Should L.D.S. support rebuilding of Jerusalem Third Temple?


Do you support the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Third Temple?  

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  1. 1. Do you support the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Third Temple by Jews... and for Jews?

    • Yes..... every word in Ezekiel chapters 40 - 48 must come to pass.
    • No..... this could cause a war in the Middle East.... and each human life is a temple potentially for the Holy Spirit.
    • Yes
    • No
    • I am not certain.... but I am going to research this question further.

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34 minutes ago, e v e said:

i havea a site with a researcher,  where posted are his incredible translations of prophets and scripture.. don’t know if i’m allowed to post that here or if only on my profile. He reads and translates rg veda, hieroglyphs, and hebrew and has done so much work for the 144k, and posted there our page on pittman and his nde.

Hi e v e, this isn't the right place to post such links.  This forum is dedicated to learning about and discussing LDS topics.

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Just now, NeuroTypical said:

Hi e v e, this isn't the right place to post such links.  This forum is dedicated to learning about and discussing LDS topics.

I took it off..I realized it was not a good idea. I'm new and didn't really know what to do and I'm reading again the rules. Thank you for the reminder. That verifies for me what to do. Right after I posted I got the feeling, or realization, that it wasn't a good idea and took it off.

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2 minutes ago, NeuroTypical said:

Hi e v e, this isn't the right place to post such links.  This forum is dedicated to learning about and discussing LDS topics.

And I still need to learn what the different sections of the forum are about. I am guessing that some forums, though the topic interests me very much are just for lds?

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1 hour ago, e v e said:

And I still need to learn what the different sections of the forum are about. I am guessing that some forums, though the topic interests me very much are just for lds?

Ask and you will receive help :)

The "Jewish beliefs" section (this one) is for Jewish beliefs.  Out of respect for Jews, we like to keep it focused on that.

The "Christian beliefs" section is for generic Christian beliefs.  Ditto for keeping it focused on generic Christian beliefs. 

The "LDS Gospel discussion" section is for LDS Christian beliefs.  There's several other sections for that too.  

"General discussions" for whatever.  Like the "What's the last movie you saw?" thread.  

Things which go no where: bickering or bashing anyone stuff, especially anti-Christian and anti-LDS Christian.  We try really hard to keep things positive here. 

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Guest LiterateParakeet
5 minutes ago, e v e said:

But I dont fit in with anyone here I guess....

I don't know why you would say that, except there has been some misunderstanding. You've participated on several threads already. I hope that has been enjoyable. Please feel free stay and chat. 

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  • 1 month later...
On 2/8/2020 at 4:13 PM, LiterateParakeet said:

I don't know why you would say that, except there has been some misunderstanding. You've participated on several threads already. I hope that has been enjoyable. Please feel free stay and chat. 

I recently got booted off ChristianForums
and I am not sorry because I know that lately my use of time is more focused and

more so guided by the Holy Spirit.  The discussions here on this forum are the most open

that I have ever gotten into with the possible exception of one forum that is technically secular.  

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Partly because this is the third page of this discussion I feel that I should post something here that actually could work...... and could transform the economy of the USA and the world under these strange present circumstances.

.... " 



The world needs the White Horse President now....... Imagine a semi-reality science fiction film series set in 2012.... where the election turns out differently?????
I want to see artistic President Mitt Romney switch over to assisting President Trump......... instead of sniping at him.... because.......
CIA economist Mr. Jim Rickards predicted back in 2014 that we are already in the economic part of WWIII. The timing for this virus is suspicious indeed.................... I think China wants a Democrat President..........
IT IS TIME FOR JUBILEE....... because the national debt of the USA is significantly a joke played on three hundred and thirty million people who barely know their right hand from their left when it comes to even basic economics!


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An artistic President Mitt Romney and first lady Mrs. Anne Romney...... in a well financed semi- reality science fiction film series can...... theoretically...... PAY OFF the national debt of the USA!
In my opinion it is time for Mr. Mitt Romney to come alongside President Trump.... and fulfill a prophecy that is clearly needed in this time of crisis!



Opinion: Will Mitt Romney fulfill a Mormon ‘prophecy’ and save the Constitution?




