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  1. sevensonnets

    Groundhog day when it comes to church

    Well, I've only been a member about a year and the missionaries still come to see me every couple of weeks when they're in my area. I've known many missionaries in a year and a half and they have always been welcome in my home. They are a huge light in my life! I switched from GP to Gospel Doctrine in January when they started the the Book of Mormon and I needed that! But I feel invisible in Relief Society because nobody ever speaks to me. The few times I have tried to contribute there is one particular lady who always says, "I don't agree with that." I participate in all the activities of RS, visit teach, do service, and have been to the temple for my endowment, but I guess they will always see me as a convert. It's tough to be a single slightly older lady in this church.
  2. sevensonnets

    What are you OCD about?

    I can't stand for one hand to be wet and not the other one. Well, that may just be weird and not OCD. But every can and container in my kitchen cabinets has to be lined up with the label facing outward. I can tell if pictures on the wall or a stack of books is even a hairbreadth not quite straight. And, oh my goodness, don't even leave so much as a dirty spoon in my sink overnight. I will not be able to sleep.
  3. sevensonnets

    Favorite Holiday?

    I'd say St. Patrick's Day because I love celebrating my family history, although I'm pretty evenly split English/Irish. I don't have any particular attachment to Christmas or Thanksgiving because those are family holidays and being the rare Mormon who has no family, I have to spend them by myself.
  4. First and foremost I want to hear the Lord say "Well done my good and faithful servant," then I want to find my baby, who died before he could even be born, and all my grandparents, who I never got to know in this life.
  5. sevensonnets

    Taking the sacrament with right hand

    I'm a relatively new convert to the church and have had a stroke, which limits my ability to hold the sacrament cup with my right hand. I was spilling it on myself trying to use the right hand, so on my baptism day I decided to simply take the cup with my left hand, but the person sitting next to me said never to do that again, only to use the right hand. I cried! After that I would not take the cup only the bread. I finally talked with my bishop and later my home teachers and they said to take the cup however was easiest for me. It only takes one insensitive person to ruin the sacrament experience, especially for a new convert. The bishop had a talk with this lady and she came to me and apologized. t