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Los Angeles Lakers (33-8)—First place in the Western Conference

The L.A. Lakers have made a statement this season as they seek to make it to the NBA Finals once again, but this time to win a Championship. With Kobe Bryant making another run at winning the MVP award, the Lakers are virtually unstoppable in the Western Conference.

A few key reasons for their play:

  • While Bryant is averaging the least amount of minutes per game he has averaged since his sophomore season, he has stepped up his shooting percentage and is currently shooting a career high 47.3 FG percentage and 86 FT percentage.
  • Pau Gasol has improved his rebounding game since being called “soft” on the court and is a huge part of the Lakers' success.
  • Andrew Bynum is learning and progressing every game and is becoming more dominant down low. Also of note is how he dropped a career-high 42 points and 15 rebounds on the Clippers on 1/21.
Remaining Schedule

The Lakers play the San Antonio Spurs (2), Denver Nuggets (2), Houston Rockets (2), Atlanta Hawks (2), Boston Celtics (1), Cleveland Cavaliers (1), New Orleans Hornets (1), and the Detroit Pistons (1). 12 total games against the top five best teams in each conference.

Reasons for an increase in success

Bryant and the Lakers will continue to improve their league-leading record in the second half.

  • Jordan Farmar will be returning from injury shortly and will certainly help Derek Fisher in the front court.
  • The Lakers bench (Lamar Odom, Sasha Vujacic, Trevor Ariza) has the ability to come into games and take full control, enabling the Lakers starters to get more rest.
  • Trevor Ariza is playing the best basketball of his career.
  • The Lakers starting five will improve their magnificent play throughout the remainder of the season.
Season Predictions

64-18 and first seed in the Western Conference.

From this site: NBA Midseason Breakdown: Los Angeles Lakers Unstoppable in Western Conference | Bleacher Report

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