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  1. I think you only sustain a leader in his calling. And even then it is like our wives who aren't expected to support an bad person. If you don't report him to the person with keys over him you share the blame
  2. All are not doing bad but exposing the truth would end the career of ani lawman. Texas has a history of this Texas Rangers were feared because of their reputation of not leaving it up to a jury to handle. We had a member who plead guilty but tried to report illegal activities by the arresting officers. He and his friend were together guilty of the exact same crimes and neither had a prior history and the only difference was trying to turn in an officer. His buddy got 5 years he got 10. I was very close to the the events and thought he was helping himself by producing evidence but was sickened by the judge who obviously was a part of their brotherhood.
  3. I think the statement can be false. If you have a pure heart God is all knowing and you will be rewarded according to your true heart. We're going to be surprised at the elect that did things for there own glory and Will receive little at judgement. Paul H Dunn was dishonest in trying to give great talks and luckily was rebuked in this life so he a chance to repent.
  4. If we know, and yes it happens, a leader is hurting the Church we should only talk to him or his superior. No gossip.
  5. I suggest we know less than 1% of the full truth. We are only given what we need in this dispensation. Everything thing else is a wild guess. It is ok to think about what we will never know but don't waste too much time guessing
  6. You can only offer council under the direction of the Spirit
  7. All good is from God other Faith's have a portion of the good. Other Faith's will have an opportunity to enter the Kingdom. LDS must live up to what they have been given. God is all good and all fair. The more you were given the more that is expected.
  8. Thanks it seems at times no one understands the truth
  9. It simple some people wear rose colored glasses. The Church doctrine is specific. A bishop is only a bishop when acting under the direction of the Spirit. Yes we must sustain them regardless. Leaders need the incouraged not to act with out the help of deity. Some would like to not face the truth, but all of us are guilty if we have been leaders. Dissecting my remarks make it easier to ignore truth. History proves I am accurate such as when a GA said we are a white Church, there are men living on the moon, and etc. The information is out there and for the sake of the our children and the future finding a "clever" way to avoid truth doesn't work anymore. I have a solid testimony even knowing the truth. Avoiding truth hurts the church. We can all become as the GA that was excommunicated for dishonesty but avoiding the truth is hurting an informed generation. I will be fine because I understand even the prophet is imperfect. When I said ignore goals and budgets, please be honest and read in context. If a family has real needs as defined by the Handbook we must forget how much we bring in in fast offering. A Bishop told me a bishop that never exceeds his fast offering income is most likely failing he duty to SEEK out and care for the poor and needy. This is one of the biggest failures a bishop can make. My comments about buildings is due to the fact that PFRs in this state show favoritism to wealthy Wards. They are just men with flaws. I had that stake assignment 10 years ago....a building had a problem with the HVAC leaking water. The local pfr has said publicly he has a problem with that units attitude. 10 years later the leak is still there with mold and mildew. The problem is consistent, men are not perfect and anyone who speaks up is made a villain and accused of being ignorant or unrighteous. I wish I was like my wife and most, but I feel ignoring real problems is not what the Lord asks of us. I agree with a bishop that was my best friend, it is better to give too much help than risk failure in meeting needs. I will not revisit this thread because I feel no good can come of it. Most will not admit not allowing blacks to have the priesthood was a leadership error even though the prophet authorized this to be admitted. Men are not bad but we're all far from perfect and refusal to admit that is a problem
  10. I retired due to disability in the insurance world. First I was terminated from a $180,000 a year job for reporting fraud, had my retirement frozen for trying to work for a competitor, and forced into bankruptcy. The local leaders only advice was to take a self reliance course. I have investigated in our several stake region and learned that Bishops are put under so much pressure to stay within their offerings budget they have ceased seeking out the poor and needy. I found one exception where a branch president is defiant and did what was right and he was not released. The most however give in to the pressure and seem hopeful they do not find any needy. Most are business minded and feel they must stay in their "budget". I have been in three bishoprics and know the only limit is on medical and in a recent disaster SLC made it plain that there were no caps but the local pressure not to spend trumps that. I know I did what was right in being honest to the point it cost me my job, but I was shocked that there was no real help from the Church even in advice. I felt the bishop felt I should have protected my family not my honor. If you chose to be honest you are on your own. I was fortunate that due to other factors I was accepted by SS Disability and I am scratching by. It seems that Bishops are becoming like false churches and worrying about income more than the needy. It worry's me that the world has become so bad, leaders are not trained in how to deal with the effects on members. Myself not even included I fear on a local level the mission of seeking out the poor and needy has been abandoned to save money and balance budgets. It would be hard for me to advise a person to quit their job or stand up and get fired because we cannot expect support. As a sales person I was challenged if I was the problem, I was would not lie and tell people they would get something free when in fact the price was added to the price they paid. I fear few people actually are honest. My family has been challenged by dishonesty even in the Church. My house flooded but all the help went to high profile people and leaders seeking television coverage. Leadership clearly went overboard to get attention for every thing we did in Hurricane Harvey. The Church would grow if we helped the poor and needy and did so anonymously. The bishopric should not announce they need extra fast offerings to help Sister "Smith" with repairs. Tithes and offering should first help the poor and needy because unless we do we have nothing. Buildings should not reflect, as they do now, the bottom line on tithing. You should not be able to tell by looking at a building what the average income in a Ward is. The Church is true but we training is needed what is right and doctrine. Budgets and goals should be thrown away. Church leaders face the same challenge.... do they do right or do they do what they are told in audits of expenditures and only spend what they bring in fast offerings.My experience are not the issue, the issue is what I was force to see happening throughout the Church. The Church cannot be ran like a business. The Lord provides what is needed and Bishops should not feel their hands are tied. How do we get the leaders to have the faith needed to do what is right?
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    Some one believes I am a really bad person . We must be like Christ
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    I don't do tattoos are earrings. Neither really matter more than drinking cokes or playing card games. These are not recommend questions. I feel I need to avoid talking about others, it is not Christ like. Satan uses everything to get me not to be Christ like. If I focus on other's faults, even W.O.W I am wasting energy I need to spend on being Christ like. There's never a time to talk about others, I am overlooking the beam in my eye. The more I look the more I find I am no better than others.
  13. General authorities use Bible many things we know come from the Bible we need it and should respect it.
  14. Loans should not be tithed period grants are. Bishop should not question you. Everyone does something questionable. There job matches savings, company car, company credit card. Company buys health,or life insurance. Company gives gifts they get a nice birthday gift. On all of those things you could argue a tithe is owed, even a free lunch. Bottom line is between you and God not the Bishop. Be respectful and honest but do not push it. Let him be wrong if needed some need the last word
  15. I don't think modern leady cast lots
  16. Should you confess your life history before marriage? I have mixed feelings I had to divorce a woman who I learned lost custody of her children for trying to drown them and she heard voices and scared me. Her bishop knew but could not even hint she was psychotic and was like two different people. I had children in danger
  17. A Church court is instructed to do what is spiritually best or bishop