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I have a question, My husband's ex requested a sealing cancelation and is due to get married on March 20. Is her cancelation granted prior to the sealing or upon the new sealing? Meaning if they dont get sealed, is she still canceled or would it revert back to her previous sealing to my husband? 

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The Church Handbook ( tells us:

A woman who has previously been sealed must receive a cancellation of that sealing from the First Presidency before she may be sealed to another man in her lifetime.

Church authorities discourage a woman from breaking her sealing to a spouse unless she is being sealed to another. But as far as I know, the two events (breaking a previous sealing to a spouse and being sealed to another spouse) are independent events. The old sealing is broken some (perhaps very short) time before the new sealing is put in place. If the woman's sealing to her ex-husband is broken and then she ends up not getting sealed to her new husband, then as far as I understand, she remains in an unsealed state. Once the sealing is broken, it no longer exists, and does not suddenly revert back to existence if the new sealing doesn't happen.

FWIW, that is my understanding of things.

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1 hour ago, Hello said:

Thank you! that was my understanding also 

It's also important to note that even without a sealing cancellation, if a person does not wish to be to another person, God's not going to force them together in the hereafter.  Every person has their agency.  (Speaking from a position of logic).  

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