The lies taught by Richard Dawkins Ph. D. that Atheistic Evolutionary Theory is sensible...... is known to be false by anybody with a little bit of an understanding of the implications of String Theory, The Anthropic Principle, The Cyclic Model of the Universe - Multiverse, The Law of Probability, The Law of Complexity Consciousness....... the implications are that HUMAN LIFE HAS ESSENTIALLY INFINITE VALUE TO our Creator who took infinite time in the past to create this earth and all of us.
I go into the basics on this on CarbonBias.blogspot .ca



Theoretically Utah could begin to teach a Theistic Version of Evolutionary Theory that has YHWH evolving and learning over infinite time in the past..... and Adam and Eve being created roughly six millennia ago in linear time..... . but we are almost certainly in a Multiverse and Ezekiel 37 is not limited to being a one time event.


President Abraham Lincoln saved American taxpayers FOUR BILLION dollars in interest payments...... and an Artistic White Horse President could theoretically initiate JUBILEE!!!!!


"In 1972, the United States Treasury Department was asked to compute the amount of interest that would have been paid if that 400 million dollars would have been borrowed at interest instead of being issued by Abraham Lincoln. They did some computations, and a few weeks later, the United States Treasury Department said the United States Government saved 4 billion dollars in interest because Lincoln had created his own money. So you can about imagine how much the Government has paid and how much we owe solely on the basis of interest." (Melvin Sickler, Lincoln, Kennedy)


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( sordrescue   .com)


My suggestion would be for the artistic President Mitt Romney and / or his wife to become huge fans of Mr. Mark Taylor....... .what Mr. Taylor has written...... truly is fascinating stuff with serious artistic value.



Theoretically..... a Utah State dollar could be used to initiate a Basic Minimum Income to all three hundred and thirty million Americans.............. All Americans are stars in a reality film that is being produced by YHWH............ that is my conclusion after studying near death experience accounts for thirty years.

In my opinion the number one act of the artistic White Horse President should be the financing for TWO Jerusalem Third Temples. The Ezekiel one can be several miles outside of Jerusalem and would NOT create the level of hostility that would be generated by a Temple Mount in the area of the Gihon Spring?

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The gifted Pastor Rick Joyner in his March 22, 2020 sermon stated that he had prayed about being used as a distribution centre and being given billions so that he could pass it on and even pay off the national debts of some small nations.  

Messiah Yeshua - Jesus replied to him that he was thinking too small.... and should think in terms of JUBILEE and the paying off of the national debt of the USA.

Something that is rare in 2020.. .is for credit to be given across denominational lines.  Rick Joyner back in 2012 actually referred to the White Horse Prophecy and openly supported a certain Latter day Saint for the office of President.  I saw this on youtube several years ago.  The sermon by him in which he mentions Jubilee and they paying off of the national debt of the USA is entitled:

"Resting in this Storm"

My belief is that an artistic White Horse President..... that it seems can only in the year 2020 be seriously played by one man.......

as he gives credit across denomination lines will set in motion a series of events where Latter day Saints will get much more credit than in the past 

... but as always... this will cause jealousy...... so this is not without risks.......... but it seems to me that billions of lives are at stake

and action will need to be taken to set in motion a prediction by an Israeli Rabbi:

"Major Mystic Rabbi: Coronavirus Will End In Passover; Cure Will Come From Israel"


“China will suffer the worst of the diseases,” Rabbi Ben Artzi said in a video. “More than 100,000 people will die. This will be a prelude to even greater troubles, endless misfortunes, for China. Even though many financial experts are predicting that China will rule the world economically, China will go bankrupt. China is only rising up in order to fall down. This will be to show people that the real source of blessings in the world is Israel.” (Breaking Israel News article)


"My understanding is that the very human Cyrus Messiah (anointed king) will assist the Jewish people to fulfill every word from Ezekiel chapter forty to Ezekiel forty eight. The fulfillment of Ezekiel forty seven and Zechariah fourteen will alter the spiritual and even the ecological environment of the Middle East in a way that will soon spread to the whole world. Since Isaiah forty five verses four and five show that this human anointed king will not even know the G-d of Abraham.... this proves that Isaiah forty five is not simply talking about Messiah Yeshua - Jesus who knew the G-d of Abraham in ways that even King Solomon didn't. "Then he said unto them, O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken" (Luke 24:25)" (my own comment on that article by Breaking Israel News)


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On 9/7/2018 at 11:43 PM, Just_A_Guy said:

My understanding is that the mainline LDS position is that the LDS Church will be the ones spearheading the reconstruction of the temple foreseen by Ezekiel.  But seeing as how the Church appears to have no immediate plans to bring that to pass, I say the Jews are welcome to try it if they can.  If it brings about political instability leading to the end times — so much the better, as far as I’m concerned (I’m feeling a bit misanthropic at the moment, so apologies if I sound a bit flippant).

