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  1. We are too busy fighting among ourselves as Christians and the legal system is for sale. Race Horse Haynes announced that on 60 minutes years ago and it's much worse now. If you have enough money you do go to jail
  2. It has not been that long since the last fight over this. If Christianity doesn't unite we are heading for bad times and I don't doubt non Christians keep pushing everybody's buttons to keep us divided
  3. All Christianity is a bad place, the time will come when we will be in hiding
  4. I know you must have common sense and my comments do come across to extreme. I have been a financial clerk for bishops that focused on taking care of the needy and those who focused on minimizing spending on the needy. You can dissect what I say all you want. The scriptures say if you do not take care of the Needy any way you want to dissect it, that you have nothing! You can also dissect if you are luke warm he will spew you out of his mouth. I am not complaining about building size. There is a chapel in a more wealthy area that is as plush as the temple I know another building that has had a leak and wet carpet for 4 bishops and many other problems, the building reaks of mildew. My comments are not about the priesthood, rather those paid and if you were educated in Church teaching you would know buildings should be eqipped equally. You totally missed the boat on your assessment of the comments. I am sorry you are not better informed and blindly defend problems you know nothing about. I ran a multi million dollar business and policy should be followed by the paid leaders of maintenance. If you were familiar with the Handbook you would know many policies are not being followed. LoL Nonsense needs correcting. I guess you support publicly announcing help from fast funds as it does prevent the poor from asking for help. I have seen it....I have served on two stake council's and know for a fact this has nothing to do with with your John Lennon. It has everything thing to do with being Christ Like. There are different problems in different areas and I am admit I know nothing about your Utopia. The feelings of some members here, not me because I don't know, is some Church professionals must be either competing by saving money or getting bonuses for saving money by ignoring the handbook. Bishops have too much to worry about. I am sure you have never, as I have, been in a high council meeting when the professional Church leader had to be straightened out , by the Stake President, that the priesthood runs the Church and finds it frustrating that they have to go behind professionals and make them do their job. The criticizing in the earlier post was not justified for I have served in almost all callings and my mistake was addressing problems before the less informed. I simply am geared to fix problems and not comment if I don't know the situation. Most in this area would guess you were born in Utah or Idaho and believe acknowledgement of problems is apostate. I have set in meetings with members of the 12 apostles that say otherwise. Everyone I have met encourage fixing problems and everyone in a ward should not know who is receiving help. I do my part and do anything I can to help the needy, including being a member of six clubs dedicated to the same with all income going to the needy. I didn't grow up in the Church but joined 35 years ago. I was poor and learned first hand what pretending to care for widows and orphans is. The only limit for bishops is medical bills. Tithing is used to help the poor, and is not intended to turn a chapel into a castle. Money is used as The Lord sees fit... the book of Alma covers this. Talking care of the poor was added as the 4th mission of the church long ago, with out a disclaimer "only if you have enough fast offering". I am confident this comes before chandeliers in meeting houses. I was in a meeting with Elder Packard where a Bishop complained about baptism of too many poor and fast expenses. It didn't go well for him! LoL
  5. This is the next step after the 60's that was put on hold due to HIV. Stastics say it has little to do with gender attraction. Over 50% have over 100 partners in 5 years. The movement has a large segment that was unsuccessful and had the fear of rejection. There's no doubt part of the motivation is going against society. It is complex. Often one of the two dresses as the other gender, totally disputing the attraction argument. The main norm is no rules or expectations.
  6. I have heard much more that is a fad. I am not a hater but very few are limited to one partner. Over 50%have over 100 partners in 5 years so the mindset is more about open relationship. There are maps where you can have privacy for blind dates all over the U.S. roadside parks are the most common. When you study the matter same gender attraction has very little to do with the subject matter. It does happen and is real but the stats are alarming as a group. Fad may not be the best term but it is the next step from the 60's
  7. There has always been homosexuality the increase is because it is the fad way of rebellion. It has taken the place of inappropriate clothing, tattoos, long hair, earrings etc. What will come next. This community has made it plain they are trying to convert and recruit.
  8. When I wake up he says this is going to be fun playing with a pea brain
  9. A theory is an opinion often little more than a guess. I think we have no idea. We cannot say no or yes and doubt we will know in this life
  10. I too am an intelligent design person. Spontaneous Generation is the first thing learned in science. This would be the belief life can come from non life. Life comes only from life.
  11. We must truly have Chrislike love or we have as much a problem as they do. M. Russell Ballard
  12. We can find a general authority to quote to make any point, but there are no green beings living on the moon. The fact is judgemental members are the single greatest cause for why half the members do not even consider themselves members. Any advice must be Christ like and done only in love with love. Our first obligation is to truly love them. If we don't, we are the problem and must walk away. With out true love we face damnation. Even every disciplinary council are directed that the finding s should be made entirely on love for the member!!!
  13. I beg to disagree. I don't see anyone couseling the liars, those with filthy mouth s, those who make the Church look bad being rude, the crooked attorney's, the police that cover for fellow officers who are unchaste to let teenagers out of tickets, or all of us since we all sin. Only the bishop should privately meet with unchaste. This in response to anyone who thinks they have the right to chastise. If they are close friends I might feel led in love to visit with them.
  14. I attended a meeting of leadership with an apostle and he said we should treat them like others. Our challenge is we must love them first. Any decisions must be based on love.
  15. If there is anything good we seek after it. Marsall Hays Houston Temple president says there are no rules concerniy Freemasonry. I have went all the way through. I am a Knights Templar and member of the York Rite College. I am not offended with discussion.There is some false docrine concerning membership. Less informed claim Joseph Smith was not a Mason. missionaries really hurt their standing by opposing Freemasonry. Our area is ran by Freemasonry by taking care of the needy with no membership required. I feel comfortable saying the local Lodge helps the needy more than all other groups combined. As long as you don't make it your religion is an an aid in being Christ like.
  16. Did I say guns I must been confused hi see
  17. Stake President Eric Petersen said in Stake Conference,in a meeting of Stake Presidents only, they were chastised to get porn out of their lives. The devil is after leaders. If you are not being tempted does he already have you.
  18. This is a dangerous outsider. Don't let him see the guns.
  19. I just don't believe in spontaneous generation. That's the issue that matters. Most of way we think we know is a guess. Is the world flat with 4 corners. Disbelief was once blasphemy. We are just guessing in this life. Doctors in recent history thought high blood pressure was good.
  20. Bad leaders are hurdles. Jump over it
  21. Saying it doesn't make it true. Different states, different situations different outcomes. It's very true my wife worked in a hospital 32 years with many non residents 1 out of 3 Paid Do you live in the U.S. .. The plan by many, successfully, is system failures. Education is good.
  22. Helping the needy must exceed local fast offerings. I too have been a financial clerk. I have seen the good and the failures
  23. I didn't say nurses but a Bishop doctor informed me it's now nearly impossible to make a profit and be honest. Many good doctors are still honest. It is difficult, I quit a doctor because I overheard a staff being chastised for not doing a better job of finding a way to get more money. Few occupations are immune even Church employees Lol with hard nose bosses.
  24. Because insurance companies pay so little it is hard for doctors to not be fraudulent to survive.