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  1. where would you pitch said tent? That is not a realistic scenario.
  2. Berkeley, Oakland, the smaller cities near by all have similar problems....once you leave the Bay Area proper or go to the more affluent areas the problem is greatly reduced I circled the areas that have the biggest problem. Sure there are homeless in the other areas but not nearly what I would consider a problem.
  3. There is no other side of the tracks in the SF Bay Area. People who can't afford to live here need to leave the state or move to a rural part of the state where housing is cheap. The homeless problem in SF is not in my opinion related to the housing crisis or inability to earn a fair wage. You have a city that will not enforce property crimes, and has decriminalized drug usage. You have a mild climate and a population who is tolerant of this behavior. If I wanted to be a homeless bum I'd come to SF.
  4. The 500k/yr jobs are few and far between, most entry level silicon valley guys make between 120-150k with some options. None of those guys are living in the area unless they are single and can afford the expensive rent, or are living out of a van or something. Sure many people do live in Stockton, or Modesto or other outskirts but they spend 4-6 hours/day commuting to have "cheaper" housing. I put cheaper in quotation marks because anything livable in those areas will run you 5-600k.
  5. Lots of people have a thing for high end watches. I guess my point is that many of our leaders have been very successful in their personal lives, as such they own/spend/do things that "average" people don't or can't. Yet somehow when we see a general authority and they have a high end watch we think that they should not be subject to the trappings of vanity (he only has a breitling because he was a pilot) or have items that are excessive in nature. I know a GA who bought a golf club membership for 125k in 1995. We as a membership should not care what our leaders do with their personal funds yet somehow we do.
  6. When was the last time Uchdorf flew a plane? I'm willing to bet that he owns more than one Breitling. My point is that even our leaders like nice things, it may even plan to their vanity who knows, but who cares? If he wants to strap 7k to his wrist good for him.
  7. I would place no stock in those stories. These are all after the fact discussions that the members share with others. As to the actual veracity of these things we don't know do we? nor would we have anyway of knowing unless we were the individual in question. They may be conflating their happiness/dissatisfaction with the calling as the influence of the spirit and thus make the statement "I knew this was coming" I agree the councilors should council. This is not a subject that would come up in ward council so I will assume you are in the bishopric (not that it matters). I would state to the bishop how I felt but also say that I have a bias in the matter. It is up to him to decide he has the keys to sort out personal bias. See my previous statement, however is you are the Bishop you have the keys and carry the mantel as the leader of the ward to decide. What you decide will be best if done in a prayerful and thoughtful manner.
  8. Unless you are in a position to influence or make a decision your own bias is irrelevant. The brother who was called does not receive revelation for the ward or the stake, and while his preferences for calling may or may not be taken into account his ideas about what he is called to do are irrelevant also. Are you the Bishop? or just a councilor? If the First, pray that your personal bias will not get in the way of the Lords work, if the latter keep your mouth shut.
  9. My intention is not for this to come off the wrong way nor to discredit or impugn your more strict observance following of the word of wisdom that is your business and you can follow as you see fit. What stands out to me it that you seem to imply that because of your personal observance of the WOW you have been the beneficiary of greater blessings as a result? As opposed to a "normal" adherent of the WoW.
  10. People have all kinds of ideas about church callings and which ones they should be called to. 1st counselor to the EQ presidency is kind of a big deal. This brother was selected by the EQ president in consultation with the Bishop, then approved by the high council and stake presidency. I can understand why he would wan to think about it. This brother does not receive revelation for the stake, or the ward in which he resides. It is presumptous of him to think he does, his own personal thoughts about what he would like to be doing are irrelevant. Personally if I was that EQ president I would pick someone else.
  11. Don't be a snitch but don't be bullied by this other person either. start looking for and get another job before you quit.
  12. I disagree with this line of thinking, once the repentance process is complete then why would you ever mention it again to anyone ever? It's not a lie of omission how can you omit something that will likely never come up. It would have to be something over the top, but most over the top sins that I can think of would have gotten you excommunicated. Since it is not any of those (to our knowledge) why would you mention it, ever, to anyone, under any circumstance?
  13. Say nothing it's none of his business. If he can't accept that then its time to move on.
  14. You seem to be taking a very hard stance on this topic, what about victims of rape or incest? What if the life of the mother is in danger? Would you ball these people up in your list of murderers and murderesses? 1 in 4 seems rather high and as pointed out in prior posts takes into account stillborns, non elective abortions etc.
  15. This is terrifying, I'm glad everything worked out for you. Should be noted that this is the exception not the rule.
  16. I didn't see Johnny Miller on the list 25 tour wins and two majors.....pretty good golf
  17. I think it may be problematic and for the record I am one of those who does not like the idea of being able to call your mommy every week. This is why I think it may be problematic and this only applies to those serving in third world countries. In the US we are used to a certain standard of living, in many parts of the world standards are somewhat lower. I know that if my mommy knew of some of the trials I had on my mission she would have been on a plane and scooped me up. I am grateful for those trials and learning experiences. When we did talk on the phone x-mas/M-Day I was able to share the good uplifting parts and not the difficult parts. There are so many ups and downs I can see it becoming an exercise in whining and complaining.
  18. Where do you live Alaska? Date other girls, you let her know it's a big ocean and there are plenty of fish in it.
  19. I served in the 1990's in Mexico. I do not measure my success as a missionary by the number of people I baptised you can't do that, you can't base the success of your mission based on the activity levels of the individuals you brought into the gospel. Someone who serves in France or another low baptising mission can have the exact same experience that I had. Success in a mission is based on what you take away from it, how you grow as a person.
  20. You just made your own argument for getting the 5div, my brother has one it's the cats pajamas.
  21. FP, picture for picture I loved my 5dc the images it took were amazing. I have since upgraded to a 5dii and I can honestly say I enjoyed the film like quality of the 5dc better. I have owned a 7d and did not care for it. I get moving to a smaller platform, I went out of town with my wife and took the 5dii with grip and 24-70 2.8L, I almost broke my neck. I can't wrap my head around giving up the full frame or the noise increase at higher isos'. Your gonna miss that 70-200l super sharp lens, and great for portraits.
  22. Your sister is a monster, I would rat her out.
  23. 1. This will never happen See #1 (assuming they reject the teachings of Christ in the second coming / spirit world and pursue their homosexual lifestyle). This I do agree with, but everyone knows this.
  24. I live in the SF bay area I am a self proclaimed gay spotter. Funny thing is growing up here and living here I find that most people can't tell if someone is gay or not. In fairness to others who do not have a lot of contact with individuals of that persuasion you would have a hard time knowing. 98% are just regular joes or gals who want to live life and be left alone like you and me.