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But didn't you notice he was pretty okay with taking a lovey dovey pic with me..or was that just to get me to hurry up and leave?

I'm thinking he was trying to get a good tip. :P I remember him being pretty insistent that he was in a committed relationship (5 years; 5 years without a marriage seems kinda like the anti-commitment to me though)).

I'm thinking maybe we should do Chucky Cheese next time, should maximize Pam's chances. ;)

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An announcement from the Most High EP is to be made:

I am currently in the temple prep class, and there is a strong possibility that I will be going this summer to the Columbus Ohio Temple to receive my Endowment!

I may post a separate thread about it in a month or so, as it'll help me to organize some things. But to make a long story short, I would LOVE to have you all go to your local temple on my session date and time if at all possible! There are a few I will be inviting to personally come to Ohio, but I have limited funds and will only be able to help those, but if I had more money and the ordinance rooms were larger, I would invite you all to join me!

As I know more, I will pass it on. Keep me, and especially my Bishop and Stake President, in your prayers! :)

And thanks to GhostRider for being my mouth piece the other night :)

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oh you too dravin! LOL jk

changed relationship status :P

I'm flattered EP, I really am, but I just don't think of you that way...

*somebody whispers into Dravin's ear*

Oh... I... I knew that... forget what I said...

*me slinks away*

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Pale not only did she wear the Grumpy hoody..... She also was brave to try the 50 year old meatloaf recipie

All I can say is that she be brave for a Gingy!

WE had a blast everyone! The one thing that I did get a hoot out of was the Lil Grant Dude! He rocks!

And I gots to meet me Mum!!! whoo hoo!!

And I agree....we should do a Chucky Cheese next time. Just trying to picture pam playing Whck A mole! She would most likely go through some list of folks... "GhostRider and Pale Got away again!!!!!!!"

I since a Youtube moment!!! lol

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EP, if you have room for one more in the session, I would love to be there for you. I go to the Columbus Temple once a month. Just let me know the date and time, and I'll make it.

beefie, i will MAKE room for you and that infamous tongue of yours! :D lol i was actually already planning on seeing if you wanted to come, but Ghost_Rider said you were going to be at the dinner and i just had him tell everyone. lazy, maybe just a bit :P

that would be amazing if you could be :) i almost cried when he told me what you said :)

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