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Found 8 results

  1. Hey everyone! My name is Keyra and i've been inactive for about a good 4 years now. I used tto be so passionate about the teachings of the lds community but, i guess you can say i sort of lost my way Anyway I'm new to this! Yay! & this is somewhat part of the first step in going back to church or at least trying to find the guts to go back
  2. Hey everyone, Encase you missed my introduction, my name is David Prisco and I'm a life insurance agent in Philadelphia, Pa. I found this board after a friend of mine were out one night talking about the old South Park episode that poked fun at Scientology and the one about LDS. We were trying to figure out what was true and what was created for comic appeal. I felt it best to ask you all rather than assume what I find on a google search to be accurate or what I watch in a TV show to be true. A little bit of my background, I was born and raised Catholic and went to a Catholic H.S. as well as University. Even with that up bringing, I never studied the spirituality of Catholicism or any other religion. So I'm hoping that I'm posting the the correct board to gain some insight on LDS and clear up any misconceptions that South Park/the media have thrown out there. Sorry for not having a more general question and this is more of open ended start to a thread. Hopefully it will gain some positive traction!
  3. Hello! I'm Emma, I've just joined this forum for more advice and to learn more. I'm 25 and from England. I'm not a Mormon but it's something I have become very interested in over the past few months. I took a detour on my way home yesterday just to drive past the church! Looking forward to chatting with you all :)
  4. Hi there, my name is Tim and I am a newbie. I am a sincere and devout Christian but I'm not a member of the LDS Church. I have the utmost respect for the character of those who are part of the LDS Church. I feel members of the LDS are some of the most kind, moral, and upstanding individuals in the world. What you do with your families and communities is beyond reproach. I have many friends who are members of the LDS and care for them deeply. I have read, studied, researched, and written about the LDS Church and doctrine as I understand them for a number of years. I have many issues in reconciling LDS doctrines with what I'm taught in the Bible. My studies thus far have been limited to documentation and books written by LDS leaders and apologists along with the typical anti-Mormon rhetoric. I am continually seeking for truth and I feel I still have much to learn. My reason for being here is to make more friends, ask questions, and to learn more about the basis of the LDS doctrine. I'm not here to attack or reproach anyone nor do I come with any kind of arrogant attitude. I sincerely want to learn. And, perhaps I can share some of the information I have garnered through the Holy Spirit in my research and study. God bless each of you, and I hope you will accept me as I am, a sincere, caring, and interested friend.
  5. Hey people! I'm guessing that the majority of people on this website are mormon (well its obvious really) I'm a bible believing christian, just felt like joining a mormon forum and i'm sure i'll have a good time! I guess you could say i'm checking out mormons lol. I do have some knowledge of what mormonism is about however, i know about joeseph smith and the book of mormon in general. I don't know any mormons personally though so its all been based on internet searching. Anywho, lets see how this goes. Hopeing to make some new friends and maybe learn a thing or two. -Tim
  6. Good Morning! Just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Mark and I am, obviously, new to this forum. I have a great testimony of the Gospel. I especially love the Book of Mormon. I work for Volcano Corp in N. Springville. (Volcano Grills) I love to scuba, outdoor cooking and travel. Hope you have a terrific day!:) Mark
  7. Hello! I'm new here! I'm here specifically because I have some questions about Mormonism, both in theology and in practice. I tried to ask the folks over at, but it seemed like they were really restricted about what they could talk about. The questions I have are pretty involved, so I won't go into them here. I'm 31 and married, we have two dogs and live near Austin, TX. I was raised Jehovah's Witness, and am currently not affiliated with any religion. I have been a student of religious belief my whole life, (which started in a small town called Palmer, Alaska), and find nothing so fascinating, both academically and personally as the way that people relate to God and the way that that affects their day to day life. I can say this: I did not come here to be converted. I came here because I have honest questions about Mormons that I'd like to have answered by Mormons. I can promise that as long as you're being cool, open and honest with me, I'll be friendly, open, and nonjudgmental of your beliefs.
  8. Hi. I am new to the group, found it as I was searching for any LDS forum about surviving Infidelity/ adultery. Not really sure what I am looking for but I know that I am looking. Not really wanting to talk about it with people that know my Husband and I but need to talk. Its been 6 months since his affair and I just am not getting past it. Do any of you have stories either success or failure to share with me? Any advice on how you forgive and move on from the most personal deceit and betrayal ever??? I have prayed and got blessing and prayed still pops in my head daily and I am not sure I can move on. To top it off I found out I was pregnant (makes 4) 2 weeks after I found out about the affair. So needless to say I am a walking emotional bomb!! LOL I look forward to reading your stories and getting to know you all.