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No I don't know him Polar





Well, it's not too late.  When was a kid, my pals and I didn't have many options to get in touch with our inner geeks.  We could watch reruns of Mr. Wizard on TV, or browse the latest copy of Edmund Scientific catalogs, or go to a local scientific supply store and gawk at the Erlenmeyer flasks and Van de Graaf generators.


But the best way was to read a series of children's books based on a character named Danny Dunn.  Danny and his mother lived with a Professor Bullfinch who was always tinkering with scientific things: time travel, anti-gravity contraptions, smallifying machines, universal glue, and (my favorite) a computer that would do Danny's homework for him. 


It was a wonderful series.  Mr. Dunn is a worthy addition to your little pantheon of alphabetical characters.  He's even greater than Sir Wilfrid.

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