the right place' or not for this question, but... I'm totally ignorant when it comes to electronics. What with the recently released 2013 scriptures I am tempted to finally buy a large print Quad, something I've been wanting for many years. My husband suggested that maybe I might want to look into an e-reader instead if I can download the scriptures. After all the large print quad is $73.50 and a Kindle Paperwhite can be had for around $100, and if a new LDS book comes out I can just upload or update it. Can the 2013 scriptures be put onto any e-reader? Yeah, I'm that ignorant when it comes to electronics. And it's the only reason that I'd be getting an e-reader. It would allow me to carry the scriptures all the time, just in my purse. I assume I can get like the scriptures, the hymnal, Ensign, and the like on just an e-reader? Then the other question, can e-readers play music? In other words, if I want to hear a hymn, would I be able to play it, or do I need to have something more like the Kindle Fire HD for that? Thanks in advance. I'm not tech savvy and even my cell phone is just the basic call in, call out, so it doesn't do anything. The KF HD is only a little bit more than the basic reader, and I was wondering if I'd want it for hymns. No sense paying a little for something and then wishing I'd paid just a little more and gotten something better.
  5. Totally agree! Welcome, and feel free to ask questions. I promise not to bite, but don't worry, if I do -- I have my rabies shot up to date! BTW, I almost forgot, good luck on your new job! I'll keep my fingers crossed and add a prayer tonight and tomorrow for ya!
  6. Is your mother a member of any particular church now? I mean, almost any church that went through the 19th century in the US has issues with either slavery or racism. The Methodist Church had a schism in 1844 dividing the church into the Methodist Episcopal North and Methodist Episcopal South, the Southern faction believing in slavery. The Methodists apologized about 2000. The Baptist Church splintered into the Northern and Southern Baptists in 1845, with the Southern Baptists believing that the Bible allowed for African slavery. The Southern Baptists apologized for that in 1995. The Presbyterians both old and new school split in 1857 and 1861, I can't find an apology from them though that doesn't mean it wasn't done. The Episcopalians who never split but supported slavery offered an apology in 2008. The LDS Church gave the priesthood to all worthy male members of the Church, in 1978; and President Hinckley's apology to a minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Church given about 2004. Racism is hurtful no matter what century, or country it's found in. To me, the important part is where the Church stands today, and where it's headed. I don't know if any of this was of interest to you, or if it will do you any good; but it is something that I think gives a person a more solid footing.
  7. Ah, I see the knife, too, now.
  8. Eowyn took the words right out of my mouth. I agree, entirely!
  9. First thing I saw was two people kissing.
  10. My problem is that I married a non-Mormon, an atheist (doesn't believe there was, is, or ever will be a Christ). I often have the same feeling of being alone. All I can do is keep a positive outlook, be a great example, and hope that something happens to give him a testimony. That's what I would recommend for you, but it's easier said than done. Does your husband still believe in God?
  11. I remember my shock back in 1985 when I was moving to Logan. My non-member mother accompanied me on the drive and was going to fly home. It was a Sabbath morning near Logan and we were still in a hotel, so we went out for breakfast. At a nearby table we heard a lady and a bunch of children talking about something LDS. As they were getting ready to leave my Mom turned and asked the Sister if those were all her children, to which she laughed and admitted that they were her Valiant class. My mother looked shocked to think that LDS would chose to eat out on the Sabbath. The teacher explained that the students had completed a project a meal at this restaurant was their reward. They were supposed to have the meal on a previous day, but something came up and Sunday was the only day they could all get together so here they were. I spent the remainder of the morning explaining to my mother that the organization of the Church is perfect, but the people aren't.
  12. I saw a Dr. Oz show the other day where he said that some of these energy drinks have as much as three times the amount of caffeine that's in a cup of coffee. So yeah, it'll help keep you awake after a night of insomnia, but at what cost? The scarier thing to me is that the FDA doesn't regulate them, so we have no idea what all is in them. The link goes to a video of his show where he talks about energy drinks.
  13. I think we all remember our first experience with baking chocolate! Maybe not the exact circumstances, but definately the effect of trying it as if it was a Hershey bar, or Kiss. My husband pointed out about an hour ago that we do happen to have Hershey's Cocoa in the house, so now to decide what to bake! Better yet, how to talk him into making it -- he's actually a better cook than I am, and he does it a pinch of this and a handful of that. Disgusting. I can make a hamburger without directions, after I get the ground chuck at the store.
  14. So is it saying that those of us who live in the US will need to go to Mexico City to attend missionary training for a mission to the US? They lost me on that one.
  15. Enough with the chocolate already. I'm snowed in far from the nearest chocolate store, and no way to get there. It'll be at least Monday before I can get out. But watch out! On Monday, I'm gonna go chocolate crazy. Well, maybe just one chocolate cookie from Subway (the sandwich shop, not train).