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The Ward Facebook page and a mass email through the ward lists on LDS.org.  We've actually been doing it this way for a long time to make sure everyone gets the memo.

If somebody wants the respond individually to something, they can reply to the post, just message, or email the person in charge.

For the rare occasion it's a sign-up sheet that needs to go around, Google Docs are great. 



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Our ward has the announcements in the Sacrament Meeting Program that is handed out as people enter the chapel and is put on the holder by the chapel doors after Sacrament starts.  We also use FB and email.

This year, we stripped the bulletin board that contains our Ward Activities (had pictures of our latest Eagle Scout Projects, pictures of Young Women Girls Camp, Genealogy things, etc. etc.) and we reduced the Ward Activities to 2/3 of the board and filled the rest with the Ward Calendar and other announcements.

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We do some announcements over the pulpit still, and we also include them in the sacrament meeting program.  In fact, most upcoming items are in the program.  I think people tend to remember the activities and announcements more if they are in the program.  Stake Business and ward business announcements still occur over the pulpit though and do not appear in the program.

My personal thoughts on facebook...

Facebook is a BAD idea for our area.  It creates the in-crowd who are all on facebook and isolates those who are not heavy into facebook or technology items.  Rather than create an unwelcoming atmosphere to those who are not on or involved with such items (which is a growing number of youth along with some very elderly, some of the young adults seem to take personal offense if one tries to get them to use facebook and as we have enough young adults who are inactive already...driving more of them away is counter intuitive to me) we let those middle class women who are on it send out their messages to the rest of their group in relief society and those men who may also be connected, but for the ward we do it as I described above.  There are too many other social media items that are being used today by various groups (middle class seems to prefer facebook, youth seem to prefer twitter or instagram and items like that, elderly prefer email...etc.) that rather than try to hit ALL those bases, we simply provide it in a way that hopefully has the most access to all of them.  Ww then let the individuals or groups of them who are in the ward broadcast the information as they wish over the various forms of their preferred social media.

The Sacrament meeting program sheet seems to work fine as long as we ensure that enough copies are printed out and that people KNOW that the announcements are in the program.  Those who minister to inactives can also bring the most recent sacrament meeting program to help those they minister to remain up to date on the occurances of the ward.

We were already using the bulletin for ward announcements for activities and such, doing it in a more focused way makes it a faster way to convey news and information on upcoming ward events.

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