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On 2/20/2020 at 12:19 PM, MarginOfError said:

About 18 months ago, a member of our stake presidency visited our ward with a message that needed to be conveyed during Sacrament Meeting. He stood up and addressed the congregation as follows:

"If you are a member of the youth program or a member of the bishop's family, please stand up. [pause while those people stood]. All of you who are standing may call the bishop any time you like. The rest of you, if you need something, call [Elders Quorum President] or [Relief Society President]."

When I served as bishop my calendar (almost) always went through the Ex. Sec.  Even if someone approached me and asked about meeting I would generally tell them to talk with Bro. Ex. Sec. to get on my calendar.  I say "almost" as there were times that I would add the person to my calendar myself and other times when we'd go sit down right then and chat.  It was very situational but the default was to get on my calendar via the Ex. Sec.

As for the comment above:  Whenever an issue was brought to me my first question would always be, "who is the home/visiting teacher?"  The Relief Society president, high priest group leader and elders quorum president learned very quickly to make sure they had their HT/VT assignment lists with them for ward council.  Much easier now with the ministering assignments included in Member Tools and LCR.  Even with the push to offload member issues from the bishop we should still start with asking who the ministering brother or sister is.  Just as the bishop can't deal with everything, the EQ and RS presidents won't be able to either.  That's the whole point of ministering assignments.

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I've often seen the Exec Sec act as the Bishop's gopher - the Bishop makes a decision and the Exec Sec helps to communicate it and carry it out. Because of the closeness of the working relationship, I've also sometimes seen Bishops use their Exec Sec as a 3rd, informal counsellor. Sometimes the Exec Sec knows more than the two counsellors about what the Bishop is doing and who he is working with. 

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