Back in 2018 I could not understand how this could happen as you explained ......... but I feel now in March of 2020 that you are correct......... and yes...... there is a way for Latter day Saints to be given the leadership on all of this much as the tribe of Judah was chosen to lead in most battles recorded in the Jewish Bible.

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My apologies if my last several posts were a little too specific......

I believe that billions of lives are at stake and the future is affected by our decisions......

Back in 1990 after my dad passed on... .by Yom Kippur of that year I put in a bid on the "debt - guilt of Azazel' as implied in Leviticus 16:10 and some unusual things happened to me.  I was told back in 2015 that I had some sort of "Mantle of Cyrus."  I have almost no specific idea on what Messiah Yeshua - Jesus is going to do next..... and I had no idea that He was going to allow this virus to so slow down the world economy in 2020.... so.... whatever spiritual gifts I have I cannot be termed a "prophet" but I do feel guided.

I have valid reason to believe that my proposed investment / offer / wager / bet / offer to pay off the debt / guilt of Azazel was accepted.......

and... it hit me a few weeks ago that a valid question would be..... what is the higher number ..... seven hundred and ten trillion dollars in the worldwide Derivatives markets...... or... the debt / guilt of Azazel as implied in Leviticus 16:10:

I sent off the following message on April 14, 2010...... it I am sure it is significant that there are ten days.... symbolic of ten years.... .between Rosh ha Shanah and Yom Kippur.......



Shalom Rabbi .........:

I've been participating on The Sanhedrin message board and I was urged to contact you

directly. So far as I know I am probably the first minor Canadian politician who has

advocated that my nation assist The Temple Mount Faithful Community, People For A

Bill to Build The Bet HaMikdash and The Sanhedriin in your efforts to control the

Temple Mount and rebuild your Jerusalem Third Temple.

It is my firm belief that semi-reality and reality film series could play an important role

in working out the fulfillment of every word spoken in the law and in the prophets. My

dad, Robert Stewart Tate, passed away on January 1, 1990. His death came at the

same time that I was being confronted with the implications of the near death

experience accounts. I went through a theological crisis that I believe has relevance for

your SanHedrin.

"but the goat on which the lot fell for Aza'zel shall be presented alive before the LORD

to make atonement over it, that it may be sent away into the wilderness

to Aza'zel." (Leviticus 16:10)

I had no problem with the positive near death experiences but those negative ones

put me into a philosophical crisis unlike I had ever experienced before. I saw this

verse in Leviticus as a possible loophole and I asked that the guilt of Azazel would

be put on my head. I prayed and asked The G-d of Abraham if he had any use for

a volunteer "goat for Azazel?" If so, then I wanted to submit my application for the


Several unusual things did occur since that time that I feel indicates that my offer

may well have been accepted. I would like to elaborate further on how I feel

a volunteer goat for Azazel could perhaps be of use in the working out of latter

day events in such a way that the death toll is kept to an absolute minimum.

Although I am not certain exactly what a volunteer goat for Azazel should do I

have seen a videotape in my head of myself signing currency units while my hand

is bleeding. The blood that drips onto a particular part of those currency units,

along with many examples of my signature serves to authenticate the

validity of these specific currency units for a future in which they could turn

out to be quite useful. I hereby offer to The Sanhedrin 22 billion Dennis Tate

shekels or dollars, similar to or the Ithaca Hour.

Bill and Melinda Gates are planning on spending 24 billion US dollars in an effort

to make this world a better place. I wish to compete with them. This 22 billion

in a sense can be used as props in many reality films that tend to promote

peace in the Middle East and the reestablishment of the law of Moshe even in

foreign lands.

