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  1. I have never understood fasting. I know we do it because 1: we are commanded to. 2: fast offering to further charity work 3:.... just those two things actually. I was studying this weeks Come Follow Me lesson and was reading Matthew 4 where Christ spending 40 days and nights fasting in the wilderness and it occurred to me that even though I do fast and know the basic temporal reasons why, I have no testimony of it. I realize fasting with prayer provides a very real strength and power to the spirit and body giving one the spiritual sensitivity and physical strength to do works which could not be done otherwise as well as increased miracles provided through faithful prayer. But what I don’t understand and the reason I may lack testimony is what it is about faithful fasting and prayer that allows those things to happen. I know we don’t need the reasoning behind everything and need to ACT in faith, which I do. I guess I just don’t get it. As I research and pray about it, any insight from y’all would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. Performing temple ordinances for the dead anyone? I think this has a lot of insight into the next chapter of our eternal progression. Spirit paradise/prison will be a place of teaching and learning. I think those in paradise and prison will walk and talk together and inhabit the same sphere. Prison is just a state of darkness and uncertainty. It’s a life without light and knowledge of the savior and knowledge received in the temple. Paradise being the opposite, being full of light and knowledge being able to rest in that assurance of the savior and being able to share that knowledge with those who are in darkness. It will be a state in prelude to the millennial reign of the Messiah on the earth.
  3. Oh yes, I am familiar with these. The Celestial Hallows!
  4. You can’t jusy say “his” that’s trans/homophobic. You don’t know how they identify!
  5. How can the earth be hollow and flat!? I think the flat Bigfoot theory is more accurate. It explains why we’ve never had a head-on picture of the Bigfoot!
  6. A little late to the party.. But The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints maintains that you have the actual lineage of that tribe in your blood. Most everyone has multiple tribal bloodlines in them, the one that is chosen is the one which you will receive your blessings from. If you have no blood of any tribe it would be specifically stated that you will receive your blessings through the abrahamic covenant. Those are the ones who are adopted into the covenant. So yes, it is a literal bloodline if you have no blood of any tribe, you will be adopted into the abrahamic covenant and receive your blessings through it. Knowing which tribe you are of is important because it lets you know what your work and purpose in the house of Israel is and who you are in the family of Heavenly Father. We know the Abrahamic Covenant is the THE birthright of God given to Jesus Christ who will, if we have been worthy and received the endowment/made and kept temple covenants, make us equal partners in that birth right receiving and becoming all that Heavenly Father is. So it makes sense that we have to be of his family/house which is Israel.
  7. This was quite a few years ago. I’ve already served, returned and lived my life a little bit.
  8. Hello! After receiving my mission call I made a terrible mistake and engaged in unchaste relations with my girlfriend. I approached my bishop to speak to him about it and then met with my Stake President who ultimately concluded that I would not serve at that time and would wait a year to be able to fully repent before going on my mission. Years later it is troubling me weather or not it is visible on my church records. I was not disfellowshipped or anything. Would my current leadership be able to see that my mission call was postponed for a year and for the reason? Would there be an annotation on my record?