Parenting is plummeting


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Consider this a whining post, but hopefully with practical ideas of how people can strengthen their roles as parents.

So, in the past two weeks, I've had seven parents come to me with questions on... how to raise their children. I teach virtual kindergarten.

Ah, but Backroads, aren't those online schools populated with families that are super involved in their kids' education?

Actually, it falls into two major camps, plus an obnoxious but harmless bonus camp. Camp 1 is in fact a bunch of families super involved with their kids' educations. Obnoxious-but-harmless bonus camp is full of involved parents who were looking for "free homeschool materials" but then don't participate in anything and just do their own thing. 

But Camp 2... ugh, Camp 2 is for people who don't have time to take their kids to another school, or hoped that education involvement could be shunted to a couple of hours a week, or are trying to hide from the authorities and figure having their kid registered in a school would be enough, or honestly just can't be bothered to educate their kid and hoped plopping them down in front of a computer would solve the matter.

Anywho, in the past few weeks, I've had two different sets of parents ask me to potty-train their kid. Virtually. Like that's appropriate. I've had them saying their kids can't do the work because they scream and cry when they take away their electronic devices. Or the kid stayed up too late. Or they don't know how to discipline (they've tried nothing and nothing works!)

And I have confirmation (not to judge or make a stereotype, but rather to mock a stereotype) that, being Utah, many of these are "good, Latter-Day Saint families". 

Like, what is going on?

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I would hazard to guess that a big part of it is that the normal support systems parents (especially stay-at-home moms) have traditionally relied on—grandparents and aunts/uncles, neighbors, church and other social groups—are, to some extent, eroding.

Additionally—COVID parenting is just plain harder.  Fewer functioning preschools/social activities for kids to go to that give parents a respite for part of the day.  Fewer functioning  youth programs, restaurants, amusement parks, and other available activities with which parents can incentivize good behavior.

I know that at work, I usually handle 3-4 new DCFS child welfare petitions per month.  But between yesterday and today alone, I’ll have drafted six.  Things are tough out there, and parents are snapping.  :( 

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40 minutes ago, Just_A_Guy said:


I know that at work, I usually handle 3-4 new DCFS child welfare petitions per month.  But between yesterday and today alone, I’ll have drafted six.  Things are tough out there, and parents are snapping.  :( 

I can only imagine what it's like on your side! I've had to make three CPS calls myself this year, which is unheard of for me in my career. People certainly are stressed. 

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Liberal Parent Trying To Figure Out How To Cheer For His Son Brandon


October 20th, 2021 -



ST. LOUIS, MO—Local liberal Joe Bailey has for years enjoyed cheering on his son Brandon at his Little League soccer games, but lately that has proven difficult, since his cheering typically involves shouting the insurrectionist chant "Let's Go Brandon" from the stands.

"I try to be so careful, but every so often in the excitement, I let slip a ‘Let’s go Brandon!’" said Bailey. "Then all the parents join in chanting, the game devolves into fits of laughter, and all the Trump supporters are trying to give me a high-five. It’s horrible!" 

According to sources, Mr. Bailey has thought about changing his son's name to something like "Bandleigh" or "Braidlynio" to make things a bit easier.

"Woooo!" said Bailey as his son made a great play, trying desperately to avoid using the dreaded phrase. "Let's go... bud! Well played! Positive reinforcement!" 

Just then, Brandon scored a goal, causing his dad to jump to his feet and involuntarily scream "LET'S GO BRANDON!", causing the entire crowd to join in.

Joe Bailey is now on 12 FBI watch lists.


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