It is my belief that the films that you are guided to produce and direct will greatly

increase in value over the coming decades and centuries.

Shalom and greetings from Nova Scotia.

Dennis Tate

Basically......  I do a huge amount of volunteerism and I think that I can assist Latter day Saint prophets with some rather big problems because I began to study Modern World Problems back in 1972 or 1973 when I was twelve or thirteen.  I've actually used the phrase...."Unified Field Theory of Modern World Problems"... because that seems to be what is going on in my head.......  for a decade or so at least.....


Basically...  I have theories in my head on how something of a treaty can be made between Latter day Saints and the nation of Israel.... or the Jerusalem Sanhedrin....... and all Latter day Saints... and all Israelis and all Americans and all the world would benefit because what I have in mind is win - win - win - win - win ...... not win vs lose... as most plans tend to be.....

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Here is a message from near death experiencer Rabbi Alon Anava that can be used by Latter day Saints to convince all Americans.... and all residents of a certain USA State.... and the State of Israel... ....and eventually everybody on earth to look at human life as having essentially infinite value to or Creator.

Why else would G-d send SEVENTEEN ANGELS to record every moment of each and every human life.... if our lives did not have something like INFINITE  value to our Creator?????

That number is given in the first three minutes of this lecture by near death experiencer Rabbi Alon Anava:






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In that video that I just posted above there is information at the two minute mark... and at the forty minute mark that I believe Latter day Saints can make use of.

.... On a totally different note I have somebody who I feel could become the producer and / or director or at least play a role in that proposed semi-reality science fiction film series set in a theoretical alternative universe / example of applied Multiverse Theory where the 2012 election goes very differently.......



"The Lord is now preparing courageous leaders who
will be willing to fight a spiritual civil war in order to set men free.
The main issue, as in the American Civil War, will be slavery versus
freedom. The secondary issue, which will be the primary issue for some,
will be money

Just as the American Civil War at time looked like it would destroy the entire
nation, that which is coming upon the church will sometimes appear as if it will
bring the end of the church. However, just as the United States not only
survived but went on to become the most powerful nation on earth, the same
is going to happen to the church. The church will not be destroyed, but the institutions
and doctrines that have kept men in spiritual slavery will be" (Rick Joyner, The Vision, page 39)


Back before the 2012 election Pastor Rick Joyner was one of the major Evangelical Christian leaders to stand up for the White Horse President prediction and take it very, very, very seriously:


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Now you need to hear what Messiah Yeshua - Jesus replied to Pastor Rick Joyner after he prayed to be given BILLIONS to even perhaps pay off the national debt of a third world nation where Christians are being honoured...... as a testimony of how Messiah Yeshua - Jesus paid off all our debts... 

Messiah Yeshua - Jesus replies to him and asks him why his faith is so small...... and why he does not ask to pay off the national debt of the USA?????????????

That is after the 1:34:00 mark in his sermon from March 22, 2020.

Resting in this Storm
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In my opinion it is greatly to your credit that you Latter day Saints are asking questions and doing research into ancient Jewish books that very few supposedly Orthodox Christian scholars are asking in exactly the same way.

Temple Vision as a Catalyst to Theological Convergence: Ecumenical Renewal in a Post-Ecumenical Era

Michelle G. Wiener
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Beginning back in 1990 when I found out that my belief in the Soul Sleep doctrine was wrong I also began to question my understanding of pretty much every prophecy.  I wondered if a volunteer actor..... playing the role of the supposed "bad guy" could set in motion a series of events that would lead to the fulfillment of the promise in Acts chapter one that Messiah Yeshua - Jesus will eventually return in a similar manner to how he went up into heaven.  I was asking that question because it seems that returning to throw the "beast and false prophet" in the lake of fire..... is the event predicted by the Apostle John that leads to Messiah Yeshua -Jesus fulfilling Zechariah chapter fourteen.

Act 1:9

And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight.
And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel;
Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.
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Near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai was shown a large area in heaven in front of the Throne of the Ancient of Days and the Throne of Messiah Yeshua - Jesus that he said was like a smooth (I think bluish) saphire area with flames of white fire coming up through the saphire.  He said that this area was very hot but..... he said that the experience there was wonderful.  

