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Ok...fair warning...serious music nerd coming out in the following:


The Mormon Tab is not an ideal choir for the Messiah. Handel wrote it for chamber choir, and this is evidenced by the musical style as well, wherein it requires an agility that is mostly beyond a larger choir (as is typical for Baroque music). Obviously there are natural exceptions to this (the Hallelujah chorus being one example where a large choir works better). However, a choir the size of the MoTab is not well suited for performance of Baroque music in general, and specifically not well suited for The Messiah. Of course one really has to have heard the Messiah performed properly (in true Baroque style) to have a comparison point. The problem is, of course, is that it spoils one for performances done "improperly" (large choirs doing Baroque music), which is one of the downfalls of being musically educated. But I suppose that's true of any art education.


My favorite rendition of The Messiah is by the Boston Baroque choir. Light. Agile. Perfect. An ideal performance would bring in a bunch of extra singers to make a large chorus for the Hallelujah Chorus though. :)

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