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  1. Irishcolleen

    What will post-resurrection life be like?

    For me it wasn't easy at all. I am a control freak with trust issues. I get scared of failure when I am not the one making things happen. Group projects are hell for me because I don't like to depend on anyone. Learning to trust God is something I do on a daily basis. Dying to self and trusting God was/is the hardest ting I have ever done/am doing. I have trusted Him for my salvation and I am working on trusting His will for my life everyday. BTW, I do like your analogy. It does work better than the bridge, even if we differ on the details of how we get up.
  2. Irishcolleen

    What will post-resurrection life be like?

    That's where the difference is. We believe if we yell for help in the pit the Lord lifts us up, instead of throwing a rope. Another analogy I have seen is we across a great chasm. We can't build a bridge long enough to cross the chasm. So, Christ is the bridge between the side we are on and eternal life. We simply believe the the bridge will hold and cross it (faith). If I am understanding LDS doctrine as you have explained it, Christ would give you what you need to build the bridge across instead of being the bridge.
  3. Irishcolleen

    What will post-resurrection life be like?

    I believe that salvation is by faith alone, (Eph 2:8-9). The Bible says there is none righteous and that all our works are filthy rags. God's standard of righteousness is perfect holiness, in actions, thought and our hearts. The only one who has met that standard is Christ. That is why He was the only one who could be a sacrifice to pay for our sin. The only righteousness I have is what has been imputed to me through Christ (Phil 3:9, Gal. 2:16). If salvation was by works, God would owe it to me based on my performance. It would be wages, not a gift (Rom 11:6). This does not mean I thinks works are unimportant. Works are more effective at leading people to Christ that words. My faith without works will produce nothing- essentially dead, not reproducing, not growing, not working. My works are motivated out of love for God (most of the time. I am far from perfect and sometimes my works are based on selfish motives), rather than a desire to secure my position in heaven. Christians who are not maintaining works are an unhappy lot. I think they are like the type that hang out in anti-mormon web sites picking fights with the LDS. They just want to argue instead of showing their faith. They are so consumed with being right that they forget to be righteous. As to whether people are heretics who think works are needed for salvation- well, I'll leave that one up to God. He is the only one who knows the heart. I have heard Mormons that clearly have a testimony of faith in Christ and I have seen confused Baptists trying to earn their standing before God and vice/versa. All I can say is that Christ completely changed my life, my heart, my soul. I know how He has saved me and I will be eternally grateful for how He has worked in my life.
  4. Irishcolleen


    One good thing about the LDS religion is that they emphasize modesty without pushing to the extreme of frumpiness. Most LDS women dress in a very classy manner from what I have seen. When a Baptist preacher teaches on modesty it seems guaranteed that many of the ladies will take to wearing denim jumpers and turtlenecks. Ugh!!! My girls frequent LDS owned clothing stores online because they are modest and pretty.
  5. Irishcolleen

    What will post-resurrection life be like?

    I think differences in our terminology can cause confusion when we try to communicate theology. To an evangelical, salvation and eternal life go hand in hand and are referred to as the same thing. In regards to universal salvation, my thinking on this came from's Gospel Topics section on Salvation: An Evangelical does not consider this (saved from physical death) to be "salvation". Being resurrected to eternal torment in the lake of fire is not considered a "gift" to us. I'm not saying this to disparage your beliefs. I'm just trying to point out the differences in our theology so we have a better understanding of where each of us is coming from.
  6. Irishcolleen

    What will post-resurrection life be like?

    I am glad God does not reveal everything about the hereafter. I think it would be like opening a birthday present before my birthday. What I do know is that God's creation on earth is pretty amazing, even if it is marred by sin. I practically hyperventilate we we drive in the mountains, when I see waves crashing, and when I see the fall trees. Playing under a waterfall or just in a river (favorite Virginia pastimes) makes me squeal like an excited little kid. 1 Cor 2:9 says, "But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him." So, I know it's going to be amazing! I just have to wait to open it!
  7. Irishcolleen

    What will post-resurrection life be like?

    All people will be resurrected. But the saved and the righteous from the OT, and those who are saved during the tribulation will be resurrected to eternal life in the presence of God. They have their names written in the book of life. Unbelievers will be resurrected and as their names are not found in the book of life, they will be cast into the lake of fire for eternity. That is why we don't believe in universal salvation. We believe that resurrection and eternal life are different things.
  8. Irishcolleen

    Difference in doctrine

    I believe that Jesus has always been God (part of the Triune God) from the beginning. There was never a time when He wasn't God. He was pre-incarnate, incarnate and resurrected in a glorified body. Here is a useful article from an evangelical perspective:
  9. Irishcolleen

    Difference in doctrine

    "For this perishable must put on the imperishable, and this mortal must put on immortality. 54 But when this perishable will have put on the imperishable, and this mortal will have put on immortality, then will come about the saying that is written, "Death is swallowed up in victory," 1 Cor 15:53-54 Christ's physical body, which was subject to death, put on the imperishable and immortal aspects of the spiritual body. It is a spiritual, immoral body- it can't die again, it can walk through walls, it can instantly appear in one place and then another. Yet it can still eat and Christ's has the wounds from the nail prints as a reminder of the gift He gave us. I don't think this represents a change in an unchangeable God, because the OT has several accounts of the pre-incarnate Christ appearing, such as in Daniel 3:25. If it was just Spirit, and physical body was left behind, there wouldn't have been victory over death, resurrection and hope. One day we will be resurrected in a immortal, imperishable body like Christ's. I imagine I might spend the first few "days" of eternity walking through walls just for the novelty of it. :)
  10. You almost sound Evangelical! :)
  11. Glad she remained pure before marriage, but eew! The idea of giving anyone a certificate saying they looked up may privates and what they found is just too much information- and especially weird to share it with dear old dad.
  12. Irishcolleen

    Prisonchaplain's response to Halloween

    We used to give out tracts with Halloween candy. Big candy bars, because if you are going to leave a tract with Halloween candy, it had better be big. Now, where we live in VA, there are few sidewalks and even fewer streetlights. SO most people go to fall fests or trunk or treating. Our church had a great Fall-fest with bouncy houses, games, hayrides and a bonfire. It was so much fun! Even for the adults!
  13. Irishcolleen

    Really Questioning the Garment

    I'm not a Mormon, so maybe it's wrong for me to post here. But, it seems garments are hot and uncomfortable. Wouldn't a necklace you wore all the time be just as good of a reminder of covenants than undergarments? If you need to wear them to be "in good standing" does that ever make you feel resentful? I don't think I could stand it. But then, if the "girls" were smaller, I'd probably go braless.
  14. Irishcolleen

    Clearing up misconceptions: Jesus' brother

    Ok, you just blew my mind. I never knew that. Now I'm ready for Jeopardy! :)
  15. Irishcolleen

    Clearing up misconceptions: Jesus' brother

    Which, for both of us is sad. If anyone knew what God has given them they would embrace and not reject Him. Today I needed encouragement for a job interview. While I was praying for God for assurance, I got a wonderful answer to prayer. The sunlight hit the diamond in my engagement ring and it reflected a perfect heart right by me in the car. (the stone is heart shaped) I have only seen the reflection being distorted. It was like God was telling me He loved me. How can people reject Him???