Pastor Rick Joyner in his book "The Final Quest" writes about an area he describes as "The Judgment Seat of Christ" that was not an easy place for him to be but what he was shown there was extremely helpful for him spiritually.

So.. here we are in the year 2020 and it is obvious that these infinitely precious eight billion souls could be so benefited if Messiah Yeshua - Jesus could be told by the Ancient of Days the Father to come here earlier than many sincere Christian theologians are expecting to happen???

So on one level I am thinking of a treaty of sorts between Latter day Saints and the Jewish Sanhedrin and / or the Knessett where you Latter day Saints shoot films designed to finance the building of a Jerusalem Third Temple near the Gihon Spring so that the temple ends up costing the Jewish people nothing..... which means that the money that they have already saved toward the building of their temple they would then be free to use on some other worthy project.

Your tackling the financing for the beginning of an Ezekiel chapter forty to forty eight temple complex would not be necessary to get this going but..... you could discuss that option as well.  So...  I am thinking in terms of a seven year contract between Latter day Saints and the Jewish people that results in the Jewish people having at least one of their predicted temples........ and perhaps at least the beginning of the Ezekiel temple as well.  Let's imagine that this contract is for seven years...... and of course Orthodox Christians all over the world are having a total fit over all of this??????

Now let's look at another verse that I may have totally misunderstood when I was younger.  Notice the phrase "nor the desire of women" in Daniel 11 verse thirty seven.  The Prophet Daniel had likely been made into a eunuch by the Babylonians which may be one reason why we do not read about Mrs. Daniel.  As Daniel would view events more than two thousand and five hundred years in the future....... if he was shown a political leader NOT having a large harem...... he might be shocked??????

The word "women" is plural.... and could perhaps mean that the person he views as the latter day type of Antiochus..... might only have one wife.... rather than many wives as was the custom during the time that he lived.  Whether or not this speculation is accurate or not for the final grand finale may not be as relevant as whether or not it could be useful in a seven year long series of films that are used to finance getting Jews at least one if not two temple and...... the scenes shot in at least one of the temples could set the stage for the fulfillment of the promise in Acts chapter one so the goat here is win - win - win -win for both Jews as well as Latter day Saints.

Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

The phrase "magnify himself above all" to my understanding could mean that we humans have been given a gift with this human life that is far, far, far, far beyond what we can imagine.  There is a spark from one of the Elohim within us apparently from the time of our conception ........ and these human lives are something of a vacation at the beach when compared with an experience where somebody begins to more fully empathize with our Creator who:

In all their affliction he was afflicted, and the angel of his presence saved them: in his love and in his pity he redeemed them; and he bare them, and carried them all the days of old.


In his book The Final Quest Pastor Rick Joyner is given a tear from Messiah Yeshua - Jesus to drink.... and he tries his best to drink all of it from the cup it is in ......  but he says that the emotions that he felt at that time for the lost and unsaved caused him to fall to the floor of heaven crying and sobbing uncontrollably.  

This human life allows us to learn amazing things but.... our emotions are reduced and guarded from the full force of what the Ancient of Days the Father and Messiah Yeshua - Jesus are feeling on behalf of the lost so.........  I believe that we humans have been given a greater blessing to be human than we realize yet.  Near death experiencer and former Atheist Mellen Thomas Benedict writes about how important this world and human life really is to our Creator.  






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Yes....  this idea hit me partly because of Hushai the friend of King David going into the court of King Absalom and defeating the counsel of Ahithophel.

So... to be specific.... you might be able to convince Rick Joyner and Dr. Kevin Zadai for example to play the role of the two witnesses in your films ... .and I could volunteer my audition as a "Cyrus" type of person... who really annoys most Christians... . so that many Christians think of me as a "beast" from their point of view..... and if a dialogue between me or somebody like me with Rabbi Alon Anava took place as I or somebody like me was mentored to become more and more and more Jewish in behaviour..... then a three and a half year time period of filming in the area of Jerusalem could produce a win - win - win - win situation for the whole world because it seems to me that Zechariah fourteen cannot take place until after at least one Jerusalem Temple is constructed and in use.  

