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I have read them all. 4 or 5 times each. I will read the rest of them when they come out. I have seen the movies. 20 - 30 times each (except the last one, have only seen it 7 times so far.) Will see the rest of them when they come out.

I think that those who say they are bad are reaching. Any book has to have a background, a context, a setting. The plots are basically good vs. evil. So, who cares where they are set. They are not teaching the kids (or adults) who read them magic, they are demonstrating that evil exists and must be fought.

They (the witches and wizards) even celebrate Christmas (I saw it myself in the movie and read it in the book.)

I'd sooner lauch a nasty campaign against shows on TV like The Fairly Odd Parents because of the violence it condones.

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Originally posted by iamalighthouse@Aug 12 2004, 12:27 PM

What do you think of the Harry Potter books. A lot of religious people say that they're bad because of the magic. I'm just curious of what you have to say.

Personally i think there is nothing wrong with it. I thought the whole thing is about how good always wins in time.

Yeah, one of my best friends kept telling me that Harry Potter was very demonic and that it was one of the most rank books in the world, but think about it. IT'S A CHILDRENS BOOK! Honestly, people who think it's demonic, you might as well call a lot of other things demonic, for example, I can see LOTR being far worse than Harry Potter.

It's just some fad that a religious leader decided to start up, and now it's turned into this big ol flame that's spreading to other religious leaders. Most of them are even claiming it to be like Dungeons and Dragons demonicish. That's where they get all of their revilings from.

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Guest estump

I love the Harry Potter series. It is good reading, despit what some say. All I have to say is that if Hogwarts was for real...I'd hope that one of my kids was a witch or wizard! That would be soooooooo cool.

Okay, I will quit sounding 10 now.

The books are great. It's elements of what being human is, put into extraordinary circumstances. I don't know what else to say, except that we've read the series as a family twice and I'm sure we'll go through it again! My 2-year-old loves the's fun to watch her watch them.

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Guest Stray Pooch

I think the HP book series is great. My kids turned me on to them just in time for the movies to start. Orson Scott Card wrote the Hill Cumorah Pagent, so I think a little fantasy/Sci Fi or other genres of the type are OK.

Incidentally, Iamalighthouse, is your screen name based on the song by Nickel Creek? My daughter and I are doing a set for our Ward garden party this Friday and we will be doing "the Hand Song" by them. It's a very beautiful piece of work about sacrifice.

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Originally posted by Outshined@Aug 28 2004, 10:05 AM

The Harry Potter books are awesome, and they actually get kids to read!

They are about as demonic or satanic as "The Wizard of Oz", or any other work of children's fiction.

Haha, that is so true. That's a good comparison to say it's like the Wizard of Oz.
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Who is Harry Potter? :o

Just kidding.

My granddaughter is 15 now, and during her growing up years I bought her all the Harry Potter books. I read each of them too. That way, though separated by many miles, we shared an experience. Kelsy, my granddaughter, loves the Potter series, as do I.

My favorite character is Hermione. She is a strong girl, later a young woman, who knows her mind. My favorite scene, actually from one of the movies versions because it is visual, is when she hauls off and decks Draco Malfoy. (I am non-violent. No, really in real life I am.) Kelsy seems a lot like Hermione, though I've never seen her deck anyone.

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I would apologize if it were not for Equus...I apologize for mentioning that dreadfulness and will try not to again unless coerced to...:(

Nor will I mention the photo I hope but doubt was photoshopped with "Harry" and "Draco":eek::o::huh::eek:

I love them all they just get so progressively dark!

I also love *that* way. :embarrassed:

Oh and what is wrong with a geek...wait nerds are kinder to chickens as I recall...:eek:

I love nerds...I am a bit of one and I married a *major* one.

Oh and does anyone know what the Golden Mean is?

Well in the first book Harry catches the Golden Snitch in the middle of the page number that is the Golden Mean!:lol:

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While I think the Harry Potter series is great, I don't understand why it is so hugely popular, yet other good sci fi/fantasy children's book are not.

Nevertheless, it is great to see its magic cast a spell on thousands of children, urging them to be at the bookstore at midnight of the day it's released.

Additionally, the magic works on adults who appear to be there to watch over their children, but in reality, can't wait to buy it either.


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