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Hello, I am called Liber and am very excited to join this site! I am a content carbon based life form who lives on the third planet from our delightful Hydrogen furnace. As I mentioned, I am carbon based, and I have heard that carbon is a rather unfavorable element at present, but I hope everyone can overlook this basic flaw. I have been trying very hard to become silicon based, but can't yet afford the hardware. I am also very sorry to say, that the #1 and #2 by products of my existence are CO2 and chocolate wrappers. I know, I know, but at least there is repentence.

I am married to a very kind woman, who has seen fit to forgive me for the above. My hobbies include cellular respiration, mytosis, digestion and short expenditures of kinetic energy. I also blink a lot too. I have four children who have not yet reached the stage of being embarrassed to be seen with me in public.

I would say that this post is very tongue in cheek, but aside from the silicon statement, all of the above is true.

I am thankful for the opportunity for in depth discussion with all of you, as well as a little fun. God Bless.

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