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  1. All experts and self reliance classes said never do predatory high interest loans for any reason
  2. After 35 years of tithing I draw only SS disability that I have already paid tithe on and a trustee says he has to approve further debt. I have a lawsuit against prior employer over working with non compete at attorney advice. Employer froze $200000 retirement. And refused to obey ada. Living on food storage and relatives and the only way to pay tithing is violate bankruptcy. I have Lupus and can not do anything. New young bishop says pray and follow the spirit. Hoping to win big and owe tithing. Should you pay tithing on social security you paid in. That would be double tithing and bring blessings but if you don't have it and doctor is afraid you could die ??????
  3. I was making good money and felt after tithing I should help others. I found myself totally disabled in bankruptcy. The judge saw to it i had to borrow money from family just to survive. No gain possible. Not allowed any other credit. Do you illegally borrow money for tithing. I have food storage so nothing the bishop does helps,they can not help needy more than they collect. If you. Feel you owe little tithe no one can argue that. When the rich company has his company pay all his bill from cars to insurance, vacation and only tithe after all the bills are paid it's between you and the Father. Leaders may be prejudice but wrong,maybe he is doing it. I f every dime is spent by a judge there is nothing to pay. If you pay health insurance you pay tithing on the money. If the company gives a basket of benefits and you owe nothing ....I don't think so. I paid an honest tithing 35 year now I have nothing to pay with. What would Jesus say. I am try to physically stay alive with illness and stress from peer pressure. Things or not as confidential as Bishops visit with their wife and word gets out. I try to give time to the needy.That is all I have. Leaders feet the need to run your life, but they can take a cruise the company pays for. Wifyis I'll because she's got an illness but has to care for her elderly mother 24/7 and her doctor says she may die before her mother. Everyone is ready to judge.. I am seeing 4 specialist to stay alive. I don't look that sick¿???????????¿??????????????¿
  4. Casting lots throws it to chance, you should never do this unless the spirit tells to!!!!!!! Some things do not matter so they're are no promptings.
  5. Yes we know but still think everything is a sign.
  6. Regretfully we, instead of establishing a relationship with the Father, simply use superstition as religion. We believe there is a list that will get us to the Father. .. like as long as we have a recommend we are where we need to be. Even if we are as mean as a rattle snake
  7. People through out the Church need to be taught Revelation doesn't appear as black cat or owl
  8. The Church is full of false promptings, but they are not thought of as such. I know an extreme amount of people who will take some of the strangest things as a "sign" that they should or not do anything from buy a car to who they should marry. I know people who think nearly everything is a sign. The silliest things are thought be signs from our Heavenly Father, often they can be things that have a negative effect on other members. Extreme decisions may be made based on dropping a piece of paper or someone being distracted.
  9. These blessings should be general. They are human, seek personal revelation even if you find contradiction. I know many that human errors when things get too specific
  10. The world has entered the issues on Temple marriage. The world fills your mind with questions.Are you 100 % positive this is the only one forever. This should be the question on any marriage. Either may not want to give up style. The Molly Mormon look is a big change for some.The real issue is about jumping into dedicated adulthood. Temple marriage can be better if understood.
  11. Regretfully people don't understand what other s are going through and it becomes necessary to get released when necessary physically mentally or spiritually
  12. It's important due to our faults to learn the word no!
  13. LDS counseling can be covered by bishop if needed
  14. I don't like the practice but in the south I have heard. em ,dunk em, drop em
  15. How many Mormons does it take to change a light bulb.,...... It's a secret
  16. There is a real prophet who receives real revelation. Heavenly Father does offer hope. This life is a short test, it is only a test. In the scope of things we can fan happiness if we look for it. Do for others and you will find happiness. 7
  17. I don't know but I have been told this 3 times with bishopric calling . My daughter learned my wife was divorcing me through the bishops daughter 2 days after I told the bishop. The bishops daughter said they discussed It in family home evening.
  18. When did the practice of leaders sharing private things with their wives, This cuts down on leaders being asked for advice
  19. You should draw the line at dishonesty. I would not work whereb I was expected to be dishonest. Much of America gets wealthy through porn, fraud, or simpo lies but it it is very difficult to work today and tell the truth. wickedness never was happiness. You may have to start your own company. Leaders bring you closer to Christ by having to make past their imperfections. We are all just humans with faults We must expect their faults to be real and not get down. I can only control Alcohol is the most deadly DRUG.By for it is the real gateway drug. It is deadly and nothing is funny about it. Pot is wrong but mostly because it is illegal. If there was a way to trade what is legal deaths would decrease if drunks became potheads. Neither is good except both have medical uses
  20. Experts often are experts on man's.laws!!!!!
  21. I know a man who quit the church he was being shamed by members but said best customer was his bishop. The word of wisdom was given as health suggestions. It was many many years before leaders had to change it. I follow it but do not believe it is a Celestial requirement. Of the drugs alcohol is the worst, kills more than all others combined . Pot is the better alternative alcohol killed my dad. I find potheads much nicer to be around. Celestials qualifications be about being Christ like.. Joseph Smith brought hard liquor to prisoners in torment. Eternally we must learn to love first and question later. If I am mean, gossip,con man, liar,cheat, rude, ugly to simple or poor, not sharing, or cast shame on others it would be better if I violated the word of wisdom. We are becoming pharasees selfishly following rules but not caring about others. I find we are not Christ like towards others we are wasting our time pretending to be desciple of Christ. The Church made alcohol and Joseph Smith brought hard liquor to the members stressed by imprisonment.How you treat others will be what matters not if you drink tea.. Marriott s have porn but that is not what matters is how good and honest you are with others .
  22. A member store owner was harrassed by members for selling loto tickets. He quit the church said his biggest customer was the bishop. Told me himself.
  23. I agree with the importance of reading the Book of Mormon but I do believe the New Testament is needed for this dispensation. The Book of James is one of the most important writings in the Church. My biggest worry is that if we do not fully know the Bible we will come up short as missionaries. I feel we need to reset and go back about 25 years when missionary work was successful. It concerns me that I am seeing many missionaries who spend their missions at the public library visiting. This could be good are bad but in our town the public librarian doesn't like to see the missionaries come in because the are "computer hogs" that do not share with others and are not willing to volunteer for service in the library as they would have in the past. It seems rare that a missionary sincerely is willing to do service as the would in days when the work was more successful. At times we must evaluate failures vs successes.