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  1. I would mainly worry about length of the dress, (knee-length) and then ask if the store sells matching boleros or some other shoulder-covering add-on that either matches or coordinates with the dress. It would be a lot cheaper to go that route as opposed to having the dress altered to add sleeves. Definitely let the bride know ASAP, so that she can keep you in mind as she looks over possible dress options.
  2. Hugs and prayers of comfort going out to you and your family.
  3. Weird. Never heard of it, although I've heard of families who do something small to commemorate it, like a special Family Home Evening lesson or cake for dessert. Nothing at all on par with a full-blown Christmas celebration though.
  4. Too bad it's a Christmas concert. I'd love to hear the choir sing "Manah-manah!"
  5. Perhaps I've missed it in my reading of the thread, but, while I agree there will be polygamy in the Celestial Kingdom (there have been thousands, if not millions, of polygamous marriages throughout the history of the Earth that have zero to do with Joseph Smith), but where is the source of the teaching that NEW polygamous marriages will be formed? Where is the source of the teaching that some of us may find ourselves being required to expand our marriages to include other persons? I ask, because the ONLY time I've come across this teaching is in forums like this, or people making comments in Sunday School. I've never come across it in my scripture study or in any Conference talks. I wonder if we're all just getting worked up over a teaching that perhaps has no reason to be taught.
  6. I think they're trying to move away from numbers. My current stake switched from numbers to names shortly before we moved here, and my previous stake just renamed their numbered wards a couple of months ago.
  7. I think, after listening to Pres. Uchtdorf's talk in Priesthood session, we should be less concerned about who a specific talk is or isn't directed toward, and be asking ourselves "Lord, is it I?"
  8. "Why are you still nursing?" "Because we are." If somebody is being a busybody I don't feel obligated to spell out my life choices to them.
  9. I actually was pleased that the MEN were allowed to be (slightly) colorful for once. It's always brightly colored women next to men in dark suits and subdued ties. They still had the dark suits, but I loved the brightly colored ties. :)
  10. I pinkpuffyheart LOVED this talk. The whole "Why should we help poor people who are poor because of their own choices?" came up in my Sunday School class recently (I teach the 14-15 year old class, all boys). I pointed them to King Benjamin's address, and how "we're all beggars". And I loved what he said near the end: "I may not be my brother's keeper, but I AM my brother's brother."
  11. I love it that Conference was kicked off with a talk just overflowing with the teachings and examples of the Savior. Perfect. :)
  12. Is the Cub Scout manual online by any chance? My son has completely lost his, and we have just a couple more things to sign off so he can get his first award tomorrow night (bear? wolf? I can't remember). I won't be able to physically sign them off, but I'd like to be able to honestly say we did them.
  13. So that's where my husband's missing socks went.
  14. How so? How is providing someone with the information so they can make informed consent censoring?
  15. How is a trigger warning censoring? I see it more as giving a heads up, so that persons who do not wish to be exposed to whatever it is have the opportunity to remove/excuse themselves, similar to the warnings that sometimes appear before television shows warning of violent content.
  16. "Courting", as defined by some uber-fundamentalist Christian sects, is where the young man approaches the young woman's father for permission to see her and communicate with her more regularly (beyond just casual contact like at church functions). If the father approves of the young man and his family, the gives his permission. Their interactions are monitored (parents are expected to be given access to all text messages, listen in on phone calls, etc.) and dates are chaperoned. "Casual dating" isn't done among these groups.
  17. I have a handful of atheist friends on facebook, as well as on a homeschooling message board, and all of them have denounced what he said. Much like how Christians don't want to all be lumped together with the likes of Fred Phelps (the Westboro Baptist Church guy), they don't want to be lumped in with Dawkins and the many outrageous things he's said.
  18. I heard a similar complaint from an Eastern Orthodox convert. He was overjoyed when he got to the Temple. *That* is where we have our litergy. :)
  19. Ya, it would certainly have to be understood upfront that the calling would require the ability to keep things confidential, and pass things up the line if they got beyond the scope of the calling. I remember during my time as a YW's leader there were plenty of times when the yw confided very personal things, usually just the usual teenage struggles, but sometimes things where I'd have to say "You know, this is probably something you should be taking to the Bishop."
  20. Faith crisis councilor. (yes, totally made up, but SO needed!) It would be great if there were a person specifically dedicated to offering help and support to those struggling. Someone who's "been there", and can offer more than the usual pat answers of "just pray" or "study your scriptures". I know Bishops can sort of offer this kind of assistance, but in areas where they're swamped, it'd be great to be able to delegate. It wouldn't require Priesthood authority (you wouldn't be sitting in any sort of Judgement position over the person, just offering support), so it could be done by anyone.
  21. Could you try a compromise, and homeschool at least until Christmas break, then re-evaluate? She may be confusing excitement about having what seems to be a really nice teacher with revelation. If you and your wife pray, and still feel that homeschooling is what you are being lead to do, then present your daughter with the offer of a "trial run". That way everybody has a chance to see what homeschooling is actually like, what the actual pros and cons of it will be for your family, and if it turns out to be a bust you can put her back in public school.
  22. What's "faithless and ungrateful" about going to the Lord and saying "I'm not sure about [something taught in General Conference/Sacrament Meeting/Sunday School], please help me understand." ??
  23. I don't doubt things will be set right, it's just that I sometimes think the things I have doubts about, that scripture reading and conference talk studying hasn't help me receive a testimony, where church history is either silent or confusing, is perhaps something that the Lord will be "setting right" in the future. (I think of people in my family who once struggled with the priesthood ban before it was abolished. They never gained testimonies of it, and it was a relief when they no longer had to). (And please don't assume I'm taking about Ordain Women here. There are still several things about the gospel and the church that are works in progress for me, as far as a testimony goes. I'm choosing to follow Elder Holland's excellent advice to hang on to what I *do* know)