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  1. RMGuy


    I'm sorry Anatess. I hope your friendship remains strong. It sounds like they were and are good people.
  2. TFP, it reminds me of a Yogi'ism....which is a good thing :)
  3. So much Christ like love, compassion, and understanding has gone on in this discussion that I am moved to tears. What wonderful examples of the Lords church we all are.
  4. I fully support the concept of religious freedom. As such I fully support the brethren's right to make this policy change. I also believe in personal agency and accountability. After a lot of thought and prayer, I cannot in good conscience personally lend my support to this policy. I am comfortable standing in front of the judgment bar and accounting for my own thoughts and actions. I also respect those whose thoughts are different.
  5. I believe that not all Mormons believe the same things. :)
  6. I like to judge my movies the same way I try to judge people. On the content of their character as opposed to the label on the box.
  7. As I read that assignment it appears that there are a list of statements including one that says "There is a God" and another that says "The ugliest sea creature is the manatee." The directions then indicate the students are to indicate whether the statement is either a factual claim (FC), Commonplace Assertion (CA), or Opinion (O). Based on those directions I'm not entirely sure how we get the idea that these students were made to literally deny the existence of God.
  8. TFP, That is what many members of the church believe that the purpose of the church is, yet that may not be the reason that a particular individual is a member. If you are willing to write them off because they don't hold to that same ideal then I suppose that is your right to do so. All I am saying is that when we tell individuals that this is why they should attend church and their need or reason for belonging is different we should not be surprised when they choose to disassociate.