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  1. Agreed. You have to decide what is most important. Protecting yourself and living in that bubble (the easy way in a lot of ways) or fully trusting another with your heart (even after a devastating blow) with hope and faith that because they ARE you're one and only, your true eternal soul mate that they will honor and protect the bond and covenants and commit to working through all the things, big and small.
  2. It sounds like she wasn't the one for you, clearly. If you were willing to walk away and "ignore her like she was nothing" you clearly weren't each others eternal companion. However, I do not know your/the whole story so I cannot judge based on what you've provided. I'm struggling to figure out the point of your comment ... perhaps you can clarify how this was helpful, constructive, useful etc?
  3. Although my husband has forgiven me and I have felt the love and forgiveness from HF I have had a hard time forgiving myself. It wasn't until after speaking with my bishop that I finally feel as if a weight has been lifted and I am truly on my way to forgiving myself and letting the shame go. I wish I could encourage everyone to meet with their bishop. It has been SO helpful for me!
  4. My machine doesn't allow me to stop it and check the water mid wash. It has weird (read: stupid) settings and I can control virtually nothing. Just the preset settings the machine came with. When this machine kicks the bucket we'll be getting the old style that I can soak my whites if need be, adjust the water level etc. Thanks!
  5. I wash my garments in a load on their own. I wish I was able to control the amount of water that goes into my machine but, I can't. It has weird settings and doesn't allow me to control much. I will try the bluing agent to get my grey G's back to white (hopefully) thanks for your advice!
  6. UPDATE: I met with my bishop and spilled my guts the very first time meeting him. It was.... not fun but not as awful as I expected (telling my deepest secret to a man I met only moments before was uncomfortable to say the least). He was understanding and kind-exactly how I imagine the Lord being. He asked for some time to be prayerful of my situation to know what route needed to be taken (if a court needs to be held or not- on a ward level. He was leaning toward this option). I met with him again a few days later and he asked me some more questions and details. He decided an informal probation would be an appropriate route to go. I got the go ahead to start wearing my garments again whenever I feel okay doing so. I can take the sacrament again after my informal probation time and then we will discuss the temple! Thanks for your continued support!
  7. Does anyone have a magic tip on how to keep garments from turning a dingy gray? I know they are dyed white to begin with so bleaching them isn't an option as that will dinge them up faster. But does anyone have any awesome tips? I absolutely cannot stand gray/dingy garments. I just started wearing mine again (which reminds me I should update my other post on here :)) and in the past I would buy new ones every 3-4 months because the dingy gray they turn drives me nuts and I can't handle them seeming dirty (even though I know they're not-clean freak much... yep!).
  8. My baby is the exception. She is 8 months old and to this day she refuses a bottle of any kind. She also has extreme health issues that if given formula would be magnified ten fold. That being said I have nursed her in many places (sacrament being one as I just returned to church after years of inactivity) and no one has ever noticed. I am extremely discrete no boob (let alone nipple) is ever exposed. I also have never used a cover, I wear appropriate clothing that allows for everything to be covered without a specific cover. I am far more discrete without a cover. Have you ever been to a sacrament meeting in another country? It is a none issue in other countries and cultures. I believe the church will not make any kind of official stand on this (do or do not breastfed in sacrament) for that reason (socially acceptance in every country but ours- ok maybe not EVERY country but you get the idea).
  9. Thank you. I am going to do that very soon. I’m hoping all the assumptions are correct! Haha
  10. I found out where my ward meets and who my bishop is. Now I just need to make the phone call and set up and appt with my bishop. Thanks for your encouragement. I feel a bit more at ease and will be prepared for whatever outcome
  11. I have broken temple covenants and it wouldn’t feel right -for me- to renew my recommend, partake in the sacrament and/or wear my garments again until I have discussed it with my bishop.
  12. It is (if I am in fact excommunicated) a consequence of my actions. I think the difference between a punishment and a consequence is that a consequence is meant to teach a lesson and lead to a positive outcome where as a punishment is meant to cause suffering. I do agree it is discipline to lead back to the straight and narrow!
  13. That is comforting to me, thank you. I am going to figure out who the bishop is right now. Thanks!
  14. I am a convert I grew up in a very religious family (not LDS) and was told that the LDS church was a cult my entire life. I never looked into the mormon church as a kid because of this. I met my (now) husband who was baptized at 8 but that was the extent of his church going when I was 18. His best friend and wife (who became my best friends) are LDS and always led by example but never pushed the church on either of us. I saw them, their family, their lives and how they were still able to be themselves while in the church. I was encouraged by their example. They invited us to go to a temple open house with them. While in the temple I had an undeniable feeling that I needed to come back to the temple again- that I WOULD come back into the temple again to be sealed to my family (at the time my husband was my boyfriend or maybe my fiance I can't recall). I read the Book of Mormon and prayed for guidance. I knew it was where I was supposed to be. I had feelings in the temple and while reading the BofM that I had sought after my whole life. My husband had similar feelings in the temple and had read the Book of Mormon on a whim the week before (he completed it in one day). My husband and I were married, a month later I was baptized, 9 months after that we had a sweet baby boy and a year after my baptism we were sealed with our little baby for time and all eternity. Since then the path has been ANYTHING but easy. We have been tempted and tattered to the bone. We were on the brink of divorce and both made some pretty devastating choices. But we always come back to the gospel. We always know without a doubt that it is the glue that will hold our family together through the eternities. The journey hasn't been easy but it has been worth every moment. I know this church is true. I know that it is really the only thing that has saved my life, my husbands life and our life together.