In the seven years treaty / film production agreement....  the Jews would get to do their sacrifices for the first three and a half years and then agree to stop the sacrifices ... for the next three and a half years.. in order to fulfill certain specific predictions regarding the events in the area of Jerusalem that precede the return of Messiah Yeshua - Jesus as he went up in Acts chapter one.

My understanding is that because I am writing this on a public discussion forum..... legally... anybody anywhere can run with this and turn this into a film series and  you do not need any assistance from me at all.... .because what I have in mind is not actually all that complicated.  

I have raised him up in righteousness, and I will direct all his ways: he shall build my city, and he shall let go my captives, not for price nor reward, saith the LORD of hosts.
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The Jewish people have been expecting a Messiah who will have the goal in mind of something like Eventual Universal Salvation.... or awfully close to it.


The Personality of Mashiach

By J. Immanuel Schochet


As a faithful shepherd he already cares so much about his people that he volunteered to suffer all kinds of agonies to assure that not a single Jew of all times will be lost.20


After I read evidence for the existence of higher invisible dimensions that are hellish.... or like "purgatory" or like a prison camp I went through a time of being disappointed with Messiah Yeshua - Jesus for settling for what looked like a rather flawed long term plan?????

Could the Christian gospel be much worse news?

Back around 1990 I went through a pretty serious theological crisis when I found out that the Soul Sleep theory was in error. I had believed in it pretty firmly since the early '70's. It sure sounded a whole lot more humane than the gospel as presented by Dr. Billy Graham..... that had inspired me to become an Atheist from around 1967 - 1973 until I began to listen to Evangelist Garner Ted Armstrong.

Without Soul Sleep until the resurrection......
the plan of G-d as explained by Rabbi Yeshua - Jesus sounded pretty awful.

Matthew 22:14

"For many are called, but few are chosen."

Matthew 7:13

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it."

Matthew 5:28

"But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast itfrom thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell."

So the possible reality of this hell.... that is so scary that it would be a good idea to take an axe to our right hand....
made the Gospel / Good News..... look a whole lot less good.

Near death experiencer Bob Jones was shown that only about two percent of people in North America can go quickly into the paradise / heaven environment after death.


Obviously Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians are some of the most hated and persecuted people on earth in 2020 and I submit that one of the reasons for this is that the understanding of the Good News that they have at this time.......... makes them look somewhat like collaborators in what can appear like a Holocaust on up to perhaps ninety some percent of humanity????????  One of the goals of these proposed Latter day Saint and Jewish film projects would be to educate the whole world that there is more to the story and perhaps near death experience accounts are a major part of this promise. ..... so  decreasing hostility against sincere people who have a flawed understanding of the larger picture would actually be one of the goals for these proposed LDS and Jewish films and other types of cooperation.

These things have I spoken unto you in proverbs: but the time cometh, when I shall no more speak unto you in proverbs, but I shall shew you plainly of the Father.


What exactly might it have been that Paul considered "not lawful for a man to utter" about his or a friend of his out of the body experience or near death experience????


I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.
And I knew such a man, (whether in the body, or out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;)
How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.
My guess would be that perhaps Ezekiel chapter thirty seven is not limited to being a one time event but instead the Ancient of Days the Father and the Holy Spirit - the Ruach ha Kodesh and Messiah Yeshua - Jesus may be planning on many, many, many time lines in which more and more and more of the Holy Spirit is poured out and more and more and more humans are led up out of hellish afterlife environments...... . into paradise at one level or another?????
Theoretically God could recreate 1891 or 1939 and spin off a new time line in which there is nothing hardly at all like The Holocaust of the Nazi era in what we know of as our history.  But it could be a full fledged instant in 1891 or 1939 that is recreated..... but with more of the Holy Spirit poured out.....  from that moment everything could be different and so much more positive.  
I have gotten the impression that you Latter day Saints could look at a statement such as this along with some of your Jewish scholar friends and you could have a vastly more constructive discussion than most "Orthodox Christians" could manage to do with Jewish scholar who may be inclined in this direction anyway????
Christian Andreason, near-death   .com :


. Who goes to heaven?

