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    Revelation- How does it REALLY work?

    Yes we do.
  2. There has been a lot of hype leading up to the conference that we are going to have in April. President Nelson asking the saints asking us to prepare ourselves and review our personal history with the BoM saying it will be a hinge point in the history of the church, to him pumping it up in the last conference. "next April will be different from any previous conference." "general conference next April will be not only memorable; it will be unforgettable." What exactly can we expect to see? WHy the hype? we should be tuning in anyways right?
  3. omegaseamaster75

    April 2020 "a hinge point in the history of the Church"

    they wont fit
  4. omegaseamaster75

    Activity Days - Out of Control

    While duct tape is not a bad idea it may do irreparable harm to he Psyche of the kid. If you have kids that are that out of control you need to start kicking them out. It is not fair to the other kids who want to learn and participate. You need to have a frank (difficult) discussion with the parents about the behavior of their kid. You will probably get push back on this because some parents like to stick their heads in the sand. Bottom line if they won't behave in a normal manner they are not welcome.
  5. omegaseamaster75

    Did Face to Face answer questions?

    The new plan seems to be that there is no plan.
  6. Does it really matter who started it? You can't go from a scuffle to a full blown assault and not expect severe consequences. While I think that Garrett has recognized that he did something wrong I don't think he believes that his actions were criminal. I do think that they were. If I were Rudolph I would file criminal charges.
  7. Good for him for being accountable, but he should be out of football forever.
  8. omegaseamaster75

    Flowers for Co-Worker

    Don't be so sensitive, nothing i wrote was made with the intention of attacking you. You came here to a forum on the internet looking for advice and you got some. Facts do not equal and attack. 1. It's a seasonal job (not a real/fulltime job) 2. She claims that she won't date co-workers (in general a good idea but see #1) 3. My advice is the same as all the others here don't pussyfoot around just ask her out. 4. If you read a personal attack into everything someone says or writes life is going to be very tough for you.
  9. omegaseamaster75

    Missionary Life Essentials

    Put his initials on the tag. In Mexico we washed by hand and hung our garments out, you don't have the same levels of privacy we are used to in the U.S. its not a big deal and 99.999% of the population won't know what they are looking at anyways. Money, I wish I had access to more funds while on my mission. As an American everyone assumed I was rich (i'm not/wasn't) but an extra hundred a month would have gone a long way toward making life a little easier. Shoes, buy quality shoes that can be resoled. I suspect he will be walking a lot and taking public transport. Buy quality suits. They will last his whole mission if he takes care of them. Most times he will not wear the jacket so buy extra pants that are to be worn when he is not wearing his suit. there is nothing worse than a lonely barely worn suit jacket hanging in the closet with worn out pants don't allow it.
  10. omegaseamaster75

    Flowers for Co-Worker

    How old are you? I only ask this because this seems like a very highschool thing to do. Just ask her out, it's a seasonal job why would you wait? if she says no then you know where you stand. Why would you waste a month of your life hoping and praying that she may go out with you. As a general rule I agree with her you don't date people you work with, but this isn't even a real job.
  11. omegaseamaster75

    Emotional affair and children

    This is what you need to do. No one is going to hell, but you will potentially destroy your relationship with your husband and kids if you go down the road of confessing all. Get on your knees beg for forgiveness, delete and remove any and all contact with this individual and move on with your life. I would recommend counseling based on the communication problems you have with your husband but do not destroy your family over this. Do you need to confess to your bishop for viewing Poronography one time? I'd say no. While the OP has a more serious issue there are other people involved their small children whose lives would be greatly disrupted by a divorce and untold levels of damage to their psyche if she were to confess all. I agree with the part in bold, but not the latter. you will not spiritually die. Don't be selfish.
  12. omegaseamaster75

    Missionary Life Essentials

    Your son won't be able to just go to the store or wash his clothes whenever he wants, the church does a pretty good job giving the parents a list of items that are needed depending on the location of their mission. I would follow that list. Once he arrives and finds that something else is needed send him some money to buy it.
  13. This is bad advice, as we marry who we date. IF the OP wants to marry in the church her best option is to date guys who are already members. OP try online dating, even people from other countries. I have a single brother he needs to get married....just sayin.
  14. omegaseamaster75


    It is a common ingredient, in many food items: Beef Bourguigon, Penne al Vodka, Veal Marsala. Most tomato based sauces in restaurants. The list is endless so unless you live in a hobbit hole and never go out you can't avoid it.
  15. How is how she handles her personal affairs your business even if she asks for rides? There is nothing to handle. If you got a bee in your bonnet about her life decisions keep them to yourself, if you feel super self righteous about it stop giving her rides. Your giving her rides does not allow you to be a busy body.
  16. omegaseamaster75

    The future

    No, that's total nonsense. Civil war with who?
  17. None of your business You don't it's none of your business.
  18. Seems like you are not getting a straight answer here. I will give you one. No the LOC was not violated IF as you are saying nothing happened. No need for alarm and no mission will be postponed. Frankly I would never mention it to anyone and make a mental note to never put myself in that kind of position again.
  19. omegaseamaster75

    The future

    No matter who wins my life won't change in any significant manner. If I were to venture a guess Trump wins, we increase our majority in the senate and status quo in the house.
  20. omegaseamaster75

    YW Adviser displays animosity toward YW president

    So a couple of observations, 1. I would avoid group texts, our voice is not heard via text message. I know that there is a reluctance these days to pickup a phone and call people but it reduces the misunderstandings. 2. Over communicate, I have found that when you take away people excuses they stop making them. 3. There seems to be some hostility coming from her side of things. I would ask that she be released immediately before the waters are tainted any further. I wouldn't take no for an answer. You have stewardship over the YW. 4. Don't lose any sleep over it. In this life we can't please everyone it's impossible wrap your head around that idea and you'll sleep better.
  21. omegaseamaster75


    I don't think I am discouraging anyone from living how they want to or following the WOW based on their personal interpenetration of it. However inconsistencies abound.
  22. omegaseamaster75


    So I think you mentioned in a previous post that you don't cook, at all. I am going to assume that you are not particularly adventurous in what you eat. If you do venture in to other cuisines I'll take Italian and French as examples you cannot escape alcohol in the cooking process. So your options are limited. You can control what is in your own home and I think that is great and you should if you want to live by a higher standard. The problem with these WOW questions is you get two groups of people. The black and white crowd " no alcohol never ever in anything" and everyone else. In reality my temple recommend is just as valid as anyone else even after I eat my bananas foster.
  23. omegaseamaster75

    Watch trends

    in the case of @Traveler I am fairly sure that this is not the case. I believe the issue is how money is spent. There seems to be some unwritten moral code of which I am unaware that dictates how we should spend our money. I suppose flying first class is on the list...........
  24. omegaseamaster75

    Watch trends

    Define personal aggrandizement. I'm curious what is the measuring stick to which we should all abide by.
  25. omegaseamaster75


    While I agree that we should abstain from alcohol, abstention in whole is nearly impossible. I say nearly because if you never eat out, and read the ingredient label on all of your food I suppose you can avoid it. In the real world this can be difficult to avoid. Eating is not equal to Drinking. We are told that the drinking of strong drink is not good.