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  1. I understand what you're saying, and I apologize.
  2. From what you quoted, I didn't read where she said it was false though. I think some people are just crazy, or mentally ill, and make up stuff to draw attention. Her transcripts is very ... weird, like she definitely has something going on up in her head.
  3. Exactly!! Heck, I hold no one on a pedestal. Humans are humans and many do stupid and illegal stuff, yes even members of the church.
  4. Sorry But I don't have a lot of tolerance for missionaries disobeying rules, and after months of secret guilt, confessing... How do they teach with the spirit when they're doing wrong? There are soooo many young people working their tails off to be able to afford and serve a mission, heck, there are so many members working years to save money to go to a temple. Ughh, it just makes me upset that young missionaries do stupid stuff without measuring consequences. When a missionary decides to serve, no one is making him/her go, and he/she is giving that time to the Lord to find those that need the Gospel... if you guys wanted to do stupid stuff, then you should've stayed home instead of wasting your parents/wards/stake/church resources. Good luck.
  5. Heck, I'm Latina, and I love to cook, I wish I had more time every day to cook more stuff. I love cooking from scratch! My husband cooks as well... but I think he does it cause he has to (When I'm late after work). Hmm... the best/favorite dish... I don't know, A few months ago I tried a new recipe that was pretty "delicious to the taste", it had quinoa, green, red and yellow peppers, black beans and cilantro. Oh My sooo yummy!! Uhhh, I have another dish that has quinoa, shrimps, cilantro, avocado and lime, Soooo good!
  6. I think it depends what kind of exercise you're going to perform. At the end it's your choice to do whatever you want, and whatever feels right in your heart. I sometimes wear the garment when exercising, some other times I only wear the bottom part. But as soon as I'm done taking a shower I put them back on. I don't go walking around to run errands without garments, some members like doing that after working out...
  7. There's no such thing as limits when you're having fun!! Ha J/K I'm here throughout the day during the weekdays, as my work get slow sometimes and I get bored and you guys entertain me (Thank you!) I don't get on the forums during the weekends as I'm busy.
  8. It's not the addiction, but what the addiction does to the addict. It makes them secretive, mean, defensive, it's the behaviors that come with the addiction, and it cane be any addiction, it doesn't matter, but the addiction will make the addict behave in ways that loved ones cant understand, and cant justify. I don't think it's evil to think like that, but it is a sign of codependency. Whomever is thinking like that need to get therapy to stop being codependent. You're pretty right one that, but remember not everyone is a therapist, not everyone knows how to cope with loved ones addiction. When women find out about any addiction they go through trauma, and women (and men) do not know how to react to trauma. Give me a break! That is not true. I am sorry if brothers have felt no support. But there is help, and yes there is a stigma as well, but if everyone was to be honest and talk about the elephant in the room, wouldn't it be easier for brothers to get help? wouldn't it be easier for sisters to get support as well. The fact that por n addiction is so shameful makes it hard to be open about it and get help, when the truth is many are struggling with it and feeling alone, when there are so many going through the same.
  9. Read that manual. Healing through Christ.pdf
  10. I don't think God really abandoned us ever, I think what happens is our own choices, and our nations' choices are what drive us away from Him. The apostasy was the consequence of people forgetting about God. ---- Chosen people? For some reason, the Jews are a big deal in the Christian world, and in the church. They were (I think) the first people to make covenants with God. At the end, what I know to be true is that we all have the same chance to be exalted and return to Heavenly Father, and He is a loving father to all of us. For everything you just said, but at this very moment, hope to be healed, and hope to understand that things on Earth are very different that things in Heaven. Most callings come from God. Sweetie... through personal experience (many years of experience unfortunately as a child) I can tell you, do not feel anger for those kids that weren't protected, It's already too late, but pray to have forgiveness in your heart. Pray for those children to find healing (Just like I did ) Thank you for that anger, but anger leaves no space for hope and love and forgiveness, if I have been able to forgive you can too. This life is beautiful even when we get to experience hell, but we still have a Heavenly Father who loves us, and there is always hope. You know the plan, you know what the idea, the plan, for being in this earthy world is. So just hold on to that truth. The Gospel is true, and this life on Earth is but a twinkle of an eye, and it'll be over before we know it, and we'll return with our heavenly father. Don't lose hope.