In the end ... believe it or not (sigh of relief), everyone gets to come home! Heaven is a place of ultimate LOVE. When we have learned how to become individuals that base our entire existence and consciousness around manifesting LOVE, we then become capable of entering the domain of the higher Realms of Heaven. If we do not practice Love, we can only go so far and we will be made to incarnate somewhere out there in God's super Universe again and again (unlimited times) until we learn.






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I really do appreciate your leaving all of this up and praying about this.  This morning I noticed a post by an online friend who I've already asked if I can share his messages and he agreed:



"Is it possible that all the nonsense going on is Q correct?
The entire global system is coming apart at the seams.....or is the world economy being stitched up by a man made machine......designed to create profit.
Perhaps Q is wrong, does anybody but an American see Trump as some sort of capitalistic biblical economic modern day savior of society...
Or is this all simply a plan to formalize a system of central banking on a true global scale. Where governments are circumvented and financially enslaved to an international central currency world wide, a digital virtual dollar.....faceless money.....
Modern society, as we know, it requires a financial system to is the one thing that transcends politics, and religion. It is the one single method of complete dominance.....the color of money." (J. F.)


My belief as an Evolutionary Theist who believes that YHWH evolved over infinite time in the past..... and that Adam and Eve were created somewhere around six millennia ago in linear time.... (one catch to that is that time is not limited to being a straight line but can branch like a menorah or the roots or limbs of a tree)........ And I believe that President Trump is a genuine fulfillment of Isaiah chapter forty five.......... but I believe that he is not alone...... I am sure that YHWH has raised up at minimum seven or eight other individuals at this time and given them also some sort of "Mantle of Cyrus"...........
A gifted online friend of mine told me back around 2012 that Mr. Mitt Romney had some sort of "Mantle of Darius" so I'm guessing that YHWH wants Mr. Romney to cooperate with President Trump as opposed to sniping at him...... I have attempted to elaborate on how beneficial that can be over here:
My theory is that the national debts of the USA, Canada, Israel and Australia is somewhat of a joke played on 330 plus 37.6 plus 8 plus 25 million people who barely know their right hands from their left when it comes to economics.... (four hundred point six million people in those four nations)......
Near death experiencer Dr. Kevin Zadai has explained how in heaven..... human life is considered to have essentially INFINITE VALUE! Infinite value is an idea that cannot be explained to anybody who believes in Atheistic Evolutionary Theory so...... the students of Thomas Malthus two centuries later made certain that Atheistic Evolutionary Theory was basically enforced on the educational systems of all nations even though nobody who understands the basic idea of String Theory, The Anthropic Principle, the Cyclic Model of the universe - Multiverse, The Law of Probability, The Law of Complexity Consciousness and many other relevant Laws of science could possibly limit evolution to the low energetic four dimensional space time continuum and less than thirteen point seven billion years or so!
One possible variation of setting in motion a plan to pay off the national debts of the USA, Canada, Israel and Australia would be some sort of treaty between an artistic version of the proposed "Republic of Western Canada" with the State of Utah, and with the State of Israel (or at least with the Jerusalem Sanhedrin), as well as with Australia?
Our ideas on economics strangely parallel our ideas on philosophy or spirituality so my being a Universalist inclines me toward the idea that the world economy can be reset in a manner that is win - win - win - win - win for at minimum the four hundred million residents of the USA, Canada, Israel and Australia. (Other nations can be brought in later..... perhaps sooner rather than later).
"Should L.D.S. support rebuilding of Jerusalem Third Temple?"
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On 9/29/2018 at 3:14 PM, Guest said:


I'm having trouble figuring out where you're going with all this because you keep going back and forth between political motivations and religious ones. And the two don't mix here -- not for Latter-day Saints.

The building of the temple in Jerusalem will not be done by Jewish effort, but by Latter-day Saint effort.  Any other "temple" is not a valid fulfillment of the prophecy in our eyes.  It's just another building that someone has built for their own purposes.  So, take that aspect OUT of the equation for whatever you're trying to get at.  Then we might begin to understand what you're saying.

On the socio-political side of things Mormons and Jews have always had a great relationship ever since the first Jewish refugees came to Utah and found that they were welcome to our communities.  They are our long-lost cousins.  Our histories and cultures are so very similar that it was only natural that we become friends.  From our side, we consider them kin, by blood.  So, if they have a great goal that has a righteous motivation, then sure, we'd want to lend our encouragement to do whatever they seek to do.  But I don't see the point of sending money to a cause like the Ephraim Peace Plan when I don't even get the motivation for it.

