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  1. Justme

    Scouting phase-out: opinions?

    My son didn't care that much about going to cub scouts up until this announcement. Now the leaders are picking out all the "cool stuff" like fishing and making tool boxes, etc. So naturally, he wants to go now. *smack my head* Is the Duty to God program the replacement or is there been another program to replace scouts in the LDS church? Or is there another program at all?
  2. Hey, Delete this if it's not allowed, but the kids wanted to make a special Mother's Day video for everyone. The end result made me happy, even though I am officially a horse and Grandma is voted a cow. I hope it makes you happy, too.
  3. I don't think I'll look for validation: But I will look for anything good back from the internet. I think the web is an incredible tool to do both good and bad. I had the misfortune of slipping into one corner of it that was incredibly horrible. And, as a minority conservative millennial, avoiding this kind of tech is super-super hard. However, "the internet" is only comprised of people (most of them masked). I refuse to believe the majority is bad-- it's more like each individual is a mixed bag that is brought to the proverbial table. Zil mentioned that birds of a feather flock together, or in other words, light will attract light as well. So this YouTube channel we are making will definitely attract trolls (that thankfully I will have the power to deal with as an administrator.) But those good people who come will be worth it to us. We may not get as big as Lindsey Sterling or Claire Ryan-- but that's okay. Just us not under a bushel is okay.
  4. Justme

    Patriarchal Blessing Convert

    Hi there! I'm a newbie here, too. I can't give you any advice on your PB, but I can tell you I got mine at age 12. I learned about them in YW, and was one of the only girls excited about it. And yes, I totally didn't understand a lot of it. But the nice thing was, I grew into a lot of it. Like the scriptures, sometimes the message changes when you change. Like "Love one another" can have a different context at different points in your life. If you do decide to get your PB, it's okay if you don't understand or gloss over it a little bit. What the Lord wants you to know will pop out and guide you when you need it. I'm so happy for you. And welcome.
  5. Thank you, everyone. I'm not sure how to respond to individual posts? So I'm just going to write this to the group. :) I feel a lot better after sleeping on it and praying about it. It's not the social media count/subscriptions/viewcount that bothered me. It was being a part of a "support community" with such open hostility to traditional moral standards. I felt like I literally stumbled into a hornet's nest, and got stung a few times for opening my mouth in support of it. There is a silver lining here though: This morning I noticed a few of the silent ones upvoting my concerns. I think they were scared off by the militant (what's the word?) opposition... but they were there and felt the same way. After last night, it wasn't worth responding to the people who were just there to pound in their points. And JumpCut is giving me a refund based on my finished worksheets. They aren't going to make me finish the last module either, in the requirement for the refund. That was a huge relief, because one of the YouTubers gave me a heads up that the language and porn video references are worse in those modules than the last ones. Right now, I'm just feeling grateful that all of you were/are here. And that it's anonymous: which makes it easier. So, Thank you.
  6. So I made a purchase to a "YouTube Academy" called JumpCut. I hoped it would teach me how to be a YouTuber, and make/advertise better videos. All I got, was some advice I could have gotten for free on regular YouTube channels, and a lot of lessons that included over-the-top vulgarity and over-all crudeness mixed in with standard YouTube advice. There was a community section, where someone posted a complaint about all the vulgarity. I agreed with it-- and totally got singled out and ostracized for being a non-cusser/family-friendly promoter. Although, I think it was the first time I have ever been called a pandering archaic minority that doesn't think outside of the proverbial box (cleaned/condensed version). Needless to say, I asked for cancellation (which I'm not sure they will agree too. ouch $$.) Now I just feel isolated, period. I want to be apart of people's lives who aren't LDS. And even LDS people are hard because they are so, f.r.e.a.k.i.n.g. BUSY. I just want to make YouTube videos with my kids, and have clean fun with the people around me. Why is that so hard??