  11. The priesthood is the power of God. Men are human, and do stupid stuff, even priesthood holder, but we cant lose hope of the priesthood just because the men who have it do stupid/evil things. I would invite you to study as much as you can about the priesthood, and pray to your Heavenly Father for you to learn how you can be blessed by the priesthood. I find it hard to understand you have achieved a broken heart and a contrite spirit but are angry. Wouldn't a broken heart and contrite spirit actually make you humble and patient about the Lord's will? YES! Of course! There is always a place for you at Church! The Gospel is true, that is all that matters. So don't lose hope. "However far from home and family and God you feel you have traveled, I testify that you have not traveled beyond the reach of divine love. It is not possible for you to sink lower than the infinite light of Christ’s Atonement shines." (Elder Holland). Don't lose hope. I know how hard and difficult things can get. I also divorced ex husband because of the same reasons. But the atonement is true, and whatever heartache you have, for whatever reason, the Savior can heal your broken heart. So just let Him in so He can heal you. "Will ye not now return unto me, and repent of your sins, and be converted, that I may heal you?" (Jesus, 3 Nephi 9:13)
  12. As the ex wife of a porn addict I would tell you: Give her a break! She needs to heal. I would recommend for you to watch a movie, it's called: Fireproof. It's like a evangelical movie. I think it's pretty good. Just love your wife, treat her with love, be nice, and give her some time, meaning... if she needs many months or even years to forgive, then you wait (If you truly love her)
  13. My kids are old now. But when they were little I would take them outside the sacrament room and put them in time out. I'm one of those moms that does take kids out of sacrament if they are being irreverent. I believe members goes to sacrament to feel the spirit, to renew their commitments, to hear something that will inspire them, and if my kids are disturbing other I will take them out, and have a talk. Mine are pretty good now, they are 11, almost 9, and 4, the 4 yrs old is the one that could give us problem sometimes. Yesterday I went to church only to sacrament with the 3 of them by myself, as my husband was at the hospital with his dad whos at the ICU. I knew from the start that it was gonna be tiresome to go with them to church without my husband, as the 4 yrs old just whines a lot, but I brought help and actually he was super good the whole time... I was so proud of him...
  14. It's Friday, and I'm tired. I wanna go home, and I'm just laughing for silly things. I keep reading it ... and keep laughing. hahahaha
  15. Shouldn't be something people are able to do. I met my 1st husband online... ha! We lasted 7 1/2 years married (cause he got silly). My sister actually also met her husband online, and they're still married (like 12 years I think) It is possible for people to develop romantic feelings for people whom you have never met personally. I did. and I've met other people who also have. BUT as I look back I think: What the heck was I thinking?? haha I wouldn't do it again, and I would discourage my kids from doing it, just because you cant really get to know someone online, even when you're talking all the time. There are just every day situations that you have to experience with someone by being together at the same time in the same place. So... Online marriage... is stupid.
  16. I should write this things down, so I don't forget them. You make sense.
  17. That's cool!! Southern Chile is the best, I think. People are warmer, and the food over there is also very yummy. I'm from Santiago. My grandma met the sister missionaries through a common friend back in the 60's. I was born in 87 so I was very young the last few years of Pinochet. My sister is visiting Chile right now for "las Fiestas Patrias", I haven't been back in like 11 years... I just don't want to... as I'll get homesick, and I rather not expose myself to feeling sad about living so far away from friends and family. So I'm good with no visiting. LOL Yeah, that eclipse should be wonderful to see from Chile.
  18. I personally don't think Jesus was married. His mission wasn't about getting married and forming a family. He came to perform the atoning sacrifice. Plus... I don't think he needs a temple marriage to become a God, as we know in the pre-mortal existence for some reason he was way ahead of all of us.
  19. I'd like to see that calendar being used in his court, him as judge. Would that calendar be enough evidence to him, that someone didn't commit a crime?
  20. Chi.Chi.Chi. Le.le.le Viva Chile!!!!!
  21. That is interesting. So ... If I was to give a blessing, it would be more like a prayer? would I still lay on my hands on the head of the person?
  22. Nah, I don't want it, I don't need to hold it to be benefited from it. People need to understand that the priesthood is not for personal benefit, there is no way you can get blessings to yourself if you have it. For example my husband is the only priesthood holder in our home (my son is almost 9 and wont receive it until 3 more years), if my husband was to get sick, he cant lay on his hand on his head and pronounce a blessing to himself, he would have to seek for another priesthood holder to give him a blessing. So, the wonderful thing is that the priesthood has been restored and there are many worthy priesthood holders. Sister don't need to get it. I consider myself to be somewhat feminist, and I think sisters don't need it. Some might think they need it to feel equal to men, but I don't. I do believe in the future, when being exalted we the sisters might receive the priesthood, but it might not even be in the way we use it now. I don't know. I do have to confess that about a month ago, one of our sons was sick, my husband had already left for work, and I was to stay with the little one home, and for a second I thought: "I wish I could give him a blessing". and then I thought about a story I heard once when sister missionaries gave a blessing to someone and in the prayer said something about the priesthood that their mission president had, instead of by the power and authority I posses. Any way, I didn't give him a blessing, but it crossed my mind the fact that if I could by making reference I guess of the priesthood my husband does have. In the temple sisters have some of the priesthood I guess... right?