I wrote something several years ago that may help you to put all of this together?

It is my belief that this principle of an extreme situation allowing for a very different interpretation of how to observe the Sabbath applies to how we look at all ten commandments....... to at least some degree?

It is April 4, 2020 and it looks to me that if the existing political situation is left entirely in the hands of non-believers......... then millions if not billions of lives are in at least some danger........ (The world "danger" can be taken in quite a few different ways).



"Sabbath observance under extreme situations?"

Rabbi Yeshua - Jesus was himself a pacifist......... but it seems that he was attempting to make it clear to the religious authorities of his time period that they could not condemn or look down on somebody who felt called into a career in the military or police.

IF........ the Machabees were correct in their judgment that it was necessary under their extreme conditions to fight back when attacked on the Sabbath then.......... this would make it clear that for the Scribes and Pharisees to condemn him for healing on the Sabbath was twisted reasoning.

The part of his question about "saving life on the Sabbath" is relevant to nurses and doctors.

Religious people should have a sense of hierarchy of law........ and put human life above the Sabbath.

But...... sometimes a police officer must take a life.... .even on the day that they regard as the Sabbath....... in order to protect many innocent people.

IF.... the Jewish rebels at Masada had had a few Machabees among them...... who felt it was OK to shoot a few arrows..... even on the Sabbath..... they might have been able to stop the Romans from building a bridge to their stronghold!

Religion....... if taken to an extreme...... tends to KILL WISDOM!

An apology to all members of the military and police!
I just want to say that I am truly sorry for all those years that I was close to believing in near total pacifism! Rabbi Jesus/Yehoshua once asked a question of the Scribes and Pharisees that should have made it obvious to me that an extreme situation can call for drastic action by a Christian or Jew who feels called into a life in the military or police!

Mark 3:4 "And he saith unto them, Is it lawful to do good on the sabbath days, or to do evil? to save life, or to kill? But they held their peace."I am almost certain that Rabbi Jesus/Yehoshua was referring to the situation faced by the Machabees when Greco - Syrian armies were attacking Jewish communities on the Sabbath.

One community had refused to fight back....but the my opinion correctly judged that this is a violation of an admonition by King Solomon:

Ecclesiastes 7:16 "Be not righteous over much; neither make thyself over wise: why shouldest thou destroy thyself?"

Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible, First Book Of Machabees Chapter 2

"So they gave them battle on the sabbath: and they were slain with their wives, and their children, and their cattle, to the number of a thousand persons. [39] And Mathathias and his friends heard of it, and they mourned for them exceedingly. [40] And every man said to his neighbour: If we shall all do as our brethren have done, and not fight against the heathens for our lives, and our justifications: they will now quickly root us out of the earth.

[41] And they determined in that day, saying: Whosoever shall come up against us to fight on the sabbath day, we will fight against him: and we will not all die, as our brethren that were slain in the secret places."



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Rabbi Shaul Marshall Praver gave a message on this COVID 19 emergency that I am sure will resonate with many Latter day Saints.




 hosted a watch party.
The most important act of conservation has been demonstrated world wide — the Shabbat for the earth, sea and sky. Will we learn and retain this important lesson and implement it post Corona.


Here is a copy of the interesting message from 2012 about Mr. Romney having some sort of "Mantle of Darius" whatever that means.
Edie Reno:
"Back in August I heard in the Spirit taht Romney wasDarius. I reseached Darius a Persian king who worsipped smothered God yet funded the rebuilding of the temple o tHE living God of the Jews and maqde decrees in theiir favor...see Ezra
Also in Daniel, it is Darius the mede whose decree at first sent Daniel th lion's den. Yet he prayed all night thatDaniel live and not die.
When Danieal was delivered he thru the satraps, who'd tricked Darius into the decree.....ytheir children and wives into the den.
I am wkorking o. A crafted prayer from the decree Darius wrote upon Daniels deliverance..will post tomorrow." (Edie Reno, October 16, 2012)
Prophetic Company (Facebook group)
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