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I don't know if ardell is being flip or not, but there are those who carry a burden of harmful anxiety for no appropriate reason.

Basically, feeling anxiety all the time about God's commandments, is sort of like a child always worried sick about doing absolutely everything her parent has ever told her to do, all the time, with no messups.

Kids mess up and that's ok. Sons and daughters of God mess up too, and that's also ok.

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For what it is worth this might help:

I was told by my mission trainer (and it is some of the best advice that I have ever recieved) that there are 3 types of people:

1. The jokers. For these people nothing really matters. It is all about the laugh, they care only about themselves, and only about having fun. They went on a mission to see the world, or because their girlfriend was going to dump them if they didn't, or because Mom and Dad would buy them a truck when it was over.

2. The Pharasiees. These individuals are concerned with being seen to do the right thing. Picking out a tie in the morning is a matter of fasting and prayer. They are so concerned with being hyper obedient that many times they miss the reason that the commandment existed in the first place.

3/ Then there are the boys or the girls. When this group of people work, they work hard. When they play, they play hard. But whether they are working or whether they are playing they are having fun, because the Gospel is meant to be fun, and if it isn't then perhaps we need to reevaluate what we are doing.

He concluded by explaining that we all have the ability to move between there groups freely. What will you choose to be.

For what it is worth.


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How can I not have anxiety over our need to keep all of the commandments all of the time? Any suggestions for things I could read or study? Thank you

Line upon line, precept upon precept. No one, not even God expects you to do everything all at once. Try doing one thing at a time. And gradually build upon that.

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Feel the spirit.

If you are feeling anxiety about keeping commandments (assuming it is not a medical condition), then pray about it. Ask the spirit to help you feel relief if you are doing the right things, or to help guide you if you need extra help doing the right thing. The spirit will help calm you, and hopefully speak to you that you are